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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Native Education Situation Dire.

The Education Trust, a nonprofit organization that focuses on student achievement gaps, has released a new report, “The State of Education for Native Students,” and the state is not good—to say the least.
The report, issued in August, notes that despite recent progress in improving achievement among most students of color, achievement results for Native students have remained nearly flat, and as achievement has stagnated, the gaps separating Native students from their peers have mostly widened.
The hard numbers are eye-opening. “In 2011, only 18 percent of Native fourth-graders were proficient or advanced in reading on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), compared with 42 percent of white fourth-graders,” the report states. “In math, only 17 percent of Native eighth-graders were proficient or advanced, and nearly half (46 percent) performed below even the basic level. For white students, the pattern was almost exactly the reverse, with 17 percent below basic and 43 percent proficient or advanced.” NAEP results for Native students improved more slowly between 2005 and 2011 than for any other major ethnic group. “As a result, while Native students were performing better in fourth-grade reading and eighth-grade math than African American and Latino students in 2005, by 2011 that lead had all but disappeared,” the report finds.
On the higher education front, the report finds that of the Native students who enrolled in a four-year college in the fall of 2004, only 39 percent completed a bachelor’s degree within six years. It was the lowest graduation rate for any group of students.
This is not just a native problem, though it is not good for our kids either, this is a major problem with everyone, the more kids are not educated, as we now see in today's society, the more poverty, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, crime, so on, and this is the next generation. In the past we were making good strides, but for some reason, the breakup of the traditional family, putting the blame on mostly dad, "the non existent patriarch excuse", things have been going down the drain and at a very fast pace. 
This will produce more and more stress on society, different groups will and have come out of the woodwork's claiming to know what is best and the more they do it, the more things go wrong...
Were there was only 5 to 7% of single parent families in the past, now we see 40 to 50%, this produces low education, therefore has been taken advantage of by the greedy to reduce wages and jack up prices for profits, and as history shows, will eventually cause massive problems in sustaining such a society...in other words, hang on to you britches, thing are about to go bad....
Education is the promises of a good future, competitive wages, decent prices for products, and especially a strong nation and the only way to achieve this is to strengthen the family....   We can see this problem, we know what and who is responsible, some of us have pointed to it, yet if it does not affect one then they stick their heads in the sand, more and more kids grow up rebellious and lost, no education, no chances at a decent life, and that is the recipe for revolution...The warnings are there, but as history shows, greed is always more prevalent than wisdom...

Without a strong traditional family and an educated youth, as the backbone of society, nations will fall, kaos will reign, take it from us...we know.

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