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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What the fu#$% series; Children's books where all men are bad...

Why do my son's books tell him all men are useless? Full story..

Sitting on the sofa, with my four-year-old son Billy, I was reading aloud to him from a book by Anthony Browne. He's our favourite male children's author. We love reading together.
For one thing, it's about bonding. My son asks me about the world and I try to explain it to him. It's a classic moment between father and son.
This particular book is called Gorilla. It's about a girl called Hannah who is obsessed with gorillas and whose father takes no notice of her.
There he is, the awful man, introduced on page two, sitting at the breakfast table, hiding behind his newspaper. His daughter wants to talk to him, but he's not interested. He's there, physically, at the table. But in all other respects, he's absent.
He didn't have time for anything,' writes the author Browne. On the next page, the father says: 'Not now. I'm busy. Maybe tomorrow.'
And as I read this out to my son, he looked puzzled. 'Why?' he asked, gazing up towards me for an answer. 'I don't know,' I said.
Later, I considered my son's question in more detail. And I realised that it wasn't just some dads. It was lots of dads.
Why is the dad in Zoo, another book by Browne, about a family trip to the zoo, such an idiot? Not just an idiot, but a grumpy, overweight idiot who tries to make jokes, but is never funny and, what's more, is always on the verge of ruining things for everybody else. He's a greedy slob, just like Homer Simpson.
Home Simpson
Then there's the dad in Into The Forest, another book by this author. This one's about a dad who goes missing. He is clearly a weakling. He walks out of the family home and goes to stay with his mum.
A recent academic study confirmed that men - particularly fathers - are under-represented in almost all children's books. And when they do appear, like the fathers in Gorilla and Zoo, they are often withdrawn, or obsessed with themselves, or just utterly ineffectual.

That said; 
This reminds me of a time when me and my daughter were doing some shopping for her school year...
There was a promo at the local Zellers in smiths falls Ontario, asking kids to put their dad's name in a box, and explain why he was just like homer simpson, they might win something. I was looking at the board and she took my hand and said; "dad, your nothing like homer simpson, that a cartoon that makes dads look bad, he chokes Bart, he never takes him anything, and is drunk all the time".
Looked at her, smiled and said "Thanks munchkin"...

It's not surprising children's books make fathers look bad, it's in the psyche of most of the so called writers and the media, who are intoxicated with getting feminist acceptance; just like a puppy loooking for a pat on the head...it shows how separated from reality they really are.
Demonizing fathers is a concerted effort to water down the importance of the family, we see this everywhere...even in schools.
I wrote a piece a while back on a statement some "anti man feminist know nothing" which made a ridiculous statement on fathers and the host let her get away with it...I couldn't believe this was allowed without at least saying "wait a minute"....
"Mother's spend money on children but fathers spend it on themselves"

Make no mistake, this anti father policy is well established into our society, and the media is complicit, pointing them out, naming them, shaming them,(if that's possible) is adamant to changing this disgusting policy...
And this blog will do just that.
They want a world without fathers? Never going to happen.

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