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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Why is everyone so gun happy lately? The fall of western society. Traditional families under attack.

A Georgia police officer shot and killed a tiny Jack Russell Terrier that he claims threatened him during a routine probationary checkup on Monday.
The officer, Antoine Jones, is over six feet tall and weighs nearly 300 pounds. Patches, the dog he killed, weighs just 12 pounds, according to a local news channel.
Jones visited the Albany residence of Cherrie Shelton earlier this week to check on her son, who is serving probation. Upon Jones’s arrival, two-year-old Patches approached the officer and began barking. Shelton claims she told Jones that Patches was no threat, but the officer drew his weapon and shot the dog anyway.

“A little dog like that, you could stomp your feet or kick her out of the way or something, but he just shot her,” said Shelton in a statement.
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Is it me or has some individuals with malicious intend infiltrated the police force?
I know this is just a dog, but to most of us, a dog is family, why does it look like drawing a gun seems to be the answer to everything lately?
What does that make others in the force look like, what about the guy who joins the force to serve and protect, but is judged by the actions of those who should never be cops?
How can we trust anyone who is associated with those who seem to have adopted the policy of, "its our way, do what we say or we shoot you".
Toronto Cops Killed 18 Year Old Bus Passenger For Not Dropping His Swiss Army Knife
Didn't they have those tazers they are so trigger happy with?
A frigging swiss army knife???

Violence is not concentrated only with them, though they seem to have joined the growing number of people who have decided to express themselves this way...

12 year old shoots students and teachers...again...12 year old...what the hell is going on?
Aren't we supposed to evolve as time goes by, not devolve into a violent prone species?
And no this is not just men, as the lame stream media seems to point to, some women are becoming just as, if not more violent, child abuse, elder abuse in old folks home, even violence against men...

Now our kids?

Who is responsible for the increase in violence by people?
In my personal opinion, the media is promoting said violence, take cnn for instance, every time this type of violence occurs, you can count on greasy wolf blitzer or anderson cooper, and all the rest to make those who do these horrible things to be glorified on TV.
Their names, who they are, the reasons, shit I mean if they had the chance they would even talk to the family pet if they could talk...
If one is looking for notoriety cnn and other media outlet will oblige, and usually that is exactly what they want...
Would this still occurs if the names, information, description of who they are, the reason they did it was not reported and ignored. I understand the report to tell people to stay away, but the details are not important in the grand scheme of things, if the media would explain that they do not wish to glorify this act by reporting who did it, I do beleive people would agree. But then again, to the media, ratings are more important than kids in schools...
To report all information about the crime, is exactly what these people want, they want to be "famous" and the media just gives it to them, and if there is another nut out there thinking about been famous by killing innocent easy victims, like our kids in schools, well here is how you do it, thanks to low lives like blitzer and cooper...and the communist news network,(cnn).

All this did not happen when the family was front and center in the policies of nations, this became worse when the state and its minions in the social programs started sticking their noses where it didn't belong and what they knew nothing about. The watering down of the parental responsibilities to the state and it's minions, is making life in the western world unsustainable, violence is an every day occurrence, child abuse, pedophiles, crimes, lost generations, drugs is so rampant now that we are becoming desensitized to it, hey, as long as it does not affect us right?
In the meantime, violence is becoming more and more part of everyday life, until it is so "normal" that we will destroy ourselves.

It is now pretty obvious that the more the traditional family is been pushed aside by those with a hate for it, the more things are going down the rat hole. Some of us know exactly who is responsible for it. What they cannot realise because of their limited capacity of intelligence is that we will not put up with this forever. We have been here since the beginning of time, we have re-established ourselves time and time again throughout history, we have seen it before.
And when things go to far....when our kids and our families are in danger, we simply...fix things our way...
There are to many tears been shed by parents, and when those tears turn to anger, rage is not far behind.

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