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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Protecting kids against each other? Laws that go too far, parents forfeiting their rights to the state.

Girl, 13, her boyfriend, 12, ordered to register as sex offenders after having consensual relationship with each other

By: David Ross
Two young teenagers were arrested after having sex with each other. Police said that as a result of the relationship, the girl became pregnant.

The names of the teens were not officially released to the media, but they are on the sex offender registry in Ogden, Utah.

In this ironic case, the 13-year-old unidentified girl, and the 12-year-old boy, are both on the sex offender list and are the victims in the case, because they had consensual sex with each other.

The two violated a Utah state law that criminalizes having sex with a person under 14 years of age. Although they were both children, Utah State officials found them guilty of sexual abuse of a child.

The girl, who became pregnant from the encounter, is now 23-years-old. She has and been fighting to get her names off the sex offender list, but so far she has not been successful.

She states that her consensual sex with her baby’s father should not be considered a crime, and it is not a crime for 16-year-olds to have sex with someone of their own age group. She believes that young people should be treated equally.

A juvenile judge initially denied the girl’s appeal and the Utah Court of Appeals upheld the ruling, claiming that the law was to protect children from each other.

“A child cannot be a perpetrator and a victim in the exact same act,” Randall Richards, the girl’s attorney, said.
They are appealing to the Supreme Court of Utah.

True this was a wrong, but not by the definition they seem to have impose on these kids, this was and is a moral issue, a family issue, a parental issue, not a state issue, (sorry about the multiple issues.lol)
When the beta politician was introduce into our system, through the false manipulations of feminists and manginas with low self esteem, the fall of the traditional family began, schools fell to them, social programs, and society as a whole.
Is it their fault the nation is weak, yes, but it is also ours for looking the other way when they began this shit. Now we are stuck with nosey low lives who are so unhappy with their lives and how they wasted it, that they pretend to protect us against ourselves...they took what was the strength of a nation, families, parental wisdom and turned into a bad thing.
The results are clearly visible now, increase drug abuse, crime, teen pregnancies, lack of respect, alienation of children from families and especially the Elders...
When we took a back seat as parents to the state and its feminists and mangina infested social programs, we failed our own kids, the next generation and the Elders who fought so hard to give us a better life than they had...
We were supposed to do the same, give our kids a better life, but for some reason, many forfeited that responsibility to the state and their minions...
and the nation is now sick and full of dependants, stressing it to a point where the only way out is...a fall....

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