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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pro-family add from coca cola, beautiful. Signs of the changing times?

Pro-Family commercial which depict the joy and hardships of parenthood, (moms and dads) with infinite rewards...children.
This commercial by coca cola shows a small realisation where anti traditions has taken us, including the open anti family ideal of a very small group that hate their own lives and want to impose their dark clouds over us...which is lack of loyalty.
I know it's just one commercial amongst many, but if this is a trend, a return to family loyalty, then it is a great reversal which can only bring back, what we use to have, family, self-respect and hard work to bring about a future for our children that will surpass our own, and after all, is this not what family is, to give better than we had?
Will we ever see this commercial in north America, only time will tell, but if coke has any brains, and their research will show, every time a pro family idea comes up, it becomes more popular than what is pushed by those who want to destroy what life has given us, and secures a nations future...
The family.
Mom and Dad....
Also..on the issue of CHRISTMAS...
There has been an effort lately by "some companies" to buck the trend and still wish people "Merry Christmas" instead of replacing it with Happy holidays. It is hard to understand the philosophy behind the effort not to offend minorities by hiding the traditions of the majority, We see many adds on TV, wishing people happy Ramadan or happy Hanuka, and justly so, yet it's offensive just to say Merry Christmas???

Even here in Ontario, the premier has a card she sends to people, 29 languages she wishes a Merry Christmas, yet in English and French, nowhere to be seen?

This kind of attitude towards tradition is meant to divide and can cause resentment, not exactly a good policy. Wishing people of Ontario a Merry Christmas does not "offend" anyone as long as respect is also shown for their beliefs. Christmas whether one is christian or not has one common denominator, the union and love of FAMILY.
Since Xmas is about family, if one is against it, they are against families...
Here is an idea, if it's hard to wish someone Merry Xmas, stay away from the issue, don't force your views on the rest of us, it's not happy holidays and happy new year, it's Merry Christmas and happy new year...the world will not end if you say it...

The reason I brought these 2 issues together is simple, "family", coca cola is starting to get it,(hopefully)...so have many other businesses.
Family is not the problem, it is the answer, and promoting any festivity to enhance this can only make life better than what it is...
We are all in this together, we are all...family.

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