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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Your tax dollars at work..feminist lesbian haunted house.

If this wasn't so ridiculous it would be funny...
This is supposed to be a response to christian hell houses, according to kill joy's castle a lesbian web site, the problem is, none of these evangelical Halloween horror houses exist in Canada or in America. As a matter of fact, Christians have a tendency to stay away from Halloween.
But that is not their main point, we can safely see the real message, including the non existent patriarchy referral, the male bashing so on...that's what it's really about...
This is paid by taxpayers of Ontario and Canada...
Put pants down, look at your vagina, you will be touched, smash balls, severed penis room, is all part of this haunted house...paid for by...you...lol
Again...Publicly funded, 100% by...you.
$20,000 by Canadian council for the arts...(they call this art?)
$500 from the Ontario arts council...
also from the Toronto arts council...
and York university art gallery...
Male bashing at its worse? That's all it is and this is art?

We have people sharing food to make ends met in lanark county, families going to food banks, elderly who can't afford medication and they fund this crap????

The fall of radical feminism...

Those who still take feminist ideology as a representation of what women wants better take a second look if they like their posh political positions.
As we can see...these are "NOT" mra's or mrm, they are today's generation.
Does this look like members of a group who "war on women?"
There is no war on women, most of us been fathers, sons and husbands certanly would "never" put up with it...
Only cat lovers aka feminists use this non existent claim to benefit themselves politically and financially...

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

All men guilty if women (feminists) say so, the hell with justice...pro feminist canadian media ctv.

Videos are from the local women themselves, trying to make their case online, after an extensive investigation by Ottawa police resulted in the decision that no crime was committed....
We can see clearly the reaction of the local spinsters who are totally confused and upset that when some women say they were raped, then it is law and those accused should be whip lashed and thrown in jail, no matter what...as long as the accused is male of course...if a local woman say they were raped then it must be true, damn be police investigation to the contrary. Throw them in jail, since they are males they are automatically guilty....
In this day and age, the idea that "female cops" would treat women who claimed to be raped in a bad way is as ridiculous as believing feminism believes in justice for all...
I "Guarantee" female cops in the Ottawa police do not go around accusing someone of making a false report, unless they have researched, thoroughly investigated and come to the conclusion that this is exactly what it looks like...a false accusation after two little girls had woken up with some kind of guilty conscience, or whatever reason their women's studies told them the week before.
Eastern Ontario is a bad place for false accusations, promoted by the local radical feminist controlled shelter industry, men are considered guilty and should be thrown in jail if some unscrupulous woman says so, it is as simple as that according to local hags and cat lovers and if police do not adopt this policy, then they are as guilty as those who are falsely accused...Taking into consideration that democracy is supposed to be about the equal rights of the individual, we can now safely say this type of system has taken a side road somewhere and forgot why they are here for and if they can't realize this, then another system must take root and replace this screwed up system. Freedom of the individual to defend themselves and to be considered innocent until proven guilty and to be treated as such if judged that way by the legal system must be respected by the media. To actually report false accusations as real, even when an extensive investigation by police has proven this to be false is propaganda for an ideal or personal gratification and any reporter or media outlet taking that direction should be taken over by an independent panel and re-arranged to report, express and support the rights of the people, something they seem to have forgotten recently. Freedom of the press comes with responsibilities, if they can't live up to that then their services are no longer required...To pander to arrogant feminists with a chip on their shoulder because of their inferiority complex is playing to the weak minded of our society and forgetting the rights of a nation's population. Promoting a corrupt group like feminism is destroying the little freedom we have left, and guiding this nation towards an abyss that we may not be able to come out of without drastic measure.
This is not a male issue, women have sons also, this is about all of us...versus those cat lovers.
Don't wait until it happens to someone in your family, women also have to speak up about this massive corruption in our society...
Welcome to Ontario....Where freedom is now dictated by the few...and where the media promotes injustice....

And this "problem" is not just here....
Guilty until proven innocent, men apparently don't deserve civil liberties.
Michael Le Vell: Innocent, but named and shamed.
Exactly WHEN will men get pre-conviction anonymity in rape trials?
Father-of-two left 'fighting for his life' in both legal circus and media scrum.
Why, in our best-ever age of equality and human rights, are men STILL denied the right to anonymity before a guilty verdict?
Men's rights campaigner and writer Peter Lloyd says it is time the 'unjust' legal system was overhauled.
Haters (or hags, cat and little dog lovers, better known as feminists) across the world will decide that he is guilty by default. That he is a rapist simply because he is male.

And who is opposed to anonymity before a verdict is reached?
Feminists. Like we didn't see that coming.

When they are done with this issue, who the hell do you think they will come after...
Look in the mirror.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Feminist controlled child protection, cas of ontario, destroying families for money.

When it comes to child protction(ya right) they all have the same policies, doesn't matter what country your from, beware of them all...
It's all about money, funding, the more children go through their doors the more funding they get or keep...
Though I have no doubt some inside cps, cas, want to protect children at risk, because of the corrupt policies that are apparent inside these organisations, and lack of accountability, they now do more damages than good...
You would not let a vampire through your doors, don't invite a worker from cps,cas and other organisations that claim to benefit your children...
The only person that can benefit children is not strangers who have a degree in women's studies and have been inducted into the feminist agenda, but families, parents, mom and dad, grandparents, aunts and uncles...
It is difficult to raise a child. especially when they are teens, but if you go to strangers for help instead of families, things will get worse.
This video, with the words of those involve in these corrupt organisation themselves, perfectly exposes what they are there for, if they do not spend the money given to them by governments they loose funding, therefore must always be aggressive in getting as many kids as possible, in order to keep their funding intact.
And that is corruption at it worse...trading in human flesh, except these humans are our kids.

Ps. Don't be fooled by the location of the video, many families in Ontario with experiences with the children's aid society will tell you the same policies exists here...

And if this story does not upset you, here is one involving child abuse that will...
Child porn swoop nets 90 police multiple others involve with children, like...
Child welfare professionals, including police officers, care workers and teachers,
have been identified as 'extremely high-risk' paedophiles by an investigation into Internet porn.
Paedophiles target jobs which brings them into contact with children.
The discovery that many were working in jobs of the highest sensitivity will send shock waves
through the child protection world
and lead to calls for even more stringent safeguards.
The sites were run by porn barons in Russia and Indonesia and involved abuse committed on captive children.

Still think your kids are safe?
Admittedly, not all who work in these fields are the same, but why is it, these same people involved in what they say is the protection of children always put fathers in the same basket as bad ones?
If they don't like to be identified as all rotten because of a few, then they should not do it to others.

Baby Deseray Removed From Bixler's Custody in South Carolina

Indian Country has learned that "Baby Deseray, aka "Merry Rejoice Bixler, was removed last week from the home of Bobby Bixler, 64, and Diane Bixler, 60, of Irmo, South Carolina. Sources in that state have reported that the five-month-old Oklahoma infant was taken into state custody and is in temporary foster care pending an emergency hearing today in Greenville County.
Read more at http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2013/10/28/baby-deseray-removed-bixlers-custody-south-carolina-151963

Their own kids called these bixlers abusers, the adoption was corrupt, the child was sold by a for profit adoption agency, bought by these bixlers...
Do they think this is going to make up for all the others they stole and sold, to lowly people like copabiancos?
How about investigating...
Jessica Munday owner of Trio Solutions in Mt Pleasant, SC, the PR firm that launched an anti-ICWA campaign on behalf of Melanie Duncan and Matthew Capobianco. Munday recently sent an email to all Capobianco supporters who signed a petition to abolish ICWA.
Here's what she said,
"While Congress has yet to amend the ICWA, our collective effort surrounding Veronica's case will indeed help ensure this situation will not happen to another child. As a matter of fact, it already has. We have been informed her case has already been used in several cases to block similar travesties from occurring.... If anyone would like to continue advocating for children being hurt by the ICWA, please connect with the following groups."

The ones that openly support buying native kids and want to abolich ICWA

Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare

Home Forever

Coalition for the protection of Indian Children and Families

Citizens Equal Rights Alliance (Munday forgot to include them)

We should all contact them to let them know we will continue to fight for ICWA and fathers' rights.

Jessica Munday's email is info@trio-solutions.com

To think so many children are given up for adoption, never to know who their family was, and you have people such as this who buy native kids as trophies, who themselves have families willing to take them is by far disgusting...
People like the bixlers, capobiancos, mundy and their supporters have to be exposed for what they really are...traders in human children, stealing kids because you have more money is just that...stealing...
Kids like Veronica and Deseray have families willing to care for them, why are they sold and bought on the market to those who use them as trophies?

Now if they can only remove baby Veronica from the capobiancos, and return her to her "family" justice will be served.

Monday, October 28, 2013

The fall of western society; corrupt justice system.

One of the main things that keeps our civilisation secure is the family, that is undeniable, but the other is fairness in the justice system. As we have seen lately with multiple false convictions overturned by dna analysis, one goes to wonder how those conviction did go about. False witnesses is always a problem, in jail snitches offered reduced sentences, but this one is scary...
Texas Judge resigns after being caught texting instructions to prosecutors to help win convictions

If the justice system falls under the guise of corruption, which in some cases it has, a nation is not far behind.

This answers all question about who belongs in the kitchen

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Before claiming to be a feminist or a supporter research what they really stand for in the end.

 "The nuclear family must be destroyed... Whatever its ultimate meaning, the break-up of families now is an objectively revolutionary process." -- Linda Gordon

"We can't destroy the inequities between men and women until we destroy marriage." -- Robin Morgan

"Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the women's movement must concentrate on attacking this institution. Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage." -- Sheila Cronin, the leader of the feminist organization NOW

"Marriage as an institution developed from rape as a practice." -- Andrea Dworkin

"Heterosexual intercourse is the pure, formalized expression of contempt for women's bodies." -- Andrea Dworkin

"Feminism is the theory, lesbianism is the practice." -- Ti-Grace Atkinson

"All sex, even consensual sex between a married couple, is an act of violence perpetrated against a woman." -- Catherine MacKinnon

The simple fact is that every woman must be willing to be identified as a lesbian to be fully feminist" (National NOW Times, January, 1988).

"Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the women's movement must concentrate on attacking this institution. Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage" (feminist leader Sheila Cronan).

Even the communists understood the mistake in destroying marriages and traditional families.
And we always claimed we were better, yet some put up with and listen to those who have a chip on their shoulder, an inferior complex towards men and have only cats to go home to???

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Unbeleivable..According to feminists, now it's "birth rape"...

This is getting out of hand, I don't know what to say about this other than stupidity is now running rampant in the feminist ranks...

Friday, October 25, 2013

The trade in native babies go on and on....families and fathers pushed aside...

The copabianco, bixler, jessica munday, the lawyers, courts, christian organisations are buying and selling native kids like baby Veronica and Deseray. The trade in human life and alienation of children from their parents was outlawed after the civil war, yet it was not for native kids?
Why is it so easy to buy our kids? There is always a simple answer to this question...corruption...
And what's disturbing is the co-operation they got from the media such as cnn anderson cooper, dr phil, and so many others, the children's feeling where in no way considered, only how many kids they can take...
Why not right, I mean you have stars who go to africa, russia(which thy put an end to it thank God), china, and buy kids to make themselves look good in the eyes of the media, strange when so many kids here need home, why not the lowly capobianco to look good in the eyes of their twisted friends.

A lot of it also has to do with a woman's revenge against men, or their idea that fathers have no say, they are paid for their kids and do everything with the help of so called christian organisations, lawyers and potential buyers to alienate the fathers.
In baby deseray's case the buyers are in their 60's and should not be allowed to purchase her, since also their own children have made accusations of them been "abusive".

Lies and bullshit was pushed to the media especially by jessica mundy, the pr person for the lowly capobianco, and it was all accepted by the courts?...
Jessica Munday is owner of Trio Solutions in Mt Pleasant, SC, the PR firm that launched an anti-ICWA campaign on behalf of adoptive Baby Veronica parents Melanie Duncan and Matthew Capobianco. Munday recently sent an email to all Capobianco supporters who signed a petition to abolish ICWA. Here's what she said,

"While Congress has yet to amend the ICWA, our collective effort surrounding Veronica's case will indeed help ensure this situation will not happen to another child. As a matter of fact, it already has. We have been informed her case has already been used in several cases to block similar travesties from occurring.... If anyone would like to continue advocating for children being hurt by the ICWA, please connect with the following groups."
Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare

Home Forever

Coalition for the protection of Indian Children and Families

Citizens Equal Rights Alliance (Munday forgot to include them)

We should all contact them to let them know we will continue to fight for ICWA and fathers' rights.

Jessica Munday's email is info@trio-solutions.com
As you can see, so called christian groups are involve in stealing kids; in Canada here we had the residential schools, which I personally experienced, run by....christians, they have been in the forefront of the policy of eradication since the beginning and to look at their behaviour now, I do not see them stopping said policy anytime soon...so much for christians...I guess they still want to save us from our savagery by stealing our kids and turning them europeans. Let's not forget, the hitler youth was created for educating the youth to follow a specific ideal, what is the difference here?

Here is an exerp from this story that shows there is a concerted effort to lie and demonize fathers in order to trade in human flesh..namely native babies...who are used as trophies by unscrupulous people like the lowly capobianco, bixlers and dealers like jesica mundy.
In the recent Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl, commonly referred to as the Baby Veronica case, it was South Carolina's statute requiring prenatal financial support that was used as a cudgel to terminate Dusten Brown's parental rights. Arguing for the plaintiffs, Matt and Melanie Capobianco, adoption attorney Raymond Godwin cited a South Carolina statute that Brown's rights should be terminated because he had not met the strict payment requirements set forth in South Carolina Code (§ 63-9-310).
From the outset, attorneys and spokespeople for the Capobiancos maintained that Dusten Brown did nothing to support Veronica's biological mother, Christy Maldonado, a charge he and his family have always fiercely denied.
Some Disturbing Facts About Baby Veronica's Birth Mother
There are documented cases in South Carolina in which the birth mother was, in fact, instructed to reject help from the birth father in order to ensure compliance with that statute. In Reeves vs. Jane Roe and John Roe (2009), the plaintiff, Craig Reeves, and the unnamed birth mother both testified in court that she had been instructed by Godwin neither to have any contact, nor to accept any money from Reeves.
Quoting Reeve’s testimony from the trial transcript: “She really wouldn’t take anything from me. She advised me that Mr. Godwin at the adoption agency told her that she should not take anything from me or should even be speaking to me.”
During testimony in family court, the birth mother corroborated Reeves' testimony.
Q. Isn’t it true that – or is it true that there were time that you were offered money by [the Petitioner] after Ray Godwin [adoption agency attorney] talked to you about not taking money that you turned down money from [Craig Reeves]?
A. Yes, I did turn down money from [Reeves]. I’m not sure when it was. It was one time that he offered me .
Q. Okay.
A. And I didn’t accept if from him because [Nightlight and Godwin] told me not to.

“The only thing the Baby Veronica case did was give these adoption attorneys and their minions the greenlight to push as many adoptions of Indian kids as they can get their hands on,” said Don Mason, attorney for Jeremy Simmons, Deseray's birth father. “They are just consumed with greed and making money off these adoptions, and they don't care how they do it.”
In the meantime, another child sits in limbo in South Carolina awaiting her fate on Monday. Her adoptive parents, Bobby Bixler, 64, and Diane Bixler 60.
RELATED: Adult Son of Couple Adopting Deseray Says They Were Abusive Parents

Talking from personal experience I do believe there is two issues that surrounds these stories, first is the alienation of fathers from their kids by established feminism, courts and adoption agencies been controlled by them and their manginas...
The second in the native one...
When I went for my daughter after the mother gave her up for adoption without telling me, a staff member of the c.a.s, (children's aid society of Ottawa Ontario) said...
and I quote "fuc...ing Indians, the only thing they do is get drunk collect welfare and cause trouble"...
Years later, when I was going through some problems caused by the interval house of Carleton place and it's director, (erin lee todd) asking her not to put my daughter on welfare, she was only having a teen moment and she was "coached" to say I abused her..someone connected to said shelter said after I refused to sign for my underage daughter to be put on welfare......
and I quote...
"your a fuc..ing drunken white hating Indian"....I don't drink by the way...but that doesn't matter to those who have tagged us that way...
So as you can see, my experiences have pushed me to believe the problem is a combination of both, your a father your not important, your native your shit...
Nothing has been done to change my opinion as we can see with the behaviour of people such as christains, jessica mundy, the lowly copabiancos and bixlers, lawyers courts, etc.
For anyone who wonders. do I think all whites are like this, not for one minute, I was helped by many of them also, but the racism is there, hidden...
Do I think all feminists are anti male and especially anti fathers...
Fuck ya...(pardon my french)

Alienating a child from his father is child abuse

1) Mommy told me Daddy doesn't love me anymore
2) I can't see Daddy because Daddy lives far away
3) I can't see Daddy because Mommy hates Daddy
4) I hate Daddy because Mommy told me Daddy abused Mommy
5) Daddy hates me and never calls or comes to see me (child does not understand what a Restraining Order is)
6) Daddy doesn't love me - he never comes to any of my school activities (child does not understand that Daddy can't drive 100 miles without a valid driver's license, and Daddy does not have money for gas even if he could drive)
7) I'm so sad because I never had a Daddy (child doesn't understand that Mommy never told Daddy he had a child)
So on, so on.....

To Mothers who Falsely Accuse and Alienate their children from their Father --
Many of us have been through this, separation, divorce, and then anger that it did not last forever like it was supposed to, till death do us part.
But passing on your pain to your kids is child abuse...
Too many mothers these days, with the help of feminists, pass on their pain to their kids, I understand not all women are like this, but also understand not all men are bad....
Alienating children from their fathers, for revenge, will continue the pain to the next generation...
A child must have both parents in their lives, it gives them faith in the future, it is also a know "fact" that having dad in the picture benefits them, emotionally, they do better in schools, are less likely to revert to drugs and alcohol..etc.
And after all, we are here to make life better for the coming generation, not worse.
The way things are going now, more and more kids are failing to see the bright side of life, if we do not realize this it is hiding ones head in the sand.
Pandering to cat lovers,(feminists), is causing our society to become unsustainable, state dependency, lack of hard work for what they want, teen pregnancy, crimes, drugs, alcoholism, generational welfare.
We never claimed to be the whole package in a child's life, but we are as important as the other side, it takes two to make a child, unlike what feminists try to makes us believe.
Take the time to reminisce, remember how you felt when daddy took you in his arms and made the world a better place with words and comfort...why deny it to your children...

Take the time to realise who you are listening too...
who your hurting...

 and what we are willing to sacrifice to make sure our families are safe...
For the heart of a man is judged by his character....not by what others who hate themselves tell you.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

So your a feminist advanced in age and asking yourself why your single with a house full of cats?

I'm single at 50. Why? Men hate me being brainier than them, says KATE MULVEY
Really kate...lol.

Want to read about someone who thinks so highly of herself and down on others, to a point where she actually believes she is smarter than those around her? And she asks why she is single?
Well it's certainly not because she is smarter, you see we men do not really like to surround ourselves with dumb ones, we like women who are smart and secure, without an inferiority complex, because they can usually handle themselves when we are not around...
To us, like this one in the link, is not seen as smart because she refuses to understand that people have gifts of their own, that she will never have, we can do things she cannot, and we do not claim to be smarter, but equal humans with different smarts in all kinds of subjects.
No one is smarter than those around them, if we claim this, then we look down on other people and refuse to accept their importance in the circle of life...
Hence this is why feminists such as her are single and no man wants them, because when someone makes that claim, it is perceived as arrogance and extremely undesirable...also it is not seen as an honest statement.
Take someone who has never been to a university to study women's studies, they can do things these feminists could never do, yet you do not see these women claiming to be smarter, just more humble...
and guess what, they get along just fine with us men...
So, your a single feminist with no one to go home to but cats...don't blame us....look in the mirror and stop bitching....

Uses for Cattails

Survival Uses for Cattails
Survival Food
The stems a few inches above the soil line in early summer are young and tender and can be peeled and eaten raw or boiled. The roots are great as well, simply pull the lower stalks until the roots break free, peel and eat raw or boil. The cattail will also develop flower heads that can be eaten by roasting as if you would an ear of corn. By mid to late summer, pollen will collect on the heads and it is easily shaken loose into any container to be used like flour to make breads, pancakes and can be used for thickeners in gravies and sauces. The roots in late fall and early winter can be mashed and soaked in water to release the starch. The starch will settle on the bottom and will resemble wet flour. Drain the water off and make bread, by adding a little pollen or add to clean water to make soup. Cattails are an ideal survival food because they are easily recognizable and grow practically anywhere there is water.

Shelter Material
The green leaves can be cut and woven together into shingle like squares for covering a shelter roof. The material will provide protection from the rain, snow and wind even after it has dried. Weave a sleeping mat by making two long mats. Connect the mats on one side so it can be folded like a sleeping bag. Before folding over fill one side with pine boughs or other material suitable for sleeping on and then fold the empty half over and tie off so the “stuffing” is secured inside. You can fold the mat up and carry it with you if you have to break camp for another location.

Medicinal Uses
Cattails are truly a survival plant in the truest sense of the word. They not only provide, food, material for shelters and cordage cattails have medicinal uses as well. To treat burns, scrapes, insect bites and bruises split open a cattail root and “bruise” the exposed portion so it can be used as a poultice that can be secured over the injured area.
The ash of burnt cattails is said to have antiseptic properties and many people have used the ashes to treat wounds and abrasions. If you look closely at the lower stems you will notice an amber or honey like substance that seeps from the stem, use this secretion to treat small wounds and even toothaches, because it also has antiseptic properties.

Fire Starting and Insulation
The head of the cattail after it has turned dark brown will have “fluff” inside, which is excellent tinder. Even after a rain the tinder may still be dry inside the head and if not remove and place in a pocket to dry out by allowing the clothing to absorb the moisture as long as the weather is warm. The fluff can also be used as insulation for hats and shoes and if you have enough of it, you could make pillows and even stuff a poncho or tarp to make a mattress.
The head can also be covered in pine resin to make a torch. Cut off enough of the stalk for a long handle with the head attached. Roll the head in pine resin and light when needed.

Nine Notable Women in American Indian Law

Again someone point out the "war on women" to me, because I just can't find it....What I do find is people who work hard achieve the most, men and women. and those who bitch all their lives achieve nothing.
These women below are working beside men and seem to be doing just fine...
In Native society, women have always walked the path of life equal to men, as a matter of fact, the respect of human beings prevents us from making a difference based on sex.
As I said before, dfifferent side of the same coin.

Justice systems are never easy to come by, as the U.S. vertical hierarchy of courts, jury options and appeals processes attest. In American Indian law, with its need to integrate the principles of 567 nations (counting the U.S.), tribal law, state law, federal law, the inherent and reserved rights of Indigenous Peoples and treaty rights, creating justice is a job that requires the best minds of the times. Those with an ability to understand complex relations and theory, the strength to stand by their principles and the maturity to respect other people’s points of view. The nine women profiled here have taken up the task and are making major contributions to the field of American Indian law.
Angelique Townsend EagleWoman (University of Idaho Photo Services)
Angelique Townsend EagleWoman (University of Idaho Photo Services)
Angelique Townsend EagleWoman
EagleWoman, Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate of the Lake Traverse Reservation, is associate professor of law and James E. Rogers Fellow in American Indian Law at the University of Idaho College of Law. She says she hopes her just-released book, Mastering American Indian Law, (with co-author Stacy Leeds) will bring American Indian law to a wider audience, a goal in keeping with her mission to “educate future lawyers on the relationship between tribal entities and the U.S., which is not taught correctly.”
One highlight of her career, she explains, was going to D.C. with her tribe to see the background documents in DeCoteau v. District Court, argued before the Supreme Court in 1975. The tribe lost the pre-ICWA case when the Supreme Court ruled that the tribe’s reservation had been disestablished by allotment and the county could therefore take children from a mother who had left them with a relative on the grounds of abandonment.
EagleWoman says diversity has been decreasing in law schools, making this the perfect time for American Indians to apply. “Native law professors across the country are ready to teach and mentor. They are waiting for you to reach out to us.”

Carole E. Goldberg
Goldberg says one of her most important contributions to American Indian law is her work on Felix S. Cohen’s Handbook of Federal Indian Law. She is the only person to have served on the board for the 1982, 2005 and 2012 editions of that treatise. “The handbook has been the most widely used reference source for judges, for practitioners and for scholars looking to understand federal Indian law. It is known since its first edition in the 1940s for offering an interpretation of federal Indian law that places inherent tribal powers at the center of understanding the field.”
Goldberg is Jonathan D. Varat Distinguished Professor of Law at the UCLA School of Law. In 2007, she was appointed to serve as a Justice of the Hualapai Court of Appeals and in 2010 President Obama appointed her to the Indian Law and Order Commission. She co-authored Defying the Odds: The Tule River Tribe’s Struggle for Sovereignty in Three Centuries and co-edited with Kevin Washburn and Philip Frickey Indian Law Stories. She is working on a book that will showcase the results of her research on the administration of criminal justice in Indian country.
Lawrence Baca and Carole Goldberg at the Federal Bar Association's awards ceremony in April. Goldberg is the first woman to receive the association's Lawrence M. Baca Lifetime Achievement Award. (Michael McBride III)
Lawrence Baca and Carole Goldberg at the Federal Bar Association's awards ceremony in April. Goldberg is the first woman to receive the association's Lawrence M. Baca Lifetime Achievement Award. (Michael McBride III)
Cynthia Gomez
Cynthia Gomez (California EPA)
Cynthia Gomez (California EPA)
Gomez, Tule River, has served as chief justice for the Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians Tribal Court and assistant secretary of environmental justice and tribal governmental policy for the California EPA. She is now tribal advisor to California Gov. Edmund G. Brown and executive secretary of the state’s Native American Heritage Commission. She says that as the governor’s advisor, she is able to support “recognition of our tribes as unique sovereign nations and their ability to govern and enforce their tribal laws.” Her most important contributions have been “helping the tribes I worked with move toward enforcement of tribal policies.”
Gomez says of current legal challenges, “Tribes are and have always been fighting for tribal sovereignty and tribal jurisdiction. In California, we’re dealing with the implications of Public Law-280, which has created some difficult challenges for us, including lack of funding for tribal courts. PL-280 was devastating, to California at least. But what will be important in the future is water rights, balancing state needs and the reserved water rights of some tribes. That is very complex.”

Heather Kendall-Miller
Kendall-Miller, Denaina Athabaskan and a tribal member of the Native Village of Curyung, is a staff attorney for the Native American Rights Fund specializing in tribal rights and subsistence. She serves on the boards for Harvard University’s Honoring Nations Program and The Wilderness Society. Kendall-Miller was lead counsel for both appeals (to the U.S. Circuit Court and to the U.S. Supreme Court) of the landmark cases State of Alaska v. Native Village of Venetie and Katie John v. Norton.
Asked what the most important current challenges to American Indian law are, she said, “Climate change presents a daunting challenge to Native Americans whose customary and traditional way of life is intimately connected to the land. We also face challenges preserving our rights in the courts in part because the current Supreme Court has little regard for tribal sovereignty, Indian canons of construction, or treaty rights.
“The Supreme Court’s recent cases like Baby Veronica and the Voting Rights Act case show little understanding of Indian issues and caution against having cases litigated there if at all possible.”
Heather Kendall-Miller (Native American Rights Fund)
Heather Kendall-Miller (Native American Rights Fund)
Stacy Leeds
Leeds, Cherokee, is the first American Indian woman to serve as dean of a law school (University of Arkansas). She has served on seven tribal courts, including as chief justice on the Cherokee Nation Supreme Court, as a director of the Tribal Law and Government Center at Kansas Law School, a director of the Northern Plains Indian Law Center at the University of North Dakota School of Law and a commissioner of the Secretarial Commission on Indian Trust Administration and Reform. Leeds co-authored Mastering American Indian Law, published at the end of August.
On major legal issue facing Indian Country, Leeds says, “that we’re fighting the battle of external legitimacy when it comes to both the federal government, the state and international forums recognizing the powers of our governments.” She views her work on the trust reform commission as having “the potential to be the most impactful [she has done] because of the recommendations we [will] set forward to overhaul and reform the way our property system and the trust responsibility of the federal government play out.”
Stacy Leeds (University of Arkansas)
Stacy Leeds (University of Arkansas)
Arlinda Locklear
Arlinda Locklear (Arizona State University)
Arlinda Locklear (Arizona State University)
Locklear, Lumbee, was the first Native American woman to argue before the U.S. Supreme Court. In Solem v. Bartlett, 1984, “the court clarified the law with regard to the standard for disestablishment of Indian reservations in such a way that hopefully will be protective for reservations.” Oneida Indian Nation v. County of Oneida, the second Supreme Court case she argued, was also important. “The frustration of that was it didn’t result in an actual benefit to the Oneidas at all, [although] it was a legal principle victory.”
An expert in the area of federal recognition, Locklear says the Supreme Court’s Carcieri ruling “has delayed by years any ability of the Interior Department to actually place land into trust. Tribes must demonstrate the department has authority to place land into trust for them,” essentially requiring them to repeat the arguments they made to get federal recognition. “That’s been one of the worst things that happened in a long time.” She is hopeful that the BIA’s proposed new rules for recognition will lead to meaningful reform. “The process that we’ve been using since 1978 is an abomination, insulting to tribes and causing the government not to recognize legitimate Indian tribes,” she says.

                            Angela Riley
Riley, Citizen Potawatomi Nation of Oklahoma, is director of the UCLA American Indian Studies Center and co-director of the Native Nations Law and Policy Center. Riley says of her work, “Being on my tribe’s Supreme Court, working as an evidentiary hearing officer for Morongo, and serving as a member of the United Nations Indigenous Peoples’ Policy Board have been incredibly rewarding and deeply valuable experiences. They provide an opportunity to put my education and training to use to advance Native governance and facilitate Indigenous Peoples’ rights around the globe.”
Riley wishes she could be more optimistic about Indian rights in the U.S. “America is struggling… with how to reconcile the role of Indian nations within a liberal democracy. Indian nations’ status within the United States is a political one. Tribes’ sovereignty predates the formation of the U.S. Constitution. I have found that many people don’t understand the historical or legal complexities of the field. Without that understanding, there is a tendency to diminish Indian sovereignty.”
Angela Riley (UCLA School of Law)
Angela Riley (UCLA School of Law)
Fawn Sharp
Sharp is Quinault Nation president; “The warrior lawyers of our generation are working to reverse the 400-year trend of steady encroachment and diminishment of our powers and authority,” she says.
Among today’s most important challenges for American Indian law, she says, are employment issues. And, “domestically on the tribal front we see many of our tribes looking at amending their constitutions to include civil and human rights. I think that’s critically important. I also see international laws, the publication of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, as important…. We’re witnessing a new era where we’re starting to have direct relationships with our tribal nations and other nations as we figure out how we can advance what we know culturally, morally, politically to that universal stage where it’s accepted as a universal principle that transcends national borders.”
Sharp was formerly managing attorney and lead counsel and staff attorney for the Quinault Indian Nation, an administrative law judge for the Washington state Department of Revenue, a Quinault Tribal Court Associate Judge and counsel for Phillips, Krause & Brown.
Fawn Sharp (Quinault.org)
Fawn Sharp (Quinault.org)
Christine Williams
Williams, Yurok, is chief judge of the Northern California Intertribal Court System and of the Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians as well as vice president of the California Indian Law Association. The Intertribal Court was founded by four tribes to “try to leverage each tribes resources… for the benefit of all four tribes while maintaining each tribe’s sovereignty and their sovereign right to develop their own justice system,” she says.
Williams identifies jurisdiction as a major concern in American Indian law. “Jurisdiction is a huge issue that we face every day, especially being in a PL-280 state. We share a lot of jurisdiction with our county partners and that takes a lot of relationship building.
“There was a time … that I wanted to retrocede. [But] that is much murkier for me now.” After working successfully with the California state legal system and seeing the report on domestic violence in Indian Country, she says, “Those tribes in non-PL-280 states weren’t really in a position to better address that than we were in PL-280 states …. I’m not sure that tribes in non-PL-280 states are any better off.”
Christine Williams (Christina Gray/Bella Luna Studios)
Christine Williams (Christina Gray/Bella Luna Studios)

Why is everyone so gun happy lately? The fall of western society. Traditional families under attack.

A Georgia police officer shot and killed a tiny Jack Russell Terrier that he claims threatened him during a routine probationary checkup on Monday.
The officer, Antoine Jones, is over six feet tall and weighs nearly 300 pounds. Patches, the dog he killed, weighs just 12 pounds, according to a local news channel.
Jones visited the Albany residence of Cherrie Shelton earlier this week to check on her son, who is serving probation. Upon Jones’s arrival, two-year-old Patches approached the officer and began barking. Shelton claims she told Jones that Patches was no threat, but the officer drew his weapon and shot the dog anyway.

“A little dog like that, you could stomp your feet or kick her out of the way or something, but he just shot her,” said Shelton in a statement.
Read more.

Is it me or has some individuals with malicious intend infiltrated the police force?
I know this is just a dog, but to most of us, a dog is family, why does it look like drawing a gun seems to be the answer to everything lately?
What does that make others in the force look like, what about the guy who joins the force to serve and protect, but is judged by the actions of those who should never be cops?
How can we trust anyone who is associated with those who seem to have adopted the policy of, "its our way, do what we say or we shoot you".
Toronto Cops Killed 18 Year Old Bus Passenger For Not Dropping His Swiss Army Knife
Didn't they have those tazers they are so trigger happy with?
A frigging swiss army knife???

Violence is not concentrated only with them, though they seem to have joined the growing number of people who have decided to express themselves this way...

12 year old shoots students and teachers...again...12 year old...what the hell is going on?
Aren't we supposed to evolve as time goes by, not devolve into a violent prone species?
And no this is not just men, as the lame stream media seems to point to, some women are becoming just as, if not more violent, child abuse, elder abuse in old folks home, even violence against men...

Now our kids?

Who is responsible for the increase in violence by people?
In my personal opinion, the media is promoting said violence, take cnn for instance, every time this type of violence occurs, you can count on greasy wolf blitzer or anderson cooper, and all the rest to make those who do these horrible things to be glorified on TV.
Their names, who they are, the reasons, shit I mean if they had the chance they would even talk to the family pet if they could talk...
If one is looking for notoriety cnn and other media outlet will oblige, and usually that is exactly what they want...
Would this still occurs if the names, information, description of who they are, the reason they did it was not reported and ignored. I understand the report to tell people to stay away, but the details are not important in the grand scheme of things, if the media would explain that they do not wish to glorify this act by reporting who did it, I do beleive people would agree. But then again, to the media, ratings are more important than kids in schools...
To report all information about the crime, is exactly what these people want, they want to be "famous" and the media just gives it to them, and if there is another nut out there thinking about been famous by killing innocent easy victims, like our kids in schools, well here is how you do it, thanks to low lives like blitzer and cooper...and the communist news network,(cnn).

All this did not happen when the family was front and center in the policies of nations, this became worse when the state and its minions in the social programs started sticking their noses where it didn't belong and what they knew nothing about. The watering down of the parental responsibilities to the state and it's minions, is making life in the western world unsustainable, violence is an every day occurrence, child abuse, pedophiles, crimes, lost generations, drugs is so rampant now that we are becoming desensitized to it, hey, as long as it does not affect us right?
In the meantime, violence is becoming more and more part of everyday life, until it is so "normal" that we will destroy ourselves.

It is now pretty obvious that the more the traditional family is been pushed aside by those with a hate for it, the more things are going down the rat hole. Some of us know exactly who is responsible for it. What they cannot realise because of their limited capacity of intelligence is that we will not put up with this forever. We have been here since the beginning of time, we have re-established ourselves time and time again throughout history, we have seen it before.
And when things go to far....when our kids and our families are in danger, we simply...fix things our way...
There are to many tears been shed by parents, and when those tears turn to anger, rage is not far behind.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

As a parent you have to watch this video, brainwashing your kids.

You don't have to be religious to enjoy what this young man is saying, there was a time when all families thought their kids moral values and we still do today. But too many have forfeited that responsibility to the state and its propaganda entities like social programs, schools and especially the media. As a matter of fact, too many have, that's why we are having such a problem these days, an unsustainable society that is thought by an emotionless body that cannot pass on the touch of a parents care.

Children crave the teaching of those around them as they grow up, the question is, who do we, parents, let in to teach them, do we give up that responsibility to others who have an agenda or do we make sure the right morals and value are passed on to make sure they have a good life once we are gone.

The choices are easy to make, the openness of the state’s agenda is quite obvious, dependency...
Responsible parental teachings are, self awareness, faith, self respect, and more importantly, nothing is for free, if it is...beware.
Don't let others dictate to you who you will be, or what your children will become...
Brainwashing???? Whatever you think is right, as long as you brainwash them into believing in themselves...they will thank you for it...

Monday, October 21, 2013

Children who die of abuse or neglect in Ontario's CAS (children's aid society)

How many children die of abuse or neglect in Ontario with an open file to a CAS?

Ontario Data

In an article by Vivian Song published in the April 2, 2006 Toronto Sun, she says Ontario Deputy Chief Coroner Dr Jim Cairns presides over the deaths of about 70 children a year involved with CAS. The article does not define what is meant by "involved". On January 25, 2007 reporter Haley Mick in the Globe and Mail quoted Mr Cairns saying approximately 80 children die each year with open CAS files. The number includes deaths in foster care plus in-home deaths of children under watch. A document titled Report of the Paediatric Death Review Committee and Deaths Under Five Committee from the Office of the Chief Coroner, Province of Ontario (2007) contains the statements on page 22:

83 children died with an open file or having had an open file to a CAS within the previous 12 months
19/83 children were in the care of CAS (10 were Crown Wards; 2 were on an Extended Care and Maintenance program)

See Ontario data here: http://www.fixcas.com/scholar/fatal.htm#Ontario
Repost from Mens rights help
I don't know what is going on with our society these days, children, families, parents rights, seem to have taken a back step to personal power, inflated salaries, and staffs than make decisions based on their daily moods, putting kids very lives in danger.
Let's not forget how "controls" the social programs in Ontario, it is also well known that young mothers are also the target for staff at ontario's cas. Were as their primary mandate is to keep families together, this is usually far from reality, when they tried to get crown wardship of my daughter years ago, none of her biological family were contacted to see if there was someone willing to give her a home. I considered myself lucky that I kept in touch, otherwise an add in the local paper would of been it and if I did not read that specific page, I never would of known.
North America has been awash with horror stories as of late with baby Veronica and Deseray, amongst others who have been taken from loving parents and given to the highest bidder, which makes me believe that keeping families together is not exactly what they are there for...In my experience, staff make personal decisions based of hints, false reports and personal opinions, by-passing what they are supposed to be there for, to keep children with biological families.
And if you happen to be the father, things are even more difficult...

Feminists who say the stupidest things...

Lol, hehehe, yuck yuck...
Put stupid people in power, you get stupid remarks...

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Petitioning The Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin Chief Justice of Canada

Beverley McLachlin, P.C.,Chief Justice of Canada: Please don't allow the use of legal tactics

This petition will be delivered to:
Chief Justice of Canada
The Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, P.C.,
We ask you to publicly instruct judges to make decisions that are just according to the merits of each case rather than upon the basis of legal tactics and procedures. This especially applied to cases in which the well-being of a child is the issue. We also ask you to urge similar action upon your counterparts in other national juriisdictions.
This petition is important because the use of legal tactics and procedures disrupts our respect for society as well as imposing soul-destroying devastation up victims.
An orderly society in which people show respect and consideration for each other depends upon people believing their society is based on justice and fairness for all. Lawyers use legal tactics so they can win an unjust case in spite of the merits of the case. They use them because they want the judge to make an unjust ruling. Every time a judge makes a decision which breaks his trust with society he or she earns contempt and disrespect for the judicial system. Enough of this or our society will break down.

Baby Veronica & Baby Deseray: Don't Let Them Sell Our Babies!

An excellent read about the trafficking of minority children usually done for twisted self promotion or just a pat on the back..."hey look I have minority children, I am a good person". I call this the madona effect, she went to Africa, bought a child on the adoption market and we found out later, after the local media promoted her as a great humanitarian, that the father never agreed to it...We see others like pit and jolie going out of their way to buy children from Africa and other places while so many here at home need good home. Other than using these kids for self promotion I don't know what else to call it...
We also have people like jessica mundy and her pr firm,Trio Solutions in Mt Pleasant, SC trying their best to call a loving father a deadbeat dad with the co-operation of the media like anderson cooper, cnn, dr phil and all the other low life that promote the buy and sale of kids through corrupt for profit adoption agencies...She also has co-operating organisations that are trying their best to eliminate the ICWA,
in her own words...
"While Congress has yet to amend the ICWA, our collective effort surrounding Veronica's case will indeed help ensure this situation will not happen to another child. As a matter of fact, it already has. We have been informed her case has already been used in several cases to block similar travesties from occurring.... If anyone would like to continue advocating for children being hurt by the ICWA, please connect with the following groups."

Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare

Home Forever

Coalition for the protection of Indian Children and Families

Citizens Equal Rights Alliance (Munday forgot to include them)

"children being hurt by the ICWA"???? she better get her realities in order, "our children" are "been saved" by the ICWA, not hurt...it is her and her "clients", the capobiancos that are hurting children...
What she and other "for profit organisations" have done is not to promote their sick agenda, but to awaken our resolve, and yes, We should contact them to let them know we will continue to fight for ICWA and fathers' rights.

A thorough investigation should be done by all civil rights organisations into this "trade" and expose them for what they really are...a different side of the coin of the slave trade, after all, buying human beings, under any name is what it is...it was legal before 1865 to buy humans on the market, this is no different....


The recent cases of Baby Veronica and Baby Desaray make me fear for young adoptive children, especially minorities. The similarities of these two cases, including the same adoption agency attorney in both, demand a closer look into these children’s civil rights.
As an African-American mother, it disturbs me to read of all the cheering and celebration of Veronica’s return to her adoptive parents. Where have we come as a country when we all allow ourselves to go back to the days when the purchase of humans, especially minorities, is accepted and even applauded?
The reported stories around the relationships between the biological fathers and mothers suggest that these mothers are giving birth to minority children with the express intent of giving them up for adoption. The biological mothers are even generously compensated for doing so. The implication becomes that the fathers were used as sperm donors, which is surely cheaper than in vitro fertilization.
Any sympathy for the adoptive parents continues to diminish as it becomes increasingly clear that something very sinister is going on here, and the birth mothers may be part of it. In fact, the Charleston Post and Courier took a close look at this disturbing issue in its September 21 article, "The Price of Adoption." The reporter quotes Shannon Jones, the Charleston attorney who represents the biological fathers of both Veronica and Desaray as saying: “Once these agencies and lawyers get the birth mother on the hook ... they tell these birth moms not to answer any calls from the dads. Of course, then they argue the dad is a deadbeat.”
If it’s true that the mothers set out to deceive or mislead the biological fathers, that is the saddest of all elements surrounding these adoptions.
Our children are not chattels to be conveniently sold to adoptive parents who care more about what they want than what is best for the child. What gives them the right to take a minority child when a loving and adoring father wants to raise her? While contributing eggs and sperm doesn’t necessarily make a good mother or father, neither does fighting a prolonged court battle to win custody and securing a public relations to accuse the birth father of being a deadbeat dad.
Real mothers and fathers will always do what’s best for the child, and if that child is happy with her biological parent, no one should attempt to sever that bond.
From all accounts of both the Baby Veronica and Baby Desaray cases, I believe that there should be a thorough investigation of the birth mothers, the adoptive parents, and the attorney for the adoption agency to ensure that the civil rights of these children and their biological fathers have not been violated.
We as a nation must protect the civil rights of children of all races. Above all, we must remember that the words of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King remind us that our children too are “created equal."
Dot Scott is the president of the Charleston Branch of the NAACP.
Read more at http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2013/10/13/baby-veronica-baby-deseray-dont-let-them-sell-our-babies

A society that does not embrace morality in it's laws breeds immoral acts.

October 17 - A 17-year-old girl is stopped at a Victoria's Secret store in Manhattan for suspected shoplifting, and admits that in her bag she has the body of a baby that she gave birth to the day previous.
  • October 11 - A newborn baby is found, bleeding but alive, with part of his umbilical cord still attached, abandoned on the concrete in the back yard of a house in Queen's, New York. The baby survived.
  • September 19 - The body of a baby is found at a garbage dump in West Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom.
  • August 28 - A woman gives birth in a bar bathroom in Pennsylvania, stuffs the baby in the water tank of a toilet, and then returns to the bar to watch a fight on TV. The body was subsequently discovered by the bar owner.
  • August 7 - The body of a baby is discovered at hospital rest room in Texas.
  • July 9 - Police discover the body of a baby abandoned in a diaper box in the bushes at a public park in Roseville, California.
  • June 21 - The body of a small baby is found in a solid waste tank in a waste disposal plant just north of Montreal. Police say the baby was likely flushed down the toilet.
  • June 21 - The body of a newborn baby is discovered in a trash can in Oildale, California.
  • June 20 - An Iraqi-born UK woman is found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm after stuffing her baby in a garbage bag and throwing her down a 44 ft. garbage chute.
  • June 14 - A garbage truck driver in Thailand sees a small hand emerge from a garbage bag during a pickup. The baby had a balloon tied around her throat.
  • June 12 - Brittany Cole is arrested in Altheimer, Arkansas, after dumping her infant son in the trash can. She reportedly told police that she was tired of caring for the baby and could no longer do so.
  • June 5 - Twenty-seven-year-old Virginia resident Shavaughn Robinson is charged after allegedly giving birth in a toilet, then placing her daughter in a trash can, and then taking the garbage bag with the baby in it out of the can and tossing it in a dumpster.
  • June 4 - A dog discovers a living baby in Thailand that had been placed in a white plastic bag in a dump. The baby, which was premature, survived.
  • May 30 - Police announce that charges will not be filed against a Kansas teen who gave birth and dumped the body of her baby in a trash can. The teen claimed the baby was stillborn.
  • May 27 - Video footage of firefighters in Jinhua, China, rescuing a baby who had become stuck in a sewage pipe, rockets around the globe. The baby's mother apparently gave birth on the toilet, and by her own account "accidentally" flushed the baby down the toilet. The mom reportedly hid the pregnancy because the baby was not considered legal under China's brutal One-Child Policy.
  • May 2 - Cherlie Lafleur, 19, is arrested in Pennsylvania after allegedly attempting to flush her newborn baby down the toilet at her school. When that didn’t work, she reportedly deposited the body in the trash can.
  • Dec. 10, 2012 - The body of a newborn baby is discovered on the conveyor belt of a garbage sorting facility in La Puente, California.

  • -------------------------------------------
    Feminists say men are incapable of understanding the hardships of childbirth....BULLSHIT...
    We know how hard it is, every time we see our women giving birth, we are not, as feminists tag us, cold hearted animals who eat kitten.
    That said, one does not have to be a man to shed a tear every time we read stories like those above, the lack of morality on western society, brought on by radical feminism has caused great pain...
    Such a society cannot survive...
    Nuff said.

    Saturday, October 19, 2013

    Stop feminists from abusing little dogs and cats...


    A fatherless "North America", how is that working out? A personal view.

    I think it's a good idea to make such a film, exposing those who use kids for their own benefits, whether for political, financial or revenge purposes. There are bad parents out there, I don't think any one would deny this, but they are the minority, the majority of us are good parents who want nothing but the best for ours kids...
    When kids are used for personal benefits, those doing it are nothing more than child abusers...
    We now know that it takes two to raise a child or as we would say it also take a community. If one prevent the other to be in this child's life, something will be missing, mothers teach compassion and fathers discipline, that is the balance that takes a child to a secure and most importantly a balance outlook on his or her future. To take that away is a selfish act and shows that personal feelings are more important than a child's welfare.
    Feminism, especially the radical ones, twist their messages to make it look as if they do this for all of us, yet their actions dictate otherwise. There is an effort out there to take dad out of the picture, to make father irrelevant, unimportant in the grand scheme of things, and to find excuses for those who commit murder against children, feminist controlled family courts, some of them like this one.
    "Katrina Effert of Wetaskiwin, Alberta gave birth secretly in her parents’ downstairs bathroom on April 13, 2005, and then later strangled the newborn and threw his body over a fence"
    “Naturally, Canadians are grieved by an infant’s death, especially at the hands of the infant’s mother, but Canadians also grieve for the mother.”
    "Canadians generally understand, accept and sympathize with the onerous demands pregnancy and childbirth exact from mothers, especially mothers without support.”
    With all the help in place these days for single parents, especially mothers, there is no reason to kill a child after it's birth, that is murder, and to find an excuse for it or to say WE understand, therefore accept it. is a gross miss statement", killing  human being after it is born in murder, infanticide is just a twisted excuse.
    Pregnancy is not a disease, it's not a bad thing, or a bad experience as feminists seems to preach. How many women go though it in north america alone, we all know it is a hard thing, and yes even us men understand it, the problem is the feminist message is always, bad, takes away your independence, you'll be raising a child alone, which is not true. They refuse to co-operate with the pro-life organisations out there who offers help to single moms.
    But most importantly, by alienating men, or fathers, they are the ones responsible for the murder of children like the story above.
    So two very important groups, pro-life and fathers, are taken out of the picture, reducing the needed help such a person could of gotten.
    As I said before, I can only speak of my own experiences and what I have researched. The demonising of, not only men, fathers, sons and husbands, but pro life organisations, are putting our kids in danger. Just like my previous post explained, the feminist message, that women are victims, weak and unable to handle life without them is what's causing the problem.
    Women have all the support they want and need, but also they must not think of themselves as victims or weak at the same time, sure some men will walk away, but others will also step in, family, friends, pro-life. The majority of us are there to help, to support, to offer a hand, one has to ask, why is the minority put on a pedestal as if this is the way our society works, feminists and their negative views on life does not represent who we are...

    Too many out there underestimate how far fathers will go to keep their kids safe and guide them as they grow up, we are pushed aside as a problem instead of the solution, and when we do fight back, we have to go through accusations of patriarchy, or control freaks. What does a feminist and her mangina know about been a man, a father, this world needs strength as well as compassion, both have to be thought to a child, and only mom and dad, together can do this, take one out and you forfeit your responsibilities. Use one against the other for revenge and you abuse those who depend on you to make the right decisions.

    Feminists have become so desperate that they now proclaim us to be hateful, or they open false identity, go on men's sites, pass themselves off as men and put anti women comments, then go on the web or programs such as 20/20 and claim we are a club of women haters...
    In the link, we can see the manipulation they consistently write about...we hate women, we promote rape, even here I got Your an idiot, or I promote hate...
    I have always made sure to explain, as does many other father's rights sites, that there is a difference between women and feminists, one dislike herself, has a inferior complex that would choke a hippo, loves cats and little dogs,lol, and is obsessed with her dislike of men, women's sons, husbands and fathers, the other, "women" are secure, know who they are, do not consider themselves victims or weak and love the men in their lives. They are, as I have said before, the other side of the same coin, together we build futures, divided we fall...
    Feminists want to believe they are the voice of all women, but we know they are a small minority who go out of their way to attack anything man, that is the mark of an inferiority complex and there is nothing more dangerous that that kind of character.

    I have been through crap because of local feminists, they have tried to attack me on this site, even personally with the help of a long forgotten relationship I had "decades ago". A vengeful woman who will not let go...she even, after 25 years went as far as calling child protection to try to separate myself from my grandchildren, her vengeful nature is based on my divorcing her and having another child with a different woman. Which she expressed herself in a conversation we recently had.
    I have been through false accusations, brought before some session (criminal injury compensation board) to defend myself, and it was 4 against one, because I could not afford a lawyer, I was told not to talk about it, yet she can to child protection? With the help of local feminists, women's shelter, legal clinic, so on? Dream on...By using my Grandchildren as a revenge tool, all promises I made that day are now nul and void...

    That is the point we are trying to convey out there, with radical feminists in control of social programs, combined with their non existent patriarchy hatred, are alienating men, and those women who seek vengeance, for one reason or another, are used as fodder for that hatred.
    And you wonder why men are going their own way???

    It is scary when custody battle are fought on false accusations like "he is an abuser", or "he beats the kids", or in my case, a vengeful old relationship who just wont let go and is now extending her revenge by using the next generation...
    We as men have a strong will sure, but it is not unlimited, to think they can make victims of us and we will simply bow down is the mistake they made, in my case anyway.
    As we see in 20/20 above, they are loosing the battle and they know it, so they are reverting to desperate measure, saying we hate women, hoping people will come back to them. It's not women we hate, it's feminists and their manginas...get it right...
    Anyone who actually think men hate women are delusional, think about it, we work, we fight, we war, we die, and for what? governments? Not likely....

    Alienating fathers, husbands from a child's life is promoting man hate the feminists are now identified with. We can't fight such hatred on our own, if women do not start to step up and defend what they know, that the majority of us are responsible, loving human beings, then things will get worse, we know now, the society our ancestors left us is falling apart at the seams, increase teen crime, drug abuse, pregnancy, dependency on welfare is not caused by man, but by those who live with an inferiority complex and take out their misgivings on anyone who does not agree with them and men are not the only ones, they are now going after stay at home moms.
    So the next time someone on TV or beside you say men all bad, man hate women, remember most men are raised by their mothers, if you agree with them or say nothing against their message of division, what does that say???
    Children need their father as much as their mothers, I passed that on to my kids, even though I did not get the same respect, both men and women are the balance that offers a child love and self discipline, this is how we have thrived on this Mother Earth, not by accepting the divisions but by understanding our importance in the circle of life....

    Thursday, October 17, 2013

    Lanark county report; lcih (women's shelter) tell local women; Live for the moment in fear, you have no safe future.

    As I was researching more of my local cat lovers (aka;feminists), I realized the message they were imposing on the local female population who crossed their path...was not exactly one of strength but of weakness.
    The young ladies of the area, been preached to by the local director of the women's shelter in carleton place, with the support of other local feminist controlled social programs, like the legal clinic of Perth, schools such as St John's high catholic high, welfare, open doors, so on so on, are always on the defensive with messages such as, rape rape rape, boys are bad, don't walk alone, or some other bullshit story that keeps them in line that they will always be victims and weak. That message, if one really thinks about it would have a psychological effect on anyone.
    This by all definition is a very strange direction to take if one is supposed to represent women's rights. What they are really doing is planting fear into these ladies by demonising the very half of the population they themselves owe their existence to...men, fathers...
    My guess is they would like to forget it took the other gender to make sure they are alive and well, without men, they would not even be here...I always wonder what their fathers thought of them, or would think of them if they really knew what they spit out there about them....
    I have posted examples of ridiculous statements made by local cat and tiny dog lovers.
    I have never found a statement that would put women at rest that most men, that is their father, sons and husbands are not rapists, or harass women for power, or drink beer and beat them at playoff time and Christmas.
    I have gotten a few comments from local feminists trying to defend their positions on men and fathers and teens. Needless to say it made no sense outside of attacks and unfounded accusations, from "we know what he thinks of women", which is ridiculous since I always point out the differences between women and feminists and that I have daughters. Or that I write hate, again silly angry feminists, or I'm an idiot, but it is understandable, when they have no sane argument to fall back on, they always attack...to be honeat, I love it when they attack, shows they have no defense against what I write.

    I was looking at my circle as a reference on women's issues, namely my daughters, if they really believe the bullshit local anti male feminists spew out, that they are weak, permanent victims and have to be on the look out for all those predatory males who achieve power through rape or go around buying beer at sports time and Christmas and beat their women...
    I partially raised my oldest daughter, and did raise my youngest myself treated both like the princesses they are in every fathers eyes. Both have different mothers, so they should have different characters...
    Yet, both are the same, anti feminists, refuse to even ponder the thought they are permanent victims of men or are weak, on the contrary, both are very self assured, strong will and the husband of my oldest once told me, "you don't have anything to worry about when it comes to your daughter, she does not put up with my shit".
    So I asked myself, why is that, according to local chihuahua and cat lovers, men, that's us dads, are aggressive animals who mistreat all women in our circle...
    Simple really, fathers teach their daughters to be independent, self reliant and the ability to go through life knowing that strength is a character we all have, and if things do go the wrong way, that daddy will be there....just in case.
    Feminists and those who follow their twisted teachings look at themselves as permanent victims, incapable of handling life's little problems without the help and support of those who actually tell them they are weak...strange isn't it?
    I compared this to a local woman who is deeply involved in the feminist ideology, she raised her son herself under this permanent victim policy and dads all bad.
    Sad story...
    The son told his Dad he was the greatest father in the world and if he was only half the man his father was, he would be a great man. His dad was even his best man at his wedding... Made the father proud of his son.
    Eventually, without remorse, the son stabbed his father in the back for money with the help of the mother. This obviously confused the crap out of the father...Of course his mother is a follower of lanark feminist teachings, all men bad, and incapable of taking responsibility for her actions...hence another mangina is born...

    Therefore, what I deduced is, and this is only personal experiences, fathers raise their kids to be strong and self reliant, this is what we all want, (mothers and fathers) and when pro-feminists and their followers raise their kids, they do it with victim hood in mind, and that is what confuses these kids, because victim hood is supposed to be hand is hand with been a survivor, yet feminism refuse to call someone who has unfortunately gone through a hard time because of an individuals action, survivors and continue to impose the policy of victim hood for financial reasons, the more you think of yourself as a victim, the more you will be...the more you will depend on others.

    In Lanark county, feminists pounce on the falsehood that it is all men's fault, we kill, we beat, we harass and rape...and when this is the only message you spew out, then the problem is not men, it is those who look at life this way without balance,...sure we have problems in our societies, but if we blame all, even the majority for what a small minority does, then how can this problem go away?
    Demonising, or blaming those of us who try our best, understand the idea of been a role model to children, give our all to make life good for those around us, limits the possibility of making life a good experience, we compete with those who thrive for financial reason on the victim ideals, the more victims the more money, not to mention inflated salaries.
    It is paramount to eliminate feminism as we know it today, to preach a message of despair causes despair, it's as simple as that, if we say don't trust the bushel of apples because one is rotten then we waste, and that is what feminism has become, a waste.
    As for the messages of lanarks own cat lovers, the message they throw is real...all men bad, all women...weak.
    Ya, and when the "big games" are around...

    erin lee todd
     At sports time, Christmas with the co-operation of the lcbo women beware, your men will drink and there is a danger of violence? Obviously local feminists don't understand the good times sports and Christmas brings to a home...then again, cats don't watch sports and neither do small dogs.
    I wonder if those who are elected and in position of power in lanark have achieve this through rape and sexual harassment?

    On the top one from the local shelter, 2259 crisis calls, yet on the bottom police reports, only 59.
     The message from Lanark's own feminists...men, boys allways bad, women always weak and victims...
    Any message of men are not all the same? or that women of lanark county are not all weaklings who should always be on guard?.... Nope.

    When I think about this, read, or research I have pity for those who go through life with this thought on their minds, what a life, to go through it thinking every man is against you, then again, most women of lanark county have good men and have good lives, but we do not see this in any feminist messages do we...
    I once read, "pity the fool who does not guide his or her life on realities, for their lives are full of despair"....
    I think we should in some way, pity the feminist and her followers, looking over your shoulder all the time because somoene told you, "you are weak and a victim", must be a miserable unhappy life.

    What else can one think, when one is tagged with such bullshit....