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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Does feminism weaken men, or do weak men inspire feminism? at the expense of the family?

I took the title from one of the comment on this site, Feminism responsible for the fall of Rome. One of the comment referred to beta males, I think that description of those who bow to feminism is correct. Since the advent of radical feminism, we seen the fall of what was once a promising way of life. True we had some problems, but nothing compared to what is happening today. I love history, always researching something or another, and to be honest, the parallels of the fall of Rome and the path our society in the western world has taken is obvious. And it's not just Rome, many other fell the same way.
When Rome was at its peak, everyone wanted to be like them, hence the expression "when in Rome". They not only built an empire with their strict and traditional lifestyle but they build a world, the western world.
After a while, once corruption set in, people did not want to make sacrifices to continue the empire, they got fat and lazy, leaders bought their way to the top, Rome fell, sound familiar?
Come to today and the the inheritors of that empire, the western democracies. Go back a couple of decades and the world wanted to imitate the system we had, because we had a promising future. Families were happy, kids were happy, the Elderly were cared for, material good took second place to the unity of the family.
Now on the other hand, we seem to be repeating history, the betas is seen as more acceptable, feminism is demonizing it's worse enemy, families, and in between kids, the future generations, are falling in the cracks.
You want power, imitate the last of the Roman emperors, buy your way to the top, instead of promoting policies, attack your opponents in any way you can, make him or her refuse to get involve, hence goes the new blood and new ideas and the old stays in power. That is the way corruption and lack of enthusiasm begins in a society, "why should I break my ass for those people?"
I don't think we are at the point of no return yet, but we are pretty damn close. Our kids are lost, they don't know who to turn to, the schools tells them one thing and parents tell them another. The reason for elevated suicide amongst them is directly pointed at those who want to change things too fast according to their views, they are a small but vocal group and are causing such damages that the cost is becoming too great for some of us.
Things are so bad, that we think it is normal to buy an iphone and then buy another one 6 months later because apple told us to, you have lines and lines of people who want a product they just bought 6 months before, but this one is better, so says apple.
This and many other things, affects the family and guide kids in a dangerous path, television tells them they have to have it, and parents tell them they can't afford it. Then comes the arguments, and the "you don't love me if you won't buy me this". Or something to that nature.
We were satisfied and happy when dad carved a toy for us, but today if you do this your passed off as weird. Commercialism, the more you buy, the more profit they make, they don't care who they destroy or how many.

We are not animals, but if we take a look at pack mentality, why the hell do you think the alphas keep the betas from achieving power, because in the long run, they are incapable of keeping the pack healthy.
Our society is the same, we let the betas run things, and look at the mess we are in.

The point is, family is and has always been the strength and backbone of a stable society, and in order to have a strong and prosperous nation it's government must always protect that ideal...if not, if they are the main proponents of its destruction then that state cannot survive...
If we go to war,(God forbid) do we really fight for king and country, or to keep our families safe, when we work our fingers to the bone, do we do it to pay taxes, give posh salaries, benefits and retirement pay after only 6 years of work to those in power or to give our loved ones a better life?
It always goes back to families, the state and its security depends on it, there is no other way, and those who try so hard to demonize and replace something that has gotten us this far, is actually enforcing it's own demise...It's mom and dad that build empires and it is them who teaches the next generation to do better...the state cannot do this, it has been tried, the soviets, look where it got them...the chinese, are becoming a communist state only by name, they are slowly imitating what we use to be, so on...
Ever since the west have taken a path towards the watering down of parental responsibility and taken it for itself, we have elevated use of drugs and alcohol amongst our youth, lack of responsibility, welfare as a lifestyle, teen pregnancy, crimes, lack or respect for others and themselves, and working hard to get or achieve seems to be foreign to some....
Children thrive on discipline, it shows love and attention, when mom and dad do it the right way, which the strong majority always have, the child retains this in adulthood and is better prepared to deal with what will come towards them in their adult life, when the state through its schools stick it's nose where it does not belong...well you don't have to go far, wait for the spring and see how many children are pushing strollers...
The more the state panders to what some groups have become, (feminist for instance, a hate club), the more things will go down the drain, and you know what is sad, most know this but are afraid to speak up...radical feminism has control of all schools and social programs, it is no longer enough they go after fathers, they are now demonizing the stay at home mom as a slave to her husband, the reason is they have never experienced family life, and only have a "cat" to go home to. Or are just angry old diddies...lol...either way, equality does not grow from a hate group who has an inferiority complex, it grows from mom and dad teaching it to their kids, this is how we got here, not by listening to those who have personal, political and financial interest in destroying what is the most loving entity this world has ever seen...the family.

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