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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Baby Deseray Removed From Bixler's Custody in South Carolina

Indian Country has learned that "Baby Deseray, aka "Merry Rejoice Bixler, was removed last week from the home of Bobby Bixler, 64, and Diane Bixler, 60, of Irmo, South Carolina. Sources in that state have reported that the five-month-old Oklahoma infant was taken into state custody and is in temporary foster care pending an emergency hearing today in Greenville County.
Read more at http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2013/10/28/baby-deseray-removed-bixlers-custody-south-carolina-151963

Their own kids called these bixlers abusers, the adoption was corrupt, the child was sold by a for profit adoption agency, bought by these bixlers...
Do they think this is going to make up for all the others they stole and sold, to lowly people like copabiancos?
How about investigating...
Jessica Munday owner of Trio Solutions in Mt Pleasant, SC, the PR firm that launched an anti-ICWA campaign on behalf of Melanie Duncan and Matthew Capobianco. Munday recently sent an email to all Capobianco supporters who signed a petition to abolish ICWA.
Here's what she said,
"While Congress has yet to amend the ICWA, our collective effort surrounding Veronica's case will indeed help ensure this situation will not happen to another child. As a matter of fact, it already has. We have been informed her case has already been used in several cases to block similar travesties from occurring.... If anyone would like to continue advocating for children being hurt by the ICWA, please connect with the following groups."

The ones that openly support buying native kids and want to abolich ICWA

Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare

Home Forever

Coalition for the protection of Indian Children and Families

Citizens Equal Rights Alliance (Munday forgot to include them)

We should all contact them to let them know we will continue to fight for ICWA and fathers' rights.

Jessica Munday's email is info@trio-solutions.com

To think so many children are given up for adoption, never to know who their family was, and you have people such as this who buy native kids as trophies, who themselves have families willing to take them is by far disgusting...
People like the bixlers, capobiancos, mundy and their supporters have to be exposed for what they really are...traders in human children, stealing kids because you have more money is just that...stealing...
Kids like Veronica and Deseray have families willing to care for them, why are they sold and bought on the market to those who use them as trophies?

Now if they can only remove baby Veronica from the capobiancos, and return her to her "family" justice will be served.


Nikyon the clan mother said...

good news.she belongs with her family not those who buy kids on the open market.

Karen said...

Its about time.

Runingwolf said...