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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Many now believe the A&E debacle has awaken the majority

Will the Duck Dynasty controversy awaken Americans to the homofascist juggernaut?
Whether one agrees or not with the post above...
Doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize the gay radicals or as the post above calls them, homofascists, in that community has adopted the same policies as the rad fem group, they are as aggressive to advance their ideals as the feminist are and did...
Thing is the feminists have now realised they went too far, they woke up their worse enemy, "FATHERS and mothers",  the protectors of traditional families. and are now on the defensive to explain why they exist. Women are running away from been described as feminists all over the place. They still have "their protector" and defenders, but I do believe because they went too far, a good portion of politicians have now realise that destroying the traditional family, getting rid of dad, thinking masculinity is obsolete, or that there is an end of man(cbc) is the stupidest thing they ever came up with...
We can see this in our streets, and the lost generation we now "enjoy" thanks to them....
As men, I admit we fell asleep at the switch, walked away when we knew damn well this was not going to turn out well, but in our defense, we went up against other men, i.e.the mangina, who helped in making us feel there was something wrong with us, together with the rad fems they promoted the idea that we beat our women during Christmas and at Superbowl, we let fools say the lcbo co-operates with the beating of women, politician sat back, and let idiotic statements like "men achieve power through rape and sexual harassment"  and mothers spend their money on children and fathers on themselves, or that little girls flirt with their fathers, go unchallenged...have some balls, did you achieve power through rape?
Now the same thing is happening with the radical over at the gay community, but this time, people are more informed on the attempt to squash free speech, the very idea, a group can exist without having to accept criticism, or make it illegal to criticize them is blatantly anti democratic.....and an extremely dangerous path to take.
Those who believe the gay lifestyle is unhealthy, have the perfect right to express their opinions on why they think that as long as it done politely, to suppress this opinion, suppresses freedom of speech, and history is full of those who suppresses freedoms. Beware; it "never" turns out the way it's indented.
The radical in both camp are targeting kids, schools, social programs, and on and on, the younger the better, thing is, because they are "pushing" it, it has produced a backlash, a resentment, and A&E has shown us, unintentionally, that people have been pushed too far and are pushing back, the other thing they realized is...their views are not the majority view.

Everyone has the right to live in peace, away from any kind of violence, but if they keep on letting the radicals speak for them, even when some do admit they go too far, and say nothing, the backlash will not be only against the radicals but...all of them.
No one is promoting the idea of hiding in a closet, but remember this, when you become a specially protected group, you are no longer part of universality, part of the whole, just like the rest, and in any society, when one group is treated or demands to be treated special, it does bring about resentment...might not be right but it is reality. Utopia will never exist, well not in our lifetime anyway, no cumbaya in a circle, to be aware of this is to be smart about what is real or not.
So, we admit that some of this is our fault(good men,fathers and husbands), because we did fall asleep at the switch when the radical open his or her mouth, we let bad thing happened knowing full well, it was not the right thing to do, we said nothing when false accusation went rampant knowing it was openly used for self benefit, false statistics and inflated salaries and unnecessary funding...
There is a big difference between the ones who promote rights, and those who use that situation to promote themselves personally, i.e. the radical.
History is full of radicals, the nazis and the bolshevics for instance, used a disillusioned populace to take power, even though they never achieve majority, they did find a way to power, and that is the danger...If we believe it could never happen here, then, we have learned nothing...it would only take an economic collapse, which is possible right now, to invite disaster for all...

This is just a personal though from those who run this site, under no circumstances do we approve or promote violence against anyone, we support free speech. For all. We expose intolerance and hate, we defend the rights of the traditional family because this is what ensures a healthy nation, we do it politely and diplomatically, we are not professional writers, we are a free people living in a free country.
Don't like us, don't read.

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