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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Capobianco; The world has seen your true identity....denial of children's rights to their family, money and greed, self centered personalities.

An Emotional Reaction: Mothers, Adoptive Parents and Adoptees Speak Out About Baby Veronica's Removal
In the wake of Dusten Brown’s forced relinquishment of his biological daughter Veronica to Matt and Melanie Capobianco of South Carolina, birth mothers, adoptive parents and adoptees have shared their heartache with media and flooded the Internet with blogs and open letters. They express grief, compassion, encouragement for Brown to continue fighting and insight into how Veronica will adapt and react when she learns about and understands the battle over her custody.

An Open Letter to the Capobiancos From an Adoptive Parent
“…Adoption should be about finding families for children who need them. It should never be about taking children from families who want them. It is about one set of parents loving the child enough to do what is in their best interest, and unfortunately, that is not you. It is in Baby V's best interest to remain with her father and it has always been in her best interest since he contested the adoption at 4 months old. And there are thousands of legitimately available children in this world who need a family and don't already have one able to care for them.
“Someday Baby V will begin to question her adoption. The need for it, what happened to both her parents (and it may be far sooner than you think- I have one who has talked about her birth family pretty much since she could talk) She will have memories of living with her father and extended family. She is going find out (as soon as she is old enough to Google) that you fought a battle to take her from her father and that he fought a battle to keep her. Who do think is going to play the villain in this script?…”
Read the entire blog post at pullthisblogover.blogspot.com.

An Open Letter to Dusten Brown
From Cutcha Risling Baldy, Hupa, Karuk, Yurok, a scholar, instructor, and PhD candidate in Native American Studies at UC Davis
“…Write Veronica letters every single day and post them. Compile them and publish them. She will find them. Dear Veronica, I love you. She will read them. Dear Veronica, I fought for you because I am your father. No, wait, I FIGHT (continue to) for you because I am your father. She will see you fight. Don't apologize for who you are, don't apologize for anything. Continue to fight this good fight. There are many who will stand with you. You were never in this fight alone, though you had to fight it without many of your supporters standing next to you. But we were there. We will continue to be there. And we will continue to fight….”
Read the full post on the Native News Network. Read more about the author at cutchabaldy.weebly.com.
Adoptee Trace A. DeMeyer posted the below on Splitfeathers, a blog for American Indian adoptees who are called Lost Children, Lost Birds, Lost Ones and Split Feathers.
“We know this case is not about Veronica's best interest. It's about money and Nightlight Christian Adoption Agency who brokered the sale. It's about lawyers and their fees. It's about dismantling and repealing the Indian Child Welfare Act so that more people can adopt Native children. It's about opening the gates so more "Christian" families can assimilate and adopt Native children. It's not new, it's been going on for over a century.
“We know Veronica is VERY confused since the transfer on Monday. She's disoriented. She thinks she's on a vacation with the adopters. That will end in South Carolina or where ever they choose to live. Veronica will be enrolled in daycare then pre-school. Matt and Melanie will always tell her she was "chosen" to be their child. They will explain to her she's not going back to Dusten; they will tell her, "You are home." Traumatized, over time Veronica will disappear into the fog of despair and disbelief. Symptoms of grief will come in stages. Every. single. day. …
“…Veronica is very strong, a fighter, a Cherokee citizen. She will find her dad again like I did.”
Read the full post at http://splitfeathers.blogspot.com/2013/09/veronicas-transfer-to-capobiancos.html.
Splitfeathers posted this photo of Veronica’s transfer to the Capobiancos:
the open theft of a child from the arms of a loving father.
The worlds most hated couple...

From The Los Angeles Times:
“…In general we are in shock, we are upset, we are mad,” wrote Hammond, 43, a Cincinnati-area business analyst who grew up with adoptive parents and feels she has suffered lasting effects from not knowing anyone to whom she was genetically related. “We feel we have failed her. We didn't fight hard enough for her.”

Cassi, a birth mother coerced to put her child up for adoption at 16, posted the following on Adoption-truth.com:
“We have failed a sweet, innocent little girl. Failed her in the worst of ways.
And I say we for all of us. A society. A nation. Our media. Lawmakers and judges. Every single one holds heavy on their shoulders the blame for what happened to Veronica. She is a four year old, innocent victim who has just paid the worst price, her family destroyed so she could be used to satisfy the desires of an infertile couple.
As she suffers the terrible loss of her family, her heritage, her culture, others celebrate such a disgusting tragedy for this little girl. They congratulate themselves with proud slaps to the back for fighting so hard for Veronica to lose everything so the Capobiancos could have their every selfish desire fulfilled.
They praise those like Troy Dunn and Dr. Phil for using Veronica to advance their own careers. Celebrate and promote the continued deception of Veronica’s First Mother, because it justifies their belief that the Capobianco’s “deserved” Veronica more than her own family. That they “earned” the right to be her parents.

 CAPOBIANCO, JESSICA MUNDAY, ANDERSON COOPER, DR PHIL(this made for tv voodoo dr is a dr of what actually, if he was real then he would of admitted this child who only remembers living with her dad since she was under 2 years old when she was returned home would go through emotional distress if she was to be taken from him, instead of supporting the buying of other peoples kids) , TROY DUNN, AND ALL THOSE WHO SUPPORTED THE ACQUISITION OF A CHILD FOR MONEY FROM HER FAMILY....SHAME...go hide under the barrel you crawled out of.

This is her "real family"...

Look deep into the eyes of this child and her dad...before anyone supports those who stole her...
There is no viable excuse to support these capobiancos claim over her, if she had live the full 4 years of her life then maybe, but she did not, under 2 years old she went back to her dad, therefore she does not remember them. Having more money than Dustern Brown was the only reason this child was stolen from him, and having more money should not be takien into account in these types of cases, the child's welfare should of been. 
This is "not" the only time this type of disgusting buying of children we have seen, many others have been used, abused, sold and bought on the market for personal benefit. Angelina joly, brad pitt, or that saint of all protector of African children for publicity...madona...
With all the kids needing a home in their own country one begs to wonder why they go out  of their way to buy foreign kids, whether they be Chinese, Russians(who have recently put an end to it) or the most prized of all, African kids.

'Saint' Madonna and a mutiny in Malawi: When she adopted two of its children, she posed as a saviour. So why has its President now accused her of patronising arrogance?

  • Accused of exploiting her work for personal publicity
  • President Joyce Banda claims she makes 'the poor dance for her'
  • Also claims Madonna demands VIP treatment wherever she goes
  • Natural father of her adopted son David claims to have been prevented from seeing him.

What we see lately, the buying of children, especially from minorities is by all means slavery, the buying and selling by "for profit adoption agency" is the most disturbing of all human acts. What was supposed to be outlawed after the civil was is alive and well...it's just under a different name.
All with the cooperation of lawyers and so call child protection, everyone made....maney and profits...at the espense of a child and her dad. SICK bastards.

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