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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Grey cup day, according to local feminists, a day to beware for our families?

erin lee todd
What the hell would a radical feminist know about been a man, I always asked myself this, everything they say is always an attack directed one way or another at men...
As for the lcbo, she makes it sound like they encourage violence by hiring extra staff...the lcbo is a legitimate business, providing a service to the population. As any business, when it is Xmas or "the big game", they increase their staff to provide the best services to their customers, this is called capitalism, private enterprise, making profit by distributing a product in the best of ways to please their clientele. Is walmart promoting family violence during holidays when they hire extra staff?
In this system which is better than socialism, communism, even the individual can achieve prosperity.
And unless someone can come up with a better one, this is the best we have for now.

The big game, provides a time for families to get together, to actually go after these get together and demean them as a violent endeavour shows the lack of understanding for family activities. The wives get together, the kids get to know their families, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, the men are in the living room whooping it up with a few beers, laughter or complaining about how their team are either doing good or screwing up...lol.

Christmas is a time of happiness, especially for the kids and for us to hug our women and watch children open presents and play with glee and happiness on that day...sure some of us will have a few beers "later in the day" when the family gathers, but it is not to get "drunk and violent" on that most sacred of day for our loved ones.

 There is never anything sacred to a feminist, family gathering to them is a time to beware, not enjoy, it goes to wonder what made them so negative on family get together? Did they experienced bad times during their childhood, or is it a time to promote their dislike for anything they do not understand...the lack of a man in their lives? jealousy for other women who enjoy what they do not have?
Analysing feminist thinking is an impossibility, their rational never makes sense, the only thing we can do is point out what they say and let people choose if they agree or not with such...bullshit.
Nov 25, the day after;
Well it was a good game, congratulation to the Saskatchewan rough riders....
Guess what, it was a good day, no one bought beers and beat their loved ones after....the lcbo did their jobs in providing a good service to the population,
People tuck in their kids after, husbands and wives went to bed...got up the next day and life continued...
No increase in domestic violence....
The only ones this did not please is local feminists...lol.

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