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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

C.A.S.'s (children's aid society) handy work. One of so many in Ontario.

Comment by Paulette Bourgoin | September 5, 2013, 11:57 AM

CAS left me to be abused for years and then when they did take me into “care” they blamed me for the abuse, they removed me from school, they locked me up, I was held down while my clothes were cut off of me, I had a pillow shoved over my face while some cow sat on me and laughed and more. I went from a straight A student, outgoing well adjusted child to an over 200lb drooling shell of a person. When they broke me down to the point I no longer ran away because I had agoraphobia and was afraid to go outside and I believed them that I was just a horrible person and everything was my fault they decided I was doing fantastic! I have been out of “care” more then 10 years now and I am still just a shell of a person. CAS robbed me of everything, they stole my childhood and ruined any chance I had for a future. I am in my 30′s on ODSP living in roach infested subsidized housing, still struggling with depression and PTSD I have yet to receive any help for. I have no education, my brother and sister and strangers to me, life is hell. I would have been better off staying at home and being abused so thank you CAS for NOTHING!
Says it all doesn't it?
 Ontario's social programs need reforms ...now.
Our familes, our children, our nation...not theirs...
Abolish C.A.S.
Always fight for what is "yours", your family...never give up.
For no state can stop it's citizens when they fight to give their families a better future.

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