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Monday, October 7, 2013

Girls just as likely to commit dating violence as boys.

On many occasion I have pointed out that males and females are different side of the same coin. Many feminists, especially here in lanark county, use the false pretence that it is always boys. Local feminist director of the women's shelter in carleton place ontario is allowed to go to schools and tell "stories" of death and murder perpetrated by boys, make presentations or false claims that 1 out of 4 girls experiences violence, videos and web sites all point to men or boys always been the problem.

Well the main problem is, first of all,, false claims, second is not admitting the whole truth that both gender are as capable of committing any kind of violence as the next.
Anytime honesty is not prevalent in any discussion like dating violence, it will continue, if one gender does it freely without consequences, then the other side will too.
That is the major problem in today's society, social programs are used to benefit those who run it, whether politically or financially, or simply to pamper ones ego...Whatever the reason, their attitude towards the traditional family, demonizing dad, or blaming everything on the husband promotes some on the other side to act out without responsibility or blame. Any human being that can get away with it will try it out one day or another...Of course not all of us are like that, the majority act out of kindness and love towards each other, but where there is violence in dating or the home, if we look deep, we usually find both are responsible. Men should no longer accept sole responsibility for it.
It would be more beneficial to admit violence is a "human" characteristic, not the realm of only one gender. As men we "enjoy" defending the honor of a damsel in distress, it's in our dna, but in return the damsel must give the same respect. Blaming the woes of the world on men only, is divisive at best, but doing it with false statistics and false claims makes some of us want to gtow(go their own way). Why should we continue on been the wiping boy for those who never experienced the love of a good man, our families are under our protection, not as a product or a possession but to advance our kids into a good future with the co-operation of our women, we might have a different way of doing it, but the combination of bother gender's gifts as human being advances the world and families, it does not prevent it.
The report below shows the reality of today's world, blaming one side is destructive, it only promotes one side to continue and it is getting worse. To advance the reality that humans can be violent to each other instead of only one group would show the futile end to this type of behaviour, it's destructive nature towards love and respect.
Kids are like a sponge, they suck up all knowledge they hear and see around them, if we pick on one group, their behaviour will reflect what we teach them, if on the other hand we admit the problem is human then they will act accordingly, but of course those who divide know this full well, that is why their message is always based on division, it keeps their self importance and their inflated salaries right up there...
The main teachers of a teen are parents, the family, not the state or its misguided minions inside social programs, family is the guaranty of a stable generation with respect for all and especially for themselves, outside meddlers always tell of stories and manipulate to keep a good number as victims, just like alcoholic anonymous telling someone they will always be alcoholics, these people make sure the victim stays a victim, instead of telling them they are survivors and show them strength is not a myth but inside all of us, it prevents us from staying victims.
Families prevents violence, it does not promote it.
Feminism for some time now, has demonize the traditional family, they go out of their way to try to take out the importance of the man of the house, they even go as far as to try to downgrade the stay at home mom as a slave to her husband, which is bullshit. They control all aspect of social programs, whether it be cas (child protection which the majority of kids are taken from mothers), welfare, housing, teen help organisations, schools, so on... Since they have had their paws in all this, and spew out their idealism and hatred, has things gotten any better, not one bit...
they have got worse day by day.
The answer to all societies woes is to admit we are humans first, with human qualities as well as faults, stop blaming only one group for personal gain, and fix this with the co-operation of families, mom dad, grandparents, and keep out the old spinster who hate all even herself. (well maybe not all, they do love their cats and tiny dogs.)

Girls commit dating violence as often as boys, studies show
July 31, 2013 at 3:09 PM ET
Girls are the perpetrators of some form of dating violence nearly as often as boys, surprising new studies show.
More girls – 43 percent – than boys – 28 percent – reported committing an act of physical dating violence, said researchers who are presenting their findings beginning Wednesday at the American Psychological Association’s annual meeting. Slightly more boys – 23 percent – than girls – 18 percent – reported perpetrating at least one act of sexual violence.
For her study, Dorothy Espelage, professor of educational psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and her colleagues conducted a longitudinal study among 625 students starting in grades 5, 6, and 7, and followed them over a period of four years. Researchers interviewed the students at intervals over that time.
The study looked at a spectrum of behaviors, ranging from name calling and expressing anger, spreading rumors, and using controlling behaviors such as keeping track of dating partners, to physical violence such as slapping, hitting and biting, and sexual violence including forced kissing. Taken as a whole, one in three reported being the victim of at least one of the behaviors on that spectrum.
While most of us may not rank name-calling, or bad-mouthing another to their friends as “violence,” the researchers say they included the psychological and relationship tactics because they can have a profound impact.
“We see in other research that the psychological stuff has just as much of a negative impact on health outcomes as the physical and sexual” violence, said Carlos Cuevas, associate professor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Northeastern University, who is also presenting a study on youth dating violence at meeting.
Espelage and her colleagues found that acts of verbal dating violence were common. For example, 31 percent of all study participants admitted deliberately doing something to make a partner angry, and 26 percent used a hostile tone. Physical and sexual violence were less common in the group studied with 10 percent saying they had hit or slapped a dating partner, 11 percent saying they’d bit a partner, and 6 percent saying they had forced a partner to kiss.
The main aim of the study Espelage helped conduct was to illuminate any links between bullying at younger ages and violence as children began dating.
Using self-reports taken at intervals from 2008 through part of 2012, the study showed a very clear and dramatic link. Middle school bullies were seven times more likely to become dating violence perpetrators by high school. This was true for both boys and girls.
“Our data show that for kids who gained self-esteem by dominance in middle school” via verbally or psychologically bullying others, “their need for control spilled over into their relationships four years later.”
It’s not just the Nelson Muntz types, either, Espelage explained. “I’m talking about the popular kids, the high social status kids, too. If you’ve got a nasty, bully girl in junior high, she’s going to have a bad outcome.”
Cuevas’ study of 1,525 teens focused on the influence of cultural factors in dating violence among Latino youth. He found low incidence of self-reported sexual violence – 2.1 percent of boys admitted perpetrating an act of sexual coercion compared to 0.4 percent of girls. Girls were more likely than boys to engage in any instance of physical or psychological dating violence.
Both Cuevas and Espelage stressed that other studies have shown that severe, injury-causing violence is more often male perpetrated, and that girls typically have a greater fear of injury from dating violence.
Before conducting his study, Cuevas anticipated that family bonds and support would help prevent both delinquency and dating violence. But “I was a little surprised… We thought it would be helpful, but it turned out to be very helpful in decreasing all forms of violence we measured, and all forms of delinquency.”
“We think family education is one of the real gateways for intervention and prevention,” he said. “If you are able to educate families and parents around these issues, it provides the first line of defense for helping kids avoid getting into these kinds of behaviors.”


Anonymous said...

Well according to the feminista s in Lanark County it is only men that hold power through rape.

Then what about this....



The feminist mythology is falling apart and people are starting to see right through the cow manure being shovelled.


BlackWolf said...

What is disturbing about all this, they use to be able to say these things unabated, no one dared to contradict them and they pushed this crap of theirs to the limits, if anyone dared to oppose them, they would simply go to the media and bullshit they way out or attack whatever politician dared...
Now on the other hand, there is blogs, oh they tried to protect the crap they spewed out by trying in any way to shut us down or say we were anti women, as they tried through their mouth piece at the local legal clinic or their friends...
They forgot about freedom of speech and that we...did not have political power to protect against their media...they went up against really pissed off dads, husbands, men, and found out we had nothing against women, we simply had enough of feminism and their minions...and we still have the power and the will to protect our families against cat lover.
But the craziest thing about what they freely lied about, “all men have power through rape, or we beat our wives at super bowl time” shit I mean even Christmas was not beyond their grasp, is that the last time I checked, there were male politicians and even women who have husbands fathers and son, yet they let them say these things freely...
Have some frigin backbone, when they say these stupidity, they are talking about all of us, the working man, family man, cops, politicians, soldiers,...and when they decided to fear them, they invited corruption, after all if we do not criticize, we open the road to abuse, and that is what happened, real victims are pushed aside for money and power...
Well I say the free ride is over, every time she opens her mouth she better say the real story and not some invented bull, the ridiculous statements she did make are now exposed. And she disclosed what silly little mind she really has...
Comes down to this, if the media won’t expose, then we will, these are “our families” not theirs, and if they continue, so will we, we will still be here long after they are gone and forgotten.

Marie said...

you know ur doing the right thing or ur getting to them when their trolls leave comments.Like they did with you a while back.lol