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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The cries of baby Veronica Brown....the shame of the CAPOBIANCO, their supporters jessica munday and illegal adoption.

Her cries are real, and his too. There is anguish in the eyes of a small four-year-old.

Baby Veronica is now in the arms of her adopted parents, (those who bought her) Matt and Melanie Capobianco. Yet, whose arms are now empty?

A man. A father. Dusten Brown weeps for his daughter as she does for him. Here is where our system has failed. A man who desperately wants to be a father was denied the right. He was overlooked in the process.

As a feminist, I should make clear that I believe in the true definition of feminism … “the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.” But this assumes that men have rights.

In the case of Baby Veronica, her father did not have the rights that her birth mother did. He was misled. Birth fathers should have equal rights and protections, especially in the welfare of their children.

If a birth mother decides she cannot parent her child, and the birth father wants to raise his child, he should be given the opportunity to do so. No other adult should be given that right unless both birth parents have relinquished it.

Dusten Brown has proven that he loves his daughter. He has provided for her, cared for her, cuddled her and nurtured her for almost two years.

Baby Veronica knows he loves her, and she wants to stay with him. Her right in all this is paramount. She deserves the love of her birth father, the man she will never forget.
This has a lot to do with him been a man, a dad, the mother sold her so dad has no right, the feminist installed this law, and now some are realizing this has greatly diminished their support, so some sites are actually supporting the father.... not all, most feminist sites still side with the thieves, those who buy children from adoption centers who are there for profits...
I don't know what to think but if this feminist site and other fight for the rights of father and child as hard as the rights of women and mothers, maybe things are heading in the right direction...small but a step none the less...this site would support any feminist sites that openly fight for the right of the child to be with their father, not holding my breath on that one, will be watching...

As you probably noticed I am pretty disgusted by all this, why???
Because I went through the same thing and realized at the end, bigotry and racism was involved....
when I went for my daughter after they claimed her as a crown ward ship, i was told "what would a man want with a little girl", the worker tried to make it into a fight between me and her instead of family reunion, and I had to put up with "fuc..ing Indians, the only thing they do is collect welfare, get drunk and cause trouble" from one of the staff of this children's aid society...
And as you noticed, the bigotry did not end when I got my daughter back. it continues to this day with personal attacks...even from my own.....
But that's ok....at least I know what reality is and where we stand....with the system...


Anonymous said...

Jessica Munday is owner of Trio Solutions in Mt Pleasant, SC, the PR firm that launched an anti-ICWA campaign on behalf of adoptive Baby Veronica parents Melanie Duncan and Matthew Capobianco. Munday recently sent an email to all Capobianco supporters who signed a petition to abolish ICWA. Here's what she said,

"While Congress has yet to amend the ICWA, our collective effort surrounding Veronica's case will indeed help ensure this situation will not happen to another child. As a matter of fact, it already has. We have been informed her case has already been used in several cases to block similar travesties from occurring.... If anyone would like to continue advocating for children being hurt by the ICWA, please connect with the following groups."

Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare

Home Forever

Coalition for the protection of Indian Children and Families

Citizens Equal Rights Alliance (Munday forgot to include them)

We should all contact them to let them know we will continue to fight for ICWA and fathers' rights.

Jessica Munday's email is info@trio-solutions.com

Anonymous said...

Jessica Munday = Cruella de Vil, the she villain of Disney's The Hundred and One Dalmatians. But instead of stealing puppies, she steals Indian children.

Troy Knowles

Larla Leary said...

The Charleston NAACP President wrote an article for Indian Country Today article on Baby Veronica and Baby Deseray, Here's some of what she said,

"If it’s true that the mothers set out to deceive or mislead the biological fathers, that is the saddest of all elements surrounding these adoptions.

Our children are not chattels to be conveniently sold to adoptive parents who care more about what they want than what is best for the child. What gives them the right to take a minority child when a loving and adoring father wants to raise her? While contributing eggs and sperm doesn’t necessarily make a good mother or father, neither does fighting a prolonged court battle to win custody and securing a public relations to accuse the birth father of being a deadbeat dad.

Real mothers and fathers will always do what’s best for the child, and if that child is happy with her biological parent, no one should attempt to sever that bond.

From all accounts of both the Baby Veronica and Baby Desaray cases, I believe that there should be a thorough investigation of the birth mothers, the adoptive parents, and the attorney for the adoption agency to ensure that the civil rights of these children and their biological fathers have not been violated.

We as a nation must protect the civil rights of children of all races. Above all, we must remember that the words of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King remind us that our children too are “created equal."


BlackWolf said...

Thank you for the comments and information...