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Monday, October 21, 2013

Children who die of abuse or neglect in Ontario's CAS (children's aid society)

How many children die of abuse or neglect in Ontario with an open file to a CAS?

Ontario Data

In an article by Vivian Song published in the April 2, 2006 Toronto Sun, she says Ontario Deputy Chief Coroner Dr Jim Cairns presides over the deaths of about 70 children a year involved with CAS. The article does not define what is meant by "involved". On January 25, 2007 reporter Haley Mick in the Globe and Mail quoted Mr Cairns saying approximately 80 children die each year with open CAS files. The number includes deaths in foster care plus in-home deaths of children under watch. A document titled Report of the Paediatric Death Review Committee and Deaths Under Five Committee from the Office of the Chief Coroner, Province of Ontario (2007) contains the statements on page 22:

83 children died with an open file or having had an open file to a CAS within the previous 12 months
19/83 children were in the care of CAS (10 were Crown Wards; 2 were on an Extended Care and Maintenance program)

See Ontario data here: http://www.fixcas.com/scholar/fatal.htm#Ontario
Repost from Mens rights help
I don't know what is going on with our society these days, children, families, parents rights, seem to have taken a back step to personal power, inflated salaries, and staffs than make decisions based on their daily moods, putting kids very lives in danger.
Let's not forget how "controls" the social programs in Ontario, it is also well known that young mothers are also the target for staff at ontario's cas. Were as their primary mandate is to keep families together, this is usually far from reality, when they tried to get crown wardship of my daughter years ago, none of her biological family were contacted to see if there was someone willing to give her a home. I considered myself lucky that I kept in touch, otherwise an add in the local paper would of been it and if I did not read that specific page, I never would of known.
North America has been awash with horror stories as of late with baby Veronica and Deseray, amongst others who have been taken from loving parents and given to the highest bidder, which makes me believe that keeping families together is not exactly what they are there for...In my experience, staff make personal decisions based of hints, false reports and personal opinions, by-passing what they are supposed to be there for, to keep children with biological families.
And if you happen to be the father, things are even more difficult...


Anonymous said...

F'n CAFS can all go rot in HELL!!!

Feminazi parent assassin's who measure success by the children and family's they successfully destroy.

Dryden Ontario rates right up there with Lanark County.

These people are nothing more than criminal's with protection under the law.

Exposing these morally and ethically bankrupt organization's has now become my main priority.

They have destroyed 2 children too many for any type of forgiveness.

Lets see how they like it when we play by our rules and not theirs.

Criminal's and child abuser's-the whole works of them that need to be exposed.


Anonymous said...

From now on I will refer to any reference to the CAS as the Child Abuse Society which should be their rightful name.


The Native Canadian said...

"Lets see how they like it when we play by our rules and not theirs."
Excelent point, couldnt of said it better myself...

Anonymous said...

Here is a letter from another Child Abuse Society victim;

""""Dear ***;

You don't seem to understand,I am done with "your" kid's.

Nothing I say is taken seriously or with any concern.

I have bent over backwards in an attempt to be a part of my son's lives and have done everything you have asked or demanded just to be a father to them.You and your office on the other hand,have done everything and anything to prevent this,even over-riding the office of the children's lawyer's recommendation's on the best interest's of my children.

I have been treated and trained like a dog,sit,shake a paw,roll-over etc. All for nothing,with no end in sight.

I see no better future with my kid's and this situation is doing nothing but torturing them and myself just so you people can get some type of twisted revenge for a past protest I did as part of a national campaign to bring accountability to your offices across the country.

I am guilty with no chance of innocence on nothing more than mere accusation's with absolutely no evidence supporting any of these claim's. I cannot do what father's do with their children with-out a babysitter. I cannot take them fishing nor anything else with-out someone watching over my shoulder like I am some sort of criminal.

I,nor my children have done anything to deserve this treatment.

You now have another success story to add to the list of your parental alienation belt.

Take care and please tell my children that I love them and I will see them when they are adult's and you people have no say in my life or theirs.

Hopefully they are not hooked on drug's and/or in prison because they were added to the list of fatherlessness which seems to be a priority promoted by you and your office.

Please relay to ******,that she doesn't have to threaten me with not ever seeing my kid's again,she has her wish.


I hope you all rot in hell for what you have done and are doing to my children.""""


The Native Canadian said...

wwqo, that is a sad one...what hapened with all this...was there a court decision against him...i hope he didnt just give up...