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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

All men guilty if women (feminists) say so, the hell with justice...pro feminist canadian media ctv.

Videos are from the local women themselves, trying to make their case online, after an extensive investigation by Ottawa police resulted in the decision that no crime was committed....
We can see clearly the reaction of the local spinsters who are totally confused and upset that when some women say they were raped, then it is law and those accused should be whip lashed and thrown in jail, no matter what...as long as the accused is male of course...if a local woman say they were raped then it must be true, damn be police investigation to the contrary. Throw them in jail, since they are males they are automatically guilty....
In this day and age, the idea that "female cops" would treat women who claimed to be raped in a bad way is as ridiculous as believing feminism believes in justice for all...
I "Guarantee" female cops in the Ottawa police do not go around accusing someone of making a false report, unless they have researched, thoroughly investigated and come to the conclusion that this is exactly what it looks like...a false accusation after two little girls had woken up with some kind of guilty conscience, or whatever reason their women's studies told them the week before.
Eastern Ontario is a bad place for false accusations, promoted by the local radical feminist controlled shelter industry, men are considered guilty and should be thrown in jail if some unscrupulous woman says so, it is as simple as that according to local hags and cat lovers and if police do not adopt this policy, then they are as guilty as those who are falsely accused...Taking into consideration that democracy is supposed to be about the equal rights of the individual, we can now safely say this type of system has taken a side road somewhere and forgot why they are here for and if they can't realize this, then another system must take root and replace this screwed up system. Freedom of the individual to defend themselves and to be considered innocent until proven guilty and to be treated as such if judged that way by the legal system must be respected by the media. To actually report false accusations as real, even when an extensive investigation by police has proven this to be false is propaganda for an ideal or personal gratification and any reporter or media outlet taking that direction should be taken over by an independent panel and re-arranged to report, express and support the rights of the people, something they seem to have forgotten recently. Freedom of the press comes with responsibilities, if they can't live up to that then their services are no longer required...To pander to arrogant feminists with a chip on their shoulder because of their inferiority complex is playing to the weak minded of our society and forgetting the rights of a nation's population. Promoting a corrupt group like feminism is destroying the little freedom we have left, and guiding this nation towards an abyss that we may not be able to come out of without drastic measure.
This is not a male issue, women have sons also, this is about all of us...versus those cat lovers.
Don't wait until it happens to someone in your family, women also have to speak up about this massive corruption in our society...
Welcome to Ontario....Where freedom is now dictated by the few...and where the media promotes injustice....

And this "problem" is not just here....
Guilty until proven innocent, men apparently don't deserve civil liberties.
Michael Le Vell: Innocent, but named and shamed.
Exactly WHEN will men get pre-conviction anonymity in rape trials?
Father-of-two left 'fighting for his life' in both legal circus and media scrum.
Why, in our best-ever age of equality and human rights, are men STILL denied the right to anonymity before a guilty verdict?
Men's rights campaigner and writer Peter Lloyd says it is time the 'unjust' legal system was overhauled.
Haters (or hags, cat and little dog lovers, better known as feminists) across the world will decide that he is guilty by default. That he is a rapist simply because he is male.

And who is opposed to anonymity before a verdict is reached?
Feminists. Like we didn't see that coming.

When they are done with this issue, who the hell do you think they will come after...
Look in the mirror.

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