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Friday, November 8, 2013

Trust child protection (children's aid society) at your own risk.

Ten dirty tricks used by child protection (CAS) to steal your children

1. Your child protection caseworker, visit supervisor, manager etc may befriend you
2. False Accusations and Derogatory Assumptions Meant to Degrade Parents
3. Fake Reports
4. Stalling by refusing to answer phone calls, organise or attend meetings or pass on information
5. Fabricated Evidence by Child Protection Officers
6. Common Lies Used by Child Protection officers
7. Withholding of Information by Child Protection Officers
8. Child Protection Stealing Your Baby From the Hospital
9. Child Protection Staff Referring You to their own Complaints Unit or Legal Assistance From Lawyers They Favor
10. Child Protection Staff Moving the Goal Posts, Creating Obstacles, Ignoring Court Orders and Prolonging the Return of Your Children

I believe this page is from Australia, but don't be fooled, the same rules apply here in Ontario...
Case in point...
Was talking to someone recently, mother was having problem with her son, asked for help from children's aid society, long story short...
Started OK, "I am your friend", then "we understand and we are here to help", then out of nowhere, "it was supervised visits", then in front of her, "the visits are find, your a good parent", but when the court date appeared, a fake report from this specific worker, was, " the parents are stressing the child"...Amongst other things...(I do believe there is someone else stabbing her in the back, someone who is known to make false reports)

So I explained to her, have faith in who you are and be yourself, if someone lies, point it out to them, refuse to accept it, then always remember the more kids they put their claws on, the more funding, it's no longer about keeping family together, but about funding, political power, inflated salaries, if they tell you your a good parent, don't expect this to be what she will write down, and most importantly, as a metaphor;
"if you would not invite a vampire in your home, never invite a c.a.s. workers..."
The conversation was more extensive but you get the point...
Ontario's c.a.s and Australia's child protection have the same policies...Grab, be friendly, then lie to keep the child as long as possible...
I wish I could say there are some good ones in that organisation, but I no longer believe that, if the good ones say nothing about this, then they are as responsible...

Trust a c.a.s. worker at your own risk....

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