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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Social programs shove father aside, causes death of 4 year old boy.

Father criticises authorities over boy's death
The death of a four-year-old boy starved by his alcoholic mother could have been prevented if authorities had heeded warnings, his father has said.

Aftab Khan said he was ignored when he asked the authorities to check the condition of his son, Hamzah, who lived with his partner Amanda Hutton.

The boy's remains were found in a cot in her bedroom two years after he died of severe malnutrition.

Hutton, 43, was earlier jailed for 15 years for manslaughter.

Mr Khan said West Yorkshire Police and social services in Bradford "pushed [him] to one side".

"If once they had believed me and gone to check the children, Hamzah would have been alive," he said.

How many of our children have to die before someone makes those in the social programs accountable, even here in Ontario, and Canada for that matter, we see kids grabbed and some are abused and die while in their care...and why? Because it is infested with man haters...
people with an inferiority complex, who will sacrifice even kids to get their own way and promote their loneliness through their hate.
And because of it, as we see above, a little boy died...
If we say nothing we are as responsible, because we are the majority and could put an end to this...overnight.


Anonymous said...

Sick f'n CAFS worker's would rather let children die than address a concerned father's concern's.

These CAFS worker's will rot in hell and it is gonna be a hot ride down.

I hope they all think about this trip they all will inevitably be taking.


BlackWolf said...

well said.