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Thursday, December 12, 2013

The fall of feminism...can't find a decent argument? Rant, rave, screech, bullshit and hope someone listens to crap.

Fuck your Men’s Rights Activism

Here is a couple of rants this one spews...
If you’re unfamiliar with Men’s Rights Activists (MRA), here’s a quick overview: It’s group of very angry, heterosexual shit-stains who claim that men are actually the ones being oppressed in a world that is being torn apart by equal rights, matriarchy and serial killer feminists.
In stark contrast to the group’s name, Men’s Rights Activists focus less (or not at all) on men and men’s issues and more on hate speech against women. In other words, it has simply evolved into an online community of trolls whose genuine loathing of women is nothing short of intensely baffling.
The resistance against patriarchy is no different. This is obvious in the tumultuous amount of backlash that feminists have received in their efforts to fight for equality. To the point that the word ‘feminism’ itself has somehow become dirty.
This mentality is what allowed Nazi Germany to happen, and Apartheid, and Rwanda, and every single religious battle ever fought.
Actually, Though I cannot speak for other sites, this one is based on personal experiences we have had with feminism in lanark county Ontario; it is anti men, anti children, anti women(especially stay at home moms), anti family, performed by those who have an extreme inferiority complex, since none ever and I mean ever, made a constructive argument other than..."IT'S A HATE GROUP"...(sound familiar).
Angry, yes, right on the button with that one, why are we angry...
Let me explain with this...
This site does focus on "father's right" for one reason, (see picture above)....

As for hate speech against women, are you boozing on something? There is a big difference between women and feminists, women are secure, feminists suffer from an inferiority complex...why the hell would we make hate speech against our daughters?????? Sit down before you hurt yourself...

Loathing of women???? Stop surrounding yourself with manginas and you would see how men..."LOVE WOMEN"...if we didn't, would not say much on the continuation of the species...would it...and since all women are daughters of men, why the hell would any of us loath our own daughters?????
Who is the one group who teaches loathing and victimization????

Resistance against Patriarchy???? Realise what patriarchy and matriarchy really means, and it's not what you are tagging it as...
Patriarch...........                                                                 Matriarch................

Feminists fighting for equality???? Is this your perception of equality???
The backlash comes from men and women who are well informed about what you stand for and what you wrote about women's sons, fathers and husbands...the backlash is "your" creation, not ours.
As feminism become a dirty word??? Why don't you ask Susan Sarandon, Katty Perry, Taylor Swift, Carla Bruni, Marissa Mayers...just to name a few.
Our mentality is what put a stop to nazism, communism, apartheid, and any other ism that jeopardizes the safety of our loved ones, so please...It took the "majority of men" to put a stop to the minority view of nazism...Get "your shit" together.

In closing, I just picked off a few bullshit that the site wrote about, none the less, sites such as the one above makes me very happy, it exposes how desperate feminists has become, the only argument left is hate and bullshit, they have surrounded themselves with cats and manginas and have forgotten the true meaning of man.
They are trying to shut and shame mra's by saying stupidity like "we loath women", or we are all a hate group. One can see the fall of a failing ideal when they revert to name calling, demonization, instead of a constructive argument for their existence. They are loosing ground to sites such as this one, they cannot comment other than "your promoting hate" and this shows desperation...


Anonymous said...

They sound worried to me.

keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

if every mens sites would write the way you do maybe they would get more respect.All of them criticize women, and thats not right.I live in Carleton place and often read what you post,i c respect for families,women and especially mothers so its hard to find negatives.As for the social programs around here,I agreed that they are too intrusive in family life and go after men and fathers to easily.I've seen it for myself since I do work in the field.

Anonymous said...


"if every mens sites would write the way you do maybe they would get more respect"

Not everyone writes the same.Why do you feel that mens rights sites do not get respect?

Tell me which ones have you been to that do not.

Have you EVER seen a feminist site that does not trash men or want to eliminate men all-together?

It is an unwritten rule in the mens rights movement that we do not trash all women.We do how-ever like to point out that "some" women can be and are just as human and make mistakes like men do.

Bringing them into account and responsibility of their action's is what we attempt to do. It's called "equality".
Unlike feminist's that feel all women should be treated like children and given a gender discount and not really responsible for anything they do or have done,for the simple fact that they are women.

Feminist's only seem to like the "equality" that benefit's them and forget the rest or come up with some lame excuse as to why the girl's should not be treated "equally".


Anonymous said...


"As for the social programs around here,I agreed that they are too intrusive in family life and go after men and fathers to easily.I've seen it for myself since I do work in the field."

....and have you said a word to any of your superior's about your observation's?


Then you are part of the problem.


BlackWolf said...

@outdoors, could not have put it better myself...on occasion I do get comments from "locals", some have been shall we say the usual "your promoting hate" style, this one seems to try to find a reasonable argument for why they are still working in the field where men are still been demonized at every turn...though I appreciate the effort at compliment, the "I've seen it for myself since I do work in the field" shows that nothing is been done while the "practice" continues.