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Saturday, December 14, 2013

What's good for the goose is good for the gander? Men fighting back against radical feminism.

Female protester pictured kissing policeman accused of sexual assault
A photo of a female protester kissing an Italian riot policeman, which has been hailed as an emblematic image of peace in Italy, has not gone down well with a police union, which wants the protester prosecuted for sexual violence
"If the policeman had kissed her, world war three would have broken out," he said. "Or what if I had patted her on the behind? She would have been outraged.
"So if she does that to a man on duty, should it be tolerated?"
Miss De Chiffre has also done her bit to spoil the photo's apparent message of non-violence, claiming she was trying to provoke the officer into reacting.
"No peace message," she wrote on Facebook. "I would hang all these disgusting pigs upside down."
"I saw this young man in his uniform and I felt pity and disgust," she said. Taking advantage of the officer's orders not to react, De Chiffre said she also licked his helmet's visor and touched her fingers to his lips.

I have to agree with the analysis of this particular situation, if it was a male cop kissing a female protester and claimed "I would hang all these disgusting protesters upside down." all hell would of broken lose, there would of been calls of sexism and assault by radical feminists.
Also, keeping in mind that her right to demonstrate is protected and defended by the very "disgusting male pigs she would hang upside down"...Ironic...
But then again, no one ever accused feminists of been on the same intellectual page as the rest of us.

There has been many situations throughout the world were some women have used their new found powers of permanent victims promoted by the radical feminists to harass men and police officers, using their sex to do whatever they want... believing they can safely get away with it by eventually claiming "I'm a woman and I was assaulted while I was drunk" defense.

This can happen to any man...whites knights included...
As men we will always have respect for women, after all, they are our daughters, buuut...
Respect must be mutual...and when it is mutual, a better world ensues.....
Feminism is never about mutual respect, it is about empowering one group over the others, division and hatred, and as we clearly see above, many have taken advantage of it.


Anonymous said...

Not only are some men fighting back, there are some enlightened women that see the full consequences of what gender-feminism is doing to basic law enforcement.
Gender-feminists empower themselves by perverting law enforcement into manufacturing statistics for them, then they take these manufactured statistics and "Inflame" the ignorant masses with them.
Ive been watching alot of you tube MRA stuff, and it seems many young women are walking away from the "old girls network".

The Native Canadian said...

Well put...I also have noticed the younger ladies are walking away from feminist hatred and manipulation...youtube is full of them.

Anonymous said...

The new "Dear colleague" letter is causing massive perversions to the course of justice, and some of these dudes have sisters, and believe it or not...there are some women outside the gender-feminist juggernaut that actually have guy friends that they don't want to see persecuted by the neo feminist lynch mob.

Funcuz Chris said...

Sure we're fighting back against these wingnuts and some guys are waking up but it's still not enough.

The problem is that the feminist "I'm a victim of you" agitprop still makes men voluntarily bend over and take it up the pooper whenever some feminist propose yet another law.

We have to fight them at the source.

P.S. : There's no such thing as "Should of". It's "should have"

The Native Canadian said...

I agree... of course its never enough when you have radicals such as this using one group against the other, what I found inspiring is that this is now unions that have noticed the imbalance not just the guy one the street or the web.