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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Slowly, is abuse against husbands and BF starting to be noticed? By the media?

First, let's not hold our breath on that one...the media has spurts of intelligence and honest reporting at times, but they do have to be pushed into it.

Why are so many MEN becoming victims of domestic violence? It's one of Britain's last remaining taboos, but abuse against men in the home is on the rise

More married men suffer abuse from their spouse than married women
MIchelle Mills was as impeccably groomed as she was well mannered. Her nails were neatly manicured; her blonde hair sleek. Her gentle nature and diminutive, 4 ft 11 in stature seemed perfectly suited to her career as a children's nursery worker.
But Michelle's pleasant demeanour masked an altogether more disturbing personality. Behind closed doors she was a volatile character, prone to irrational behaviour and violent outbursts, as her boyfriend Edward Miller would discover.

Michelle subjected Edward to an onslaught of abuse. He was scratched, punched and screamed at until one morning Michelle, brandishing a kitchen knife, stabbed him to death in the living room of their picturesque cottage in the pretty village of Scalford, Leicestershire.
The attack was so ferocious that that the knife blade broke away from the handle. In April, Michelle was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison.
Picture perfect: Michelle Mills (pictured with boyfriend Edward Miller) was impeccably groomed and had a pleasant demeanour
Troublingly, in a society where the roles of men and women are becoming increasingly blurred, female-on-male domestic violence is on the rise.
Surprise twist: But, in a fit of rage, Michelle stabbed Edward to death.
The latest findings from the British Crime Survey reveal that 17 men were killed by their partners in England and Wales last year.
Forty per cent of reported domestic abuse victims were male (although this includes assaults by male relatives and partners).
Incredibly, if these figures are to be believed, more married men suffered abuse at the hands of their spouse than married women  (2.3 per cent of married men were recorded to have complained about domestic abuse compared with 1.8 per cent of married women).
Of course, it is easy to blame women's increased violence on their emancipation: they move more in men's worlds, earning and competing with as much aggression and vigour as their as male colleagues.
They're drinking more, too: figures from the Office of National Statistics show that women are fast catching men up in the alcohol stakes. The proportion of women consuming more than the recommended limit of 14 units a week has grown by a fifth in a decade.
Domestic abuse against men is one of Britain's last remaining taboos, but every year our helpline is seeing at least a 25 per cent increase in the number of men seeking help,' says Mark Brooks, chairman of Mankind, a charity for male victims.
About the emancipation of women part, so they are saying women have always been capable of  violence, just like anyone else. At the time, they didn't have the chance to prove it??? Now they do?...and the feminist argument that all women are sweet and victims of all men is B.S?
In other words, our argument that men and women have the same capabilities but do it differently, as in different sides of the same coin is correct...Some men are violent, an equal amount of women are also violent...but most men and women are not towards each other and get along just fine....
Which in itself pretty well destroys the talking points of any women's shelter that, "all men achieve power through violence". Some Women can also do it...
Now, that's equality...

I wonder if the feminist professor who advocated that women have the perfect right to kill their abusive husband when they sleep without having to answer to justice will admit that men should also have that right?
I would love to ask her that in person...


Anonymous said...

When I told my m.p that women were just as violent as men if not more-so.
She stuck her nose in the air as if to say, "as if"?

I should send her this article.


BlackWolf said...

You should..and any other that comes up..ask her to explain her response to you...then tell her if she doesn't get with the times, then she will be replaced. The only ones who refuse to accept this fact is...the minority of women who still hold on to the backwards and failing feminist ideals.