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Monday, November 25, 2013

The imbalance of today's feminist

Everywhere in life, on Mother Earth, in the skies above, there has to be balance. If there is no balance between the sun and the rain, we have no life. The seed and the ground gives us plants, night and day gives us activity and rest, man and woman gives us children, the spiritual and the physical gives us peace, the balance in the universe gives us Mother Earth, for her children to live on.
Imagine if Nature had no balance, they would be at war with each other, and life would not exist.
What if the sun criticized the rain or the moon, the seed vs the ground, night vs day, so on…
Now imagine if all men and women criticized each other, as the children looked on.
If you let the weed grow in your garden, the seedlings will not grow to be tall and your plants will not flourish.
Well children are the same, if we let the feminists grow and weed our lives, choke our families, criticize our every move, nothing will grow.
If you criticize without reading, if you let your mouth speak before your brain has the time to process, if your heart has no place in your judgement of others, then congratulations, you have no balance and you’re a feminist. (and to be fair & balanced, feminists are not the only ones who thrive on divisions, there are other groups)
To the “nice feminist” if you let these words speak for you, “all men are abusers and rapists” without condemning them, then you are condemning your sons, and you are also part of the problem.
We should never think of ourselves, all that we do, is only “borrowed” from our children.
We know that most men and women do not think the way of those who thrive on divisions, the love of a man and his woman, a woman and her man, always search for balance, because they know the children are watching, and life is more enjoyable.
So the next time you see someone show imbalance in their thoughts and words, judge without knowing, speak without passion and reason, have pity, because their lives are  probably not much to talk about.
No one has the right to speak of you, unless they have walked a mile in your shoes.

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