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Monday, January 27, 2014

Gold digger identified by star soccer player...acts accordingly. lol..

Manchester United star was castigated by The Sun for taking a girl on a date to Nando’s while wearing a tracksuit and for not spending enough money.

The newspaper carries an interview with Melissa McKenzie, who claims she was ‘treated’ to an £18 meal at a Nando’s diner - only after she paid £5 for parking.

"I’ve never met anyone so stingy in my life," she told The Sun. "I was so excited for the date. We met on a social network site and I got all dressed up a...nd even got my make-up done – costing me £30.
"I expected him to come to me in a flashy car but I ended up driving him about in my old blue Fiesta and I was left to pay and display. Then he said he was taking me to Nando’s – my face fell."

It is fair that a highly paid athlete who took a girl out on a simple date and a first meeting be humiliated?
Is it fair??? Yes it is, this is how we recognize gold diggers from real people....
If the date was real and not about how much money he was worth, the amount would not of mattered....getting to know one another would be the defining factor.
But not for her and the newspaper, thank God he was smart, otherwise he might of found himself with a spousal support suite, or even child support down the line...
So, men are not as stupid as they think, we learn....


Anonymous said...

More and more of the younger generation are starting to see this materialistic cowshit.

Problem is...the boy's are starting to spend their money on themselves because thanks to feminist empowerment,sex is everywhere and easier to get with-out spending tons of $$$.

To bad for this entitled princess.


BlackWolf said...

ya, love it, this guy knew exactly what was going on and decided to play the game...his way...