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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How opposition is silenced. Shame game and Propaganda.

When we see this on sites, they point to all of us, that is called propaganda.

Teach them what, that they are tagged for life because they are boys?
Propaganda belongs to people like this.

It doesn't matter who throws propaganda at you, if you accept one, another will follow and when you follow, you loose your freedoms. Freedom to express oneself totally depend on us exposing vile propaganda, and propaganda are lies put in a diplomatic way. When you accept it, you doom the next generation to live in a life of control. 
Propaganda "never" stops at one issue, if they succeed in one, they continue until the ridiculous is right in front of you, but by then, it is usually to late; someone stepped in and took what was yours...your freedoms.
The lost of freedom always begins with propaganda,  usually with the pretence to protect us from each other.
And some of it is getting pretty stupid...
Notice what this really says, you glance at someone attractive and you are raping them just by looking in their direction.
That is the ridiculous.

If a man looks at a woman who is dressed fine, he can give her a compliment by a simple look and a smile and be on his way. And she takes it as a compliment.
Guess what...when a woman looks at a man who is dressed fine, she also compliments him, and he takes it as a compliment.

But if you dress like this...

Of course you are going to get the stare, but it is not complimentary.

What does all this mean, well, those who consider themselves feminists are about 20% of the population(if that), last time I checked, the rest of the ladies do not think the way they do...especially when they are told they are slaves if they are stay at home mothers...even some prominent women in society are now distancing themselves from this man haters club.
But in my opinion, when messages such as those above about men are thrown out there as propaganda, it slows down progress, it certainly does not advance it.
We get insulted just like everyone else, we are not going to bow to those who spew out such trash...
it does produce resentment...
If and when, on the other hand, men and women come together, and work at making things better for each other, and our kids, then wouldn't thing progress faster? 
Therefore, propaganda divides, and progress is slowed down...

Don't get me wrong, all of us will tell you feminism has the right to exist in a free society, and that gives us the right to criticize them, thing is they don't like to be criticized, they think we should all bow to their demands, this is a sign of an inferiority complex. Somewhere down the line they forgot, we do not all think alike, we never did and we never will.
It is compromise and cooperation that advances society, not divisions and demonization. Feminism can go on their way, I have no problem with their existence, it's them that has a problem with mine, the rest of us will make thing better with the understanding that we are all different with different needs and the only way to understand each other is...to listen.
Most importantly what we do in this life will reflect on the type of life we create for our children...
And right now the future does not bode well if your a boy...or a girl for that matter since she is told she will be a victim for life by these people.

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