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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The fall of feminism; Feminism taking a beating...even in the huffington post.

If the huffington post has realized something is wrong with today's feminists, then their days of been relevant is coming to an end...Finally.

Feminism Isn't For Men Too - In Fact, It's Not For Women Either (excerpts)
There are, as Fletcher rightly says, several misconceptions about feminism. Sadly, he seems to have bought into the main one: "feminism is about gender equality". Anyone who has ever talked to a feminist for any length of time will know that this is not true. Feminism consistently sees the world from the perspective of women, and occasionally adding the phrase 'and men have problems too' in order to create a smokescreen of gender equality.
Oh dear. The patriarchy (a mythical hierarchy used by feminists to blame their problems on when they can't find an actual cause) seems to have let that one slip by them. They're probably busy telling you what tissues to use.(man size tissue represent that oh so bad patriarchy???Idiots of the month goes to that one and the one below)

(On male feminists)
One woman detailed the correct way to be a male feminist: "they don't try to take the lead in feminism... they don't argue with women... they don't know what it's like to be in our position so don't act like you do... understand that we have every fucking right to complain about men". Furthermore, "men shouldn't be offended or get defensive when women generalize", but men must be "all-include to all types of women and those who identify as women, not just 'those who have a vagina'".

(Do you consider yourself a feminists...NO the majority say)
According to a YouGov poll most Brits would not associate as a feminist".

This shows that most people are, on the whole, both egalitarian and anti feminist. Why, then, are feminists given such an overly prominent position in the media? It is often said by feminists that there is a lack of female representation in the media, but this isn't true. (In Canada, whether the cbc, ctv or global, female representation is either equal and some are even more female, and I have no problem with this as long as they owe their position to experience not gender preferences)

Humanism. The idea that we should care for and respect one another equally because we are all humans has been around for centuries, long before feminism burst onto the scene and chained itself to the scene's railings while trying to set itself on fire. There's nothing misleading about the term humanism in the same way that there is about feminism. It doesn't just try to break down the barrier between genders, but more importantly, the barrier between races, sexualities, social classes, and religions, which in their own ways are also some of the reasons total gender equality has not yet been reached.
Will humanism 'catch on' with current feminists? I doubt it.(not enough cats) Most feminists aren't feminists because they care about other people in the world; they're feminists born out of anger and/or hatred, often felt due to a personal experience, but that doesn't justify taking out that anger and hatred on others. I can hope, though, in my more optimistic moments. At least I have put the idea out there, and let people know that feminism isn't for men too, and it's no good for women either.

I and many others, who have had the nasty experience to be in the cross-hairs of feminists with inferiority complexes have been saying the same thing for years, they don't care about other people, they will destroy families, parents, stay at home mothers, fathers, kids, teens, and whoever is in their path out of anger and hate, usually because of some bad experience they had...
Take the women's shelter industry, all those who work there will tell you they experienced bad relationships and they bring this experience with them, their anger, their hate, their insecurity, and they call it, "experience"....
They shove this anger on other women who go to them for help, real victims, not the ones who use this "industry" for revenge, to be put on the emergency list of welfare and housing, to collect undeserving money from the government, or those who use it for custody purposes against the fathers.
This "industry" is used for the wrong reason, and personally we advocate the closure of this type of nightmarish house of horrors, because there are no men, in these shelters...
The best way to heal pain, is to show that not all men are the same, which the women's shelter never do, but to provide people with the "FACTS" that the world is generally a good place with good people and what happened to them is the action of the few, not the whole...
In order to regain ones strength, and faith in life is to show the truth, not some ridiculous notion that "all men bad"; when they do this, the poor person that went there comes out angry and looking over their shoulders for life...
As I have exposed before, locally and most of them(shelters) for that matter, have a disturbing outlook on life, comments likes, "all men achieve power through rape and sexual harassment" or that we" beat our women and families during Superbowl, playoff, even at Christmas time with the help of the LCBO", is some of the most idiotic, ridiculous, stupid statements ever made. But before they could say these things and get away with it, no one dared to challenge them on it...till now.

In closing; as I said, if the huffington post allowed this report, it's because they have realized, men and women, the "majority" of us, have just about had enough of the demonization of our sons and daughters by those who have an inferiority complex, and that there are more "anti-feminists" in this world than feminists...and it would be financially beneficial to look at things...differently...
Feminism is on the defensive, this is why they have no other comments to make other than "we are promoting hate" against those of us who have decided enough is enough, that our families and kids do not belong to them.
We have "invited" our local feminists to debate what we say on this blog, the best they could do is rant and rage about how we promote hate, we have "never" demonize women, for the action of the few, "we" are not like them.


Anonymous said...

As more and more young women realize that they never get married and will grow old and lonely with nothing but a cat for company,they will lay the blame exactly where it belong's.

The demise of the cat-loving feminista's of Lanark County and Dryden Ontario has just began.


BlackWolf said...

Not soon enough.