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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Backlash against A&E gaining ground...

Georgia. sheriff pledges no future cooperation with A&E after ‘Duck Dynasty’ suspension

A suburban Atlanta sheriff says he will no longer assist A&E in local productions after the network suspended a popular reality television personality for comments criticizing homosexuality as sinful and “not logical.”
Douglas County Sheriff Phil Miller said in a statement late Friday that the suspension of “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Roberts by A&E had forced the lawman to rethink his department’s relationship with the network, which he said had filmed in the area on several occasions.
“A&E has suspended Phil Robertson for talking about his conservative Christian beliefs …,” Miller said. “Many people who disagree with A&E might choose to remain silent and there was a time when I might have done the same, but no longer. In my mind the punishment is unreasonable.”
A&E, Miller said, had previously “produced more than a half dozen programs with the assistance of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office,” but no longer should executives expect any cooperation moving forward.
“It is time for someone other than Hollywood and the news media to stand up for what is right!”

More and more, we can see the support for the right to free speech, except for CNN and it's left wing marxist staff, there has been more support, a hell of a lot more for Phil Roberstson's rights than the ridiculous senseless attacks on him.
In my opinion he did not say anything homophobic, that word is used to much to silence others point of view...
What he offered was an opinion, and opinions is what insures freedom, it offer opposing points of views, extremely important in a democracy....
There is a simple answer when someone doesn't like an opinion, DON'T READ, DON'T WATCH, TURN THE CHANNEL?

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