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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bill 88-forfeiting parental rights to a corrupt c.a.s..The open theft of our children and destruction of the ontario family

Sounds to me if this passes, it will be an open access for cas to steal kids away from parents when they need their family the most as teenagers, (come to us, you can be in dependant on welfare) and we know when the state through its social programs get involve in the destruction of the bond between parent and child, that child has no chance at an education and productive future...this is open warfare on the traditional family and they are using our kids to increase their political power, their workforce, hence their union membership will rise and the lobbying power of the C.A.S. will be practically untouchable,,,a dangerous precedent...
AND  when these 16 year olds are put into the world on welfare and in housing, drugs, alcohol, teen pregnancy, lack of education, state dependency, will be increased, then cas will steal their kids because teen moms who are now on OW of ODSP will lose support as they will qualify under CAS... which means they will be able to apprehend THEIR kids...its opening the flood gates and its not good for the families and future families of Ontario!

Personally, I think families, that's mom, dad, grandparents, have been silent for too long, the very idea that strangers can come into your home, tell you how to raise your own kids, educate then against our values and family tradition has cause such a problem that we see destroyed lives in them. In my opinion this is an open policy to produce a lower class to fill the low level jobs with lower salaries out there, to produce a slave class that cannot fight back because no one really cares. They are dividing our society to a point where the ruling class is making a comeback as the law of the land, profits is the driving force, yet the economy is on the line between stability and extreme failure. There was a time when no taxes existed, yet there were roads, hospitals and schools and all worked fine, then a minute tax to pay for the great war in 1914, then they told us then needed to keep this tax to pay for schools, hospitals and roads, then for the ruling elites salaries and pensions after only 6 years of work, then...well you get the idea, greed.
And that is all what this is about, power and profits, the feminist movement which controls social programs like the c.a.s., welfare, housing, women's shelters, family courts, so on, is not there to protect the family, it is there for profits and greed, at the expense of our kids.
Is there a politician that has noticed, not yet, and when one does come around and yells out his or her intention to protect and enhance the family rights, he or she will be a very welcomed sight.
There are to many of us who have been hurt by these low lives in the Ontario social programs, to many parental tears have been shed for profits. Greed is not a passing thing, once it's ugly face has been adopted as the law of the land, it is deeply inside it's skin and impossible to pry out, just like a tick or a leech, you have to burn it out.
Mom and Dad are the power behind a state's stability, they are it's future and its security, when the state forget it's place as it's promoter, it is just a matter of time till it falls. Many in history have tried to overshadow parental rights, kings, queens(which is only a fancy title for dictators), totalitarian regimes, fascism, communism, socialism, were are they now, all have fallen, and capitalism is no different, if it does not live up to its responsibility, it too will fall.
Will they learn from history...don't hold your breath, once greed is the driving force it is not going to change until we "parents" decide they have gone too far. We, parents, families, will change things, it is ...inevitable, the only question remaining is...how will we do it?

Who oversees children’s aid societies?

Provincial ombudsman seeks authority to investigate complaints.

Privatization of Welfare
with Bill 88
By Pamela Palmer and Jane Scharf

******For IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION****** FULL ARTICLE HERE---> https://archive.org/details/BIll88FlyerFinal ---- Jane Scharf and I have finished the article on Bill 88. This NEEDS to be distributed at ANY and ALL OPSEU, CUPE, MPP, Ontario Ombudsman, Office of the Child Advocate and ALL groups seeking oversight and accountability of the CAS. This Bill describes in detail about the PRIVATIZATION OF WELFARE for ALL YOUTH 16 years of age and OLDER by the Children's Aid Society of Ontario. Please PRINT, please SHARE, Please spread!!! Its NOT too late! This bill has NOT passed yet and here is ALL the info you NEED to make sure it doesnt!!! TAG everyone and ANYONE you can! Get the info OUT OUT OUT!

Is this bill designed to get kids off the street and keep them out of jail as supporters of the bill are
saying or is this a sneaky way to privatize welfare for 16 to 24 year olds?


Paragraph 1 contains nothing but a
platitude. It states that services under
the Child and Family Services Act
(CFSA) "should" be provided in
accordance with the United Nations
Convention on the rights of the child.
Notice the use of the word "should". This
means nothing legally. If this law was to
have teeth for enforcement in would
need to contain the use of the word
"shall" rather than "should". And/or it
would also indicate what consequences
would be imposed on CAS if the rights of
the child be violated.


If you are familiar with the CFSA you will
know that children can't be forced into
care or to stay in the care of the CAS
after the age of 16. (CFSA 41. (1)(a)).

Under Bill 88 all youth age 12 to 18 and
"older" (potentially up to age 24) are
eligible to receive services including
income support from CAS. This Bill
expands the CAS mandate to include
youth who were not entitled to services
after age 16 because they were not in
care before the age of 16. (CFSA 29. (2)
(a)) "No temporary care agreement shall
be made in respect of a child, (a) who is
sixteen years of age or older;"

Bill 88 repeals section (2) (a) and
replaces it with this: "(1.1) A child who is
16 years of age or older and the society
having jurisdiction where the child
resides may make a written agreement
for the society's care and custody of the
child if the person who has custody of
the child is temporarily unable to care
adequately for the child."

CFSA 71. (3) already has this provision:
"A society or agency may provide care
and maintenance in accordance with the
regulations to a person who is 18 years
of age or more if, when the person was
1 6 or 1 7 years of age, he or she was
eligible for support services prescribed
by the regulations, whether or not he or
she was receiving such support
services." The new Bill 88 section 29 1.1
quoted above makes all youth eligible at
16 and 17. Bottom line is all 16 to 18
years of age and older can receive
temporary and extended care services
from CAS which will replace OW and
0DSP for this age group whether they
were in CAS before 16 or not.

How does this new provision of the
CFSA force youth from 16 and older to
agree to accept services from CAS?
Well if you consider that the Ontario
Works Act S.0. 1997, CHAPTER 25
SCHEDULE A. 9. (vi) and the Ontario
Disability Support Program, 1997 S.0.
(V) only allows a person to get financial
assistance if they are not eligible for any
"compensation" or any other "financial
resource". Bill 88 makes children 16 and
older eligible for services with CAS,
which includes income support whether
or not they were in care before.
Therefore, a person ages of 16 and
older who would currently be entitled to
OW or 0DSP would be automatically
ineligible to receive OW or 0DSP
income support and forced to accept the

CAS offer of a temporary service or
extended care agreement or they would
be on the street or worse. This would
include youth over 16 in care and who
want to leave or youth wanting to leave
home to live independently and do not
want to go into the custody of the CAS.

Jane Scharf reports, "I have been
recently working with a young mother
who has had great difficulties with the
CAS. When she was 13 she was placed
with the CAS because her mother died.
When she came into care, CAS got her
to sign a care agreement that stated she
would be in care until age 18. The
document was in English and the girl
only spoke French so she was unaware
of what she was signing until she
reached the age of 16 and wanted to
leave. CAS told her that if she left they
would have police bring her back
because she signed an agreement to
stay with CAS until she was 18. She
chose the harsh life on the streets over
the CAS group home home placement
they had her in and lived on the street
without income for the next two years.
At eighteen she became pregnant and
CAS removed her baby because she
was young and she had been in CAS
care herself. (CFSA 37 (2) (reference for
the CAS use of risk of future harm as
cause for removing a child is described
in a pamphlet funded by the Provincial
Government and distributed by the
courts. On page 7 of the flyer it says
CAS can apprehend a child at birth if the
parent is "a teen mom, especially if she
was ever in the care of the CAS." Now
all youth will be more vulnerable to
having their children apprehended by
the CAS.

This young woman reported to myself
and the Office of Children's Advocate
during their public hearing that she had
been seriously neglected and abused
while in the care of the CAS from age 1 3
to 16."

Pamela Palmer reports "I received a
report recently from a 20 year old girl
currently in the care of the CAS. She
reported that CAS had bribed her into
care 3 months prior to her turning 16, by
the society promising to pay for her own
apartment once she turned 16. She
said even though they fell through with
their promise to her, she states she
doesn't want to leave their care because
they are currently giving her over $900 a
month and it is substantially more than
she would receive from OW, over $300
a month more. She says they are
supposed to end this income support at
the age of 21 , but she wants to enroll in
University and will explore whether or
not they will extend this past the age of
21 . She wants to this as there is no
limitation in the act stating stated just
what age they are suppose to cut off this
support as the act says 16 and older."
(CFSA71. (3))

Many advocacy groups across Ontario
receive numerous calls from teens in the
exact same or similar situations on a
regular basis. They are reporting
neglect and abuse in CAS foster homes
and group homes and how they are
being intimidated, harassed and bribed
to stay in CAS custody. My greatest
concern is that this new Bill will make it
even harder for these kids to get out of
the CAS system and back home or out
on their own if this is what they need
and want."


In effect CAS will be taking over welfare
services for children 16 and "older". This
is problematic because as is typical with
all CAS services there is no
accountability to the taxpayer that this
money will be spent as intended and
appropriately. A young person may find
themselves in a hell of a pickle if OW or
ODSP turns them down because they
are theoretically entitled to CAS
services but CAS will not accord these
services to them. This young person will
soon find out that nowhere can they find
assistance to help them because this
agency does not answer to anyone or
anything. Tragically former crown wards
already make up the vast majority of the
homeless population and these are
youth that are entitled to services under
the current CFSA but are unable to
secure them even though CAS is
getting receiving funds for them.

These legislative changes will see a
huge increase in CAS budgets to
accommodate the increased caseload
i.e. 16 years old and up to potentially 24
years of age who are currently on OW
or ODSP. These youth will need to be
transferred to the CAS caseload due to
the changes established through Bill 88.
The Canadian Centre for Policy
Alternatives just put out a report called
"The Young and the Jobless", showing
that Ontario has the highest
unemployment rate for youth in the
country. ( http://ca.finance.yahoo.com/
among-worst-canada-235848457.html )
therefore, this budget increase for CAS
will be considerable. This increase in
caseloads will significantly decrease the
caseload in OW and ODSP and will
cause layoffs of welfare workers across
the Province. This also means more
resources to an agency that is private
and does not have to account for the
vast resources it receives via the public


Bill 88 does not answer the concerns of
the thousands of child and family
advocates across the province,
including the Ontario Ombudsman and
the Office of the Provincial Advocate for
Children and Youth that have been
raising issues in regards to the human
rights and charter violations that already
occur and exist under the current Child
and Family Services Act. Again, these
are but a few of the more serious
problematic issues that both offices and
children and parents across the
province are reporting.

The Ombudsman receives 1,500
complaints each year about the conduct
of the CAS workers and they cannot
investigate because they hold no
authority to hold this private
organization accountable. In fact, no
one does. Every right you have in law is
unenforceable when dealing with the
CAS under the current laws. Before we
go expanding their jurisdiction, we need
to have a serious independent public
inquiry into the activities and conduct of
the organization known as the
Children's Aid Society, as well as the
legislation that gives them so much
power with absolutely no oversight. In
the meantime, Bill 88 would expand
CAS jurisdiction through privatization of
the OW and ODSP for youth 16 and
older. This would include youth that
were not in the care of the CAS before
turning 16 years of age, they would now
qualify for services in turn forcing them
into the care of the CAS and out of OW
and ODSP. Unlike the CAS, OW and
ODSP are 100% accountable and
transparent. This bill needs to be
scrapped because it is not favorable to
the children and their families or to the
Ontario taxpayer.

The Auditor General of Ontario Report 2006 shows the CAS has “doubled their funding since 1998/99 and 2004/05 fiscal years, rising from $541.7 million to $1.173 billion while their key service volumes, including the numbers of families served increased by only about 40% over the same pay period.” Currently, it is estimated that the CAS is receiving over $1.5 Billion tax payer dollars plus private donations and federal funding per year.

We want to see child welfare services  offered by the Provincial Government so there would be automatic Ombudsman oversight. The existing Child and Family Services Act already allows the province to take CAS over. (CFSA section 22 (1)). We also want child protection services offered under the criminal code as was intended in the Constitution Act of Canada (91. (27)).

Jane Scharf and Pamela Palmer
613-884-9065 // 416-907-1070


Nikyon the clan mother said...

wow, this is scary.as if they dont have enough power already

Karen said...

they wont stop till they have total control over our kids and family.

Nizhoni said...

looks 2 me like politicians r in on all this

Allison said...

Good post, I hate cas, they are too intrusive.

Atonwa said...

How many families will be wrecked till this is fixed,cas is an outlaw organisation based on how many kids they get to get more money