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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Medias polar vortex chicken little complex..

Joe Pennington
It mind-boggling how science can be butchered so badly with some in the national media
Michael Graham
Dear media super-geniuses: "Coldest temperatures in 20 years" means it was this cold 20 YEARS AGO.
Joe Pennington
Someone needs to tell 'Good Morning America' people don't live in the mid/upper atmosphere
Joe Pennington
yep, 187 million people apparently getting sucked up into the atmosphere this morning.
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Hey @GMA, are these the people "in the polar vortex"?
Todd Yakoubian 
They are acting like it’s something new. It’s not. It’s only new to them.
Even here in good old lanark county, the perth courier print what they hear on tv and do not investigate for themselves....got into the polar vortex bandwagon...lol
This weather is nothing new, when I was a kid, we had snowbanks 10feet tall, it was cold enough to freeze a penguin, but we still played outside.... poor us, we did not have nintendo....
The media as always is bullshitting everyone, just like they always do.
Polar vortax does not come down to Earth and is nothing new.

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