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Sunday, December 22, 2013

What the fu#$% series.Newborn infants don’t count as ‘alive’ unless parents decide they do

Melissa Harris Perry
MSNBC host says newborn infants don’t count as ‘alive’ unless parents decide they do
(NaturalNews) Today Natural News denounces Melissa Harris-Perry, the latest talking head “death worshipper” to publicly imply that she supports the murder of living, breathing newborn children. According to Harris-Perry, life begins when the parents feel like life begins. And together with some twisted new “ethics” arguments from the radical left, this can include months or years after a child is born.
That’s why I need to premise this article with a disclaimer: This article is not about abortion. It’s about the murder of children after they are born. Because once a child is born alive, terminating that life is no longer a “choice” … it’s murder by every legal and moral standard. Because while abortion friends and foes can argue about when life begins in the womb, no one disagrees that a child born alive is, well, ALIVE… do they?
Indeed, they do. MSNBC talking head Melissa Harris-Perry insists that life only begins when the parents have a “feeling” that it begins. “When does life begin? I submit the answer depends an awful lot on the feeling of the parents. A powerful feeling — but not science,” Harris-Perry said to nationwide astonishment on her July 21 MSNBC show.
And in one stroke, she simultaneously condones the murder of newborn infants (i.e. “post-birth abortion”) while attacking the science of biology which unambiguously states that a living, breathing infant with a heartbeat and brain function is alive, not dead.
But don’t tell that to the radical abortion whackos. Far beyond arguing for the “right” to abort a baby in the first or second trimester, many abortion advocates who run in the same circles as Melissa Harris-Perry are now publicly arguing that it is okay for parents to kill their children up to age three. This is now being promoted as a “post-birth abortion.”
It was also called a “fourth trimester abortion” by a clever pollster who recently took to the streets of George Mason University to find out if summertime college students would sign a petition legalizing fourth-trimester abortions. Nearly all who were asked to sign the petition did so! One of the college students even asked whether the procedure would “cause harm to the child.”
“Well the child wouldn’t be there anymore,” responded the pollster, after which the college student then proceeded to sign the petition.
Rest of the article is here
This is the same fool who said that parents have to accept their kids do not belong to them but to the state....

This is getting out of control.
I often debate to myself if I am seeing stupidity, idiocy, or a concerted effort to promote "evil" acts...Anytime someone like this jackass endorse the killing of children, it has to be evil...I don't know how else to look at this.
How in God's name can someone like this even be on TV, be fired, and shoved somewhere under idiot...
I checked to be sure if this story was true and sure enough...
I think we are at an impasse here, evil vs good, and we have to make a choice, if we let these statements go unabated, unchallenged, IT WILL NOT STOP THERE, eventually it will be "your to old", "your to disabled", or something else that will not make any impact because so many are desensitized to such bullshit...
We better stop fighting each other, as adults, men and women, so on, because somewhere, quietly, evil is advocating for the "murder" of the innocent, the ones "we"  are expected to protect...
And that is when a society falls, and falls hard.
This is what feminism is??? Equality??? The respect for others???

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