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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Governments plans for your life, The compassionate times

This is your Ontario...
CHRISTINA BLIZZARD - Discussion of end-of-life decisions unavoidable, Wynne says
Kathleen Wynne , St. Joseph's Health Care president and CEO Dr. Gillian Kernaghan and Ontario health minister Deb Matthews
End of life decisions...offered by...your compassionate government.
It's not a cheerful thought, but in bald economic terms, the older you get, the more you cost the health-care system. Don't forget, Drummond's report was about saving money -- not lives.
By 2036, it's expected a quarter of this province's population will be aged 65 or older. And the older you get, the more you'll need costly health-care services.
Mark my words. As the so-called Silver Tsunami starts to eat up more health-care resources, we'll hear more and more about euthanasia and assisted suicide.
I do believe the discussion about taxes and the baby boomer problem the government is seeing is the right choice of words. We have seen an increase throughout the western world on "your sick, your old, here is the alternative". Your costing the government to much money, instead of spending money on finding cures and making you comfortable, it will be cheaper for you to die, your families will be happier, we'll save money, after all it is "our money", we need this for other more important things.
"Our salaries"Remember these are the compassionate people that came out of the compassionate 60's, no war, capitalist pigs using people for profit, respect for life, free love, no war, so on...Instead of finding ways to make people more comfortable in their later years, they try to find ways to kill you...
There was a time in Ontario, where people had strong values on family and the respect for life...

1) Be born.
2) Go to government-paid day care by age 1.
3) Go to full-day government school by age 4.
4) Be sexualized by government-mandated confusion classes by age 7.
5) Learn contempt for your own family and society through government-written history and social-science curricula by age 10.
6) Regulate every industry to ensure that the lowest clerk needs a BA, then charge exorbitant tuition to attend any College or University.
7) If you choose not to work for the government, then spend your entire adult life paying for the salaries and benefits of those who do.
8) Don't get sick, but if you do, just die.
9) Probate.

10) Next !

What? Old people are costing the health care system of Ontario to much money?
Caring for the Elders defines us as a society, we should offer quality of life.
After all, what we have is not because of people like wynne or her radical friends, but thanks to the same Elderly she seems to take for granted.
Letting governments decide who is terminally ill is extremely dangerous, considering how much they have inserted themselves into our lives as of late, telling us how to raise our kids....Alienating parents (fathers) from their own children...

Now it's the Elders that are in their crosshairs?

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lost jobs, billions of tax money lost, unafordable hydro, liberal have to go.