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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Census: Americans In Poverty Jumps 6.6M to Record 46.5M

Why is it, when the left is in power, poverty goes up, every fringing time???

This is by far, a true statement, even here in Ontario, and Canada, every time the left is in power, as far as I can remember, poverty goes up.  Why is that?
Simple, the more poor there are the more the left, "or what is left of it" can count on votes, (or so it is believed) poor people do not vote conservatives...
Using people for political purposes has become the norm, I am not taking political sides, just pointing out "a fact".


Runingwolf said...

So true,unfortunatly,use to support the left,now i dont know where to go at voting time.

Anonymous said...

Why vote anymore,they say one thing do another once in power.