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Friday, October 25, 2013

Alienating a child from his father is child abuse

1) Mommy told me Daddy doesn't love me anymore
2) I can't see Daddy because Daddy lives far away
3) I can't see Daddy because Mommy hates Daddy
4) I hate Daddy because Mommy told me Daddy abused Mommy
5) Daddy hates me and never calls or comes to see me (child does not understand what a Restraining Order is)
6) Daddy doesn't love me - he never comes to any of my school activities (child does not understand that Daddy can't drive 100 miles without a valid driver's license, and Daddy does not have money for gas even if he could drive)
7) I'm so sad because I never had a Daddy (child doesn't understand that Mommy never told Daddy he had a child)
So on, so on.....

To Mothers who Falsely Accuse and Alienate their children from their Father --
Many of us have been through this, separation, divorce, and then anger that it did not last forever like it was supposed to, till death do us part.
But passing on your pain to your kids is child abuse...
Too many mothers these days, with the help of feminists, pass on their pain to their kids, I understand not all women are like this, but also understand not all men are bad....
Alienating children from their fathers, for revenge, will continue the pain to the next generation...
A child must have both parents in their lives, it gives them faith in the future, it is also a know "fact" that having dad in the picture benefits them, emotionally, they do better in schools, are less likely to revert to drugs and alcohol..etc.
And after all, we are here to make life better for the coming generation, not worse.
The way things are going now, more and more kids are failing to see the bright side of life, if we do not realize this it is hiding ones head in the sand.
Pandering to cat lovers,(feminists), is causing our society to become unsustainable, state dependency, lack of hard work for what they want, teen pregnancy, crimes, drugs, alcoholism, generational welfare.
We never claimed to be the whole package in a child's life, but we are as important as the other side, it takes two to make a child, unlike what feminists try to makes us believe.
Take the time to reminisce, remember how you felt when daddy took you in his arms and made the world a better place with words and comfort...why deny it to your children...

Take the time to realise who you are listening too...
who your hurting...

 and what we are willing to sacrifice to make sure our families are safe...
For the heart of a man is judged by his character....not by what others who hate themselves tell you.


Anonymous said...

"Alienating a child from his father is child abuse"

The Dryden CAFS alienates father's as part of their mission to keep their funding coming in.Fathers and their children are of no importance when it comes to money to fund their never-ending anti-father campaign.False allegation's are never investigated and are always taken as truth as long as the accusation's are against the father.

Screw the Child Abuse Society.


The Native Canadian said...

it never is, fathers to them are the enemy, and they treat us that way...but the stupidity is, their little world will not last forever, we have noticed them and one way or another, we will bring them down.