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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Evil Women; evil stepmother & woman eats husband.

What is disturbing about these videos is the sense of denial feminists have...
In both video, someone says, "it is rare for a woman to dismember a body". If it is so rare why was it so easy to find these two?
Evil acts is not a gender issue, it is a human one, both can be responsible for the most evil of behaviour, as we can see above, when we recognize this then maybe we can advance as a race, otherwise, the future is bleak.
I remember reading this quote; "when good people say nothing, evil thrives".
The majority of people are good, but if we sit down and say it does not concern us when we see injustice, are we good?
Gender should never be taken into account when evil is done, or when justice is needed, justice is supposed to be blind, but that's not exactly how it works.
Women performing evil acts on others is not rare anymore.
This is not an attack on women, but on evil.

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