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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Montreal cop threatens homeless man.

MONTREAL - Montreal police are investigating after an officer was videoed threatening to handcuff a T-shirt-wearing homeless man to a pole during a deep freeze.
 A citizen shot and posted the clip online Thursday, as temperatures across eastern Canada plunged below minus -25 C.
 The panhandler is seen wandering near a north-end subway station when a constable confronts him.
 He accuses the panhandler of being abusive to passersby who refused to give him money.
 Wearing only a short-sleeved shirt and jeans, the vagrant doesn't move, prompting the officer to make his threat.
 "I'm telling tell you, if I get another 911 call about you, I'll fasten you to the pole after an hour," says the constable. "Look me in the eyes. I swear, I'll tie you to a post for an hour."
 The amateur cameraman then intervenes.
 "Do you know that these are threats that you don't have the right to make, sir?" the man says.
 The officer looks into the camera, pauses for a moment, then says: "Back up please, we are in the middle of an intervention."
 Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre tweeted Thursday evening that "the officer's remarks are unacceptable," adding that a commander "will take the necessary measures."
 Montreal police Cmdr. Ian Lafreniere confirmed the internal review.
 "We have tracked down the location and the officers," said Lafreniere. "The video was given to the neighbourhood police station where the agent will be met by the commander."
 Ironically, Montreal's police are currently training a special intervention squad to help the homeless during cold weather.
One is I do not believe all cops are like that, personal experience showed me some are drunk with the power they are given, and others genuinely want to help and protect...
That said, if it wasn't for the video, there would probably not have been an investigation and it would of been denied it ever happened..sadly.

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