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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Still in the 21 century, native child bought and stolen from her biological family.

Cherokee Nation Mourns as Veronica Is Returned to Adoptive Family
Even cnn and the one sided reporting anderson cooper is well known for, supported the theft of this native child.
We always hear the good will of those who claim to know what is good for native people, but when it comes to taking action against unscrupulous people such as the cappobiancos, it always comes down to money, not what is good for the child, where is the disgust in this theft?
The child's father did everything to get a decent deal, yet his military career and his pension was threatened, he tried to get written promises to get visitation rights but it was denied.
I am a little pissed that the Cherokee nation did not stand their ground more than they did, it is fine to follow righteous laws but not those that are based on how much money one has or what race they are, I have no doubt that this had some racist overtone.
The self centered capobianco where more interested in what there feelings were than the child, under those circumstances alone this child should be taken from them and return to her biological family.
On their site, these 2 do not allow any comments other than support....
making everyone falsely believe all supports them, that is their place in all this...lies and deceit...


If these Capobiancos really cared they would have made a decent arrangement with the biological family, they only cared about themselves, this is a theft, it has happened before and will continue till we stand our ground once and for all.
I hope the Cherokee nation and the Brown family continues their battle with those who think children can be bought. Because this child now remembers her biological family, she was to young to remember those who bought her through a corrupt adoption industry.
The real family of Veronica...Father Dusten Brown.

Outside of what was said on cnn, pro capobiancos, the real story is explained in the link above, and it was a theft done by the corrupt family law and adoption industry.

"Although the Capobiancos may not want to hear this, Ronnie Brown will never be their daughter as long as Dusten Brown is alive. Too much time has passed from when they called Baby Veronica their own and when they were forced to give her up. Today, the bond between Ronnie and her father is probably far too great to break, and anyone who believes that bond should be broken should be ashamed of themselves. When it comes down to it, Ronnie Brown is not a cause; Baby Veronica is. The flesh and blood Ronnie Brown is a child, and Dusten Brown is her flesh and blood father — and by all accounts, he loves her."
I totally agree....

Show support for baby Ronny, here is the facebook page...

web page....

As for you know who....cappobiancos,

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