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Monday, October 14, 2013

This is what an anti-feminist looks like. Women against feminism.

 Eva Herman's book The Eva-Principle: Towards a New Femininity, released last year contains letters from women supporting her rejection of feminist self-fulfillment propaganda. As one woman wrote to her, “The fact you’ve been criticized as being a traitor towards women shows just what sort of  femi-fascism we have to live under nowadays.” .
Former career women-turned-housewives are spreading the word about a "new femininity" which encourages women to stay at home and embrace motherhood. "Dragging myself from job to job, I used to feel so useless. I wanted to be special but didn't know how -- I was neither fish nor flesh." For this anger-ridden career woman, salvation finally came in the full-bellied shape of motherhood. "With my husband and daughter at my side, I'm so happy and free now," she proclaims.
The 262 pages behind the pink cover of "The Eva Principle" are full of anti-feminist anger. Herman feels that nothing less than the survival of the country is at stake -- Germans will "die out" if women don't change their behavior, she says. She sees herself as courageously breaking a "taboo" by criticizing women's liberation.
Another case of career woman-turned-outspoken-housewife is Christa Müller, the wife of the left-wing former finance minister Oskar Lafontaine. Just five years ago, the economist and left-wing politician lectured the public that she was unsuited for the role of the ornamental wife. But now she, like Herman, has radically changed her mind.

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