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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Another child sold on the adoption market, while the father is pushed aside.

Father fights to be reunited with son secretly put up for adoption by mother without his consent

Miscarriage of justice: The judge in Preston's case determined that because he was not married to the mother he was not considered the presumed father
This is "not" a judge representing justice, this is someone who "injects" his own "personal opinions" on another human being....

Preston King had his son given away for adoption without his consent
And they go out of their way to call fathers, DEADBEATS???

Advocates that support his cause have launched a Facebook page and website to try and garner support for and persuade lawmakers to give him the chance to be the father he believes he deserves.

We have seen this before, baby Veronica and Deseray, obviously it is not only native children that are put up for sale to the highest bidder, or as a tool to get even with the fathers.
What is really disturbing is, there is plenty of children without parents, yet those who call themselves legitimate foster parents, say nothing, when a baby is sold on the market, while having a father to care for them...
So it goes to say that I understand when a man decides that it is to bias against him to get involved in child raising, I don't condone walking away, but hell, if we are treated like we have no say, then we should not offer ourselves to protect and die in wars to support such a system.

This has gone far enough, we know that radical feminism control the family courts, the more they do this, the more men's, father's, pro family sites will come up. It's disgusting they use our kids for their falling system, this crap is not for the benefit of children but for the eradication of the tradition family, turn the population into dependants on the state and those behind this is the left...
If everything you have comes from of the state, and not through personal hard work, then you belong to them and are dependant on their decision and whims, this is not freedom or democracy, it's a new type of slavery, made to fit the 21 century...

What we have here is 'unethical' adoptions", and the foster system is knee deep in this shit...promoting alienation of chidren against their legitimate parent, in these cases...fathers.
And what is the commun denominator in all this? Money, Greed, Power...


Anonymous said...

We have a case almost like this happening right now in the misandry capitol of Canada-Dryden Ontario.

The corrupt Dryden CAFS have commited perjury and breach of trust in order to enable themselves to full custody of a couple of children.

Nothing short of criminal behaviour and somehow it is legal.


BlackWolf said...

This has to change, we have to get more aggressive, more sites, and point out those who do this online...its all about money, the more kids they take the more funds they get the next year...greed.