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Friday, January 10, 2014

The Y chromosome is doing just fine thank you very much. So we are not going to turn into...rodents..or better known as...rats.

This is going to make fools of feminists,,
Researchers refute claim that male sex chromosomes could go extinct
Despite concerns it may be shrinking, male sex chromosome is likely to remain in rude health for many millions of years to come
Reports of the coming death of the male sex chromosome are greatly exaggerated, say scientists, whose work will raise a collective cheer from at least half the population.
The fate of the Y chromosome, which carries the genetic switch that sends a developing embryo down the route to maleness, has been questioned since scientists first discovered it had lost more than 90% of its genes over millions of years of evolution.
The steady withering of the Y has led some to claim that it may vanish completely over the next five million years, leaving humans to join the Okinawa spiny rat on the list of species that make do without a male sex chromosome.
But the unsettling prospect is dismissed in research published today by scientists at the University of California, Berkeley. Having studied the genetic make-up of 16 men, they conclude that natural selection is not about to cast the shrunken male chromosome on the evolutionary scrapheap.
“Natural selection is acting on the Y chromosome and has maintained the genes pretty well,” said Melissa Wilson Sayres, an evolutionary biologist. “All the evidence points toward it not disappearing.”
 In the link may vanish completely, you will noticed the backwards feminist professor`compares men to rodents..or rats...lol...not surprised there...they all think we are rats.
Feminist Professor Jennifer Graves said men may follow the path of a type of rodent which reproduces despite not having the genes that make up the Y chromosome.
If we wanted to be technical, since males have the xy chromosome, we are the ones who create the males or the females...Two x chromosome do not...and that is what really pisses off the radical cat loving feminists...
In other words...live with it. Were here to stay...awwww!


Anonymous said...

All these perverse manufactured statistics Alliances that US gender-feminists use to "INFLAME" their way to empowerment will not stand forever. In fact some can see cracks in the dam already!! Thank you Native Canadian!!!

BlackWolf said...

Welcome...thank you for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Love this site, keep it up.