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Saturday, February 15, 2014

All male students at the University of Maryland "potential rapists.

Rape posters stir up furor on campus UM males labeled potential attackers

COLLEGE PARK -- Are nearly all male students at the University of Maryland "potential rapists"?
Women in a feminist art class here apparently believe so. About 10 of them plastered the campus with fliers last week listing the names of virtually every male student under the heading, "NOTICE: THESE MEN ARE POTENTIAL RAPISTS."

Their decision to walk the murky line between libel and free speech sent the campus into an uproar. Yesterday, reporters, photographers and TV crews flocked to the sprawling campus in search of outraged students on both sides of the issue.
University officials are trying to determine whether some members of the "Current Issues in Feminist Art" class or their teacher violated their codes of conduct, said Roland H. King, the university's spokesman.
The project began as a response to several sexual assaults on campus in the past year. To alert women to the pervasiveness of rape, the art students prepared fliers with names culled from the campus directory.
Everyone with an identifiably male name, such as Tom or Mohammed or John, ended up on an alphabetized list. The women also set up large posters containing all of the names on the grassy mall at the center of the campus, where masked women put on an anti-rape play. They call themselves the Women's Coalition for Change but have not revealed their names.
Mr. King said it is unclear whether teacher Josephine Withers was involved in the project, which was not listed on her outline for the course. She did not return phone calls yesterday.
The school administration considers the display "inappropriate" and an error in judgment, Mr. King said, but the case also raises thorny issues about free speech.
"It certainly touches on key First Amendment issues that colleges face all the time, which is the balancing of individual rights with the right of free speech," he said.
"One of the things that defines a college or university is that it's a forum where, more than in society at large, you can debate ideas. To do that, you have to include the people at the fringes as well as people at the center."
When the students attached names to their display, he said, they moved into a "very gray area."
Sophomore Matthew Nowlin, 20, an aerospace engineering student, briefly considered suing when he found his name on the "potential rapists" list, fearing that his character had been impugned.
It didn't take long for him to feel the ramifications of being included on the list. A woman who walked past him later that day looked at him with "fear in her eyes," he said.
Now, he just wants an apology from the lists' authors.
Yesterday, Mr. Nowlin helped organize a small rally on campus to talk about sexual assault. "I want to turn away from the anger this has caused and turn us back to the issue of violence on campus," he said.
The anger, however, is the point, said several women who strongly supported the display but said they were not involved in it.
"A lot of people are very upset by it, but I think if a man was secure he wasn't a rapist, he wouldn't be threatened by this list," Ms. Lane said.
"I think it's admirable that men in this school have been saying the word 'rape' and are being angry at the same time," said Jessica True, 23, a freshman from Takoma Park.
(are you fu#^*in kidding me?)

(I heard this crap before..."Catherine Comins, assistant dean of student life at Vassar, argued that men who are unjustly accused can sometimes gain from the experience. 'They have a lot of pain, but it is not a pain that I would necessarily have spared them.)
We have been saying this for years, even here in Ontario Canada, feminists make anti men statements like...
Its not some individuals they are talking about, they tagged "all men' as rapists...
All this exposes one thing, feminism as it is now is a hate group, no different than someone who hates others for their differences...
This is not debating an issue, this is tagging one group of society with hate...
If they want to put names of men the way they do in the post above, fine...I say let's put their names openly with their pictures of their frigging hate online...
Feminists have become so defensive and aggressive, they are loosing it, they are going over the line in trying to advance their cause, and what is that cause...
Plain and simple.
Women have to decide, after all, this is against their husbands, sons and fathers...
We are all humans, born on Mother Earth...United we can achieve many thing, but this up there is just hate coming from those with an inferiority complex.
Bunch of clowns.


Anonymous said...

All this "mass hysteria" is a direct result of 25 years of American law enforcement "manufactured statistics alliances".
As we "regress" further down the rabbit hole of hysteria, and perversions to the course of justice, the best thing we can do today, is warn other nations about letting their law enforcements getting into the manufactured statistics business for any reason at all. Imagine that folks, some of the most extreme perversions of the US constitution are coming from the US Dept of Justice. I mean who woulda thunk it???

Anonymous said...

so what would happen if i posted the name of every Hispanic student at the university and labeled them as possible illegal immigrants?

or a list of black sounding names and said they are all potential drug dealers?

arabic students as possible terrorists.

There are ways that this effect can be done without harming the reputation of innocent people why not just get some guys to pose for pictures blur out their faces or use bars with slogans across their eyes all willing participants and actually do an artistic demonstration instead of just simply pulling names out of the directory.

Now just out of morbid curiosity what would happen if i posted the names of every female student on a board as possible prostitutes the carried std's warning men to wear condoms on campus?

BlackWolf said...

Excelent points...thank you for your comments...I still think we should laugh these clowns down and say ok, you want to demonize all men, everytime you do we will print your name, faces and what you represent...since they will not debate, and only impose their will, why should we even try to reason with them. Thats what I do with local feminists, everytime they spew out crap, I expose it.

Anonymous said...

How would these people feel if posters were put out portraying all woman teachers as potential child abusers.
I'm sick generalizations. A native man says "White people just don't get it" in regard to the way natives are portrayed in the Lone Ranger.
Until we realize that we are all different but the same nothing will change and by that i mean there are racist's of all nationalities and sexual predation is not exclusive to men only. Their is good and bad in all aspects of humanity and no one people or sex can claim to be above these issues. We're all children of the same mother, some are good and some not so.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who is interested this article is from 1993.


Anon said...

I'm an anti-feminist who thinks they should have every right to do this. It exposes them as the vile bigots they truly are. People need to see it.

d715 said...

And Feminist still wonder why people are turning on them

BlackWolf said...

Thank you for the comments, I do read them all.