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Monday, November 4, 2013

We need more people like Velvet Martin...U.N. recipient of woman of the year award.

Mothers for justice-The Velvet Martin story

I don’t know of one single thing, more devastating for a parent, then losing a child. Now, imagine a mother who, while mourning her child, she also discovered that those she had trusted to help her disable child live a normal life, are responsible for her child’s death.
The following story tells you just that; this is the amazing story of Velvet and Samantha Martin-a daughter who's life was cut short by a deceiving system, and a mother who never stopped looking for justice, not only for her daughter, but for millions of other daughters, sons, and parents, who are experiencing similar situations.

I thank the Creator I have never experienced what Mrs. Martin experienced, loosing a child for any parent is devastating, and life long emotional sadness...it is the tears that never stop.
Yet her strength to keep child protection, c.a.s., social programs accountable for what they do is beautiful, she has all my admiration and respect. Too many kids have suffered at the hands of those who see them as a tool for funding, inflated salaries and false statistics, the pain they cause to child, parents and families is by far criminal. Yet still they continue as if they are answerable to no one.
But with people like Mrs Martin, their power is...on its way out and temporary...
The popularity of the next politician who decides to hold them accountable for they actions can only go up...(hint)
Velvet Martin with the picture of her daughter Samantha Lauren Martin


Anonymous said...

Seems A man protested the at the Dryden Child abuse Agency and has suffered their wrath ever since.

They hate being exposed for the corrupt criminal's they are and will go to no end in their quest for revenge on anyone attempting to expose their personal Child abuse Agenda.


BlackWolf said...

"will go to no end in their quest for revenge"
How true that is...personal ongoing experiences,