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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Early childhood educator pleas guilty to child porn

A former early childhood educator who pleaded guilty to child pornography charges is scheduled to be sentenced later this month.

33 year-old Bridget Theobald, pleaded guilty to possessing and making child pornography available in July 2012.

She was arrested as part of an online undercover operation in September 2011.

Theobald’s sentencing is scheduled to take place on November 29.

So much for lanarks feminists saying "all men bad", guess what, as I said before, it's not "all men" or "all women" for that matter who are bad or evil, it is a "few individuals" of "both gender"...
To put the blame on one group only, offer the others to sometimes pass un-noticed.
Child porn has to be identified for what it is, an evil act, and anyone or anything that attacks, affects, or avoid the realities of it, is part of the problem...
Personally I think they should be horse wiped in public, but that's me. Especially those who hide inside any childhood education or social programs...


Anonymous said...

Maybe the Lanark County feminista's are all somewhat involved in the child porn ring's? That may be why they are so intent on throwing and deflecting the blame solely toward's men.
Takes the heat and suspicion off of themselves.

Wouldn't surprise me in the least.


BlackWolf said...

My thoughts exactly...they say child abusers always go where the children are.