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Friday, January 17, 2014

Arizona govenor gets rid of cps, something Ontario should think about doing with it's c.a.s.

Gov. Jan Brewer abolishes child welfare agency
The move comes after revelations in November that CPS failed to investigate thousands of reports of abuse and neglect.
 Brewer says she's had enough of the "excuses" at CPS.
How many kids have been abused and died while in C.A.S custody, to many; who controls these agency? feminism...(when I went for custody of my daughter, c.a.s in Ottawa ontario asked me, with a confused look on their faces, "what would a man want with a little girl")
When the agenda takes precedence over it's mandate, this type of industry must be abolished, the more children they take, the more funding they get, this invites corruption.
Thought they do treat fathers as if they are irrelevant, the other target of the child protection industry as become single parents, namely single young mothers, and following the written mandate, to keep families together at all cost is not been followed.
That said, the mistreatment of kids they are responsible for is documented, and it is fact.

Children's Aid Society (Canada)
The Office of the Coroner has published a report calling into question the efficacy of Children's Aid Societies in caring for children. The report states that in families receiving services from the CAS, children are more likely to succumb to accidental death, suicide, or neglect. Children in CAS care are also more likely to die as a result of a medical condition, when they are not allowed to remain in their parents' homes. Children's Aid Societies have been found guilty of incompetence, negligence and malicious prosecution. In 2010 a Psychologist employed by Durham CAS was found guilty for misrepresenting his qualifications.
Hundreds of children under supervision of CAS have died in the last few years but CAS will not release much information citing privacy concerns.
In the province of Ontario, the majority of front-line CAS workers are not registered social workers. Several groups, including Canadacourtwatch.org posting Case Law and Canada Court Watch.com's public protest efforts have brought these issues to light, citing concerns with respect to accountability.

Powerful As God, a 2011 film focusing on the first hand experiences of 26 individuals who witnessed the social devastation caused by Ontario CAS in recent years. This documentary reveals a hidden world of corruption, power hunger and incompetence that has been hidden from the scrutiny of the public eye for many decades. This award winning film was produced and published by the Documentary Media (MFA) Program, Ryerson University and can be viewed online.
We Were Children, is the true story of two of the 150,000 First Nation children that were forcibly separated from their family and kin and then culturally oppressed at government funded Christian faith camps. These camps were created with the express purpose 'To kill the Indian in the child.' and were operate almost exclusively by the CAS. The children suffered severe brutality, physical hardship, mental torture and ultimately a complete loss of cultural heritage. This documentary published by the National Film Board of Canada is viewable online via services such as Netflix.
It is said, Nations and political systems are only as powerful as it's people, when the population realise that the system no longer serves their best interest, this system must fail. C.A.S. is not the only corrupt organisation that uses families as it's tool for funding purposes, many other depend on the breakup of families to survive and exist, welfare, women's shelters, housing, youth help organisations, so on...all these would be minimal in our lives if family unity would be encouraged instead of been shoved aside as a thing of the past.
If it was not so easy to separate and divorce, couples would work things out instead of finding an easy way out of a simple argument, and when you rely on the state to fix your minor problems they usually end up been major.
Also, too many involves children in these argument, opening the door to these nosy organisation to step in and tell you how to handle it, while not knowing what the reason for the argument was, nor caring.
Their main objective is to get a foot in the door, and tell the government their statistics and numbers have increase and their funding must go up...in the next year.

Protection of the young is a necessary evil, but not in the context it is are now, they are too intrusive and the original mandate to keep family together is practically non existent anymore.
Anytime money and funding becomes it's primary goal, such organisations become oblivious to why it really exist.
Family unity is of the heart, state funded organisations is not, it is as simple as that, and when we forget our true value in the circle of life, or give it to the cold hands of policy instead of our own capabilities as loving caring families, we have lost what we hold dear...and who we are.


Anonymous said...

People are cowards for letting this shit happen.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
People are cowards for letting this shit happen."

Most are afraid of the cps. One would hate to be the target of their revenge.

I actually know a guy that has been a target of these feminazi father assassin's for no other reason than he protested for accountability from cps.

If these people are doing their job properly then why all the secrecy?