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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Is western society on it's death bed?

Western Culture Is Dead...from return of kings

Western culture is dead. It is a poison in the slow drip attached to us from birth. We have all the comforts we could ever ask for; what else is there left to do?
Everyone I’ve talked to in the past week has had nothing more important on their tongues than Miley Cyrus’ ‘performance’ at the VMAs. On the surface it seems overtly sexual. She awkwardly dances, constantly sticks her tongue out, twerks, frames her genitals etc. Everything is so blatant in its meaning, yet lacks the fluidity and sensuality of a sincerely arousing performance.
I’ve heard people claim she is just a knock off of Lady Gaga, who is a knockoff of Madonna. People defend her and praise her confidence for being true to herself. Young girls idolize these actions and hope they can one day amount to absolutely nothing leeching off of others for subsistence. They want to live a life doing what they want, but don’t want to accept the fact that life is pointless if you do not have drive to do anything of value.
We are attached to our smartphones, laptop screens, TVs. Technology at every turn. We have become incapable of critical thinking and instead reach for Google, or even a calculator for the most basic of questions. There was once an American Dream where hard work, perseverance, and intelligence was rewarded with opportunity and a chance to leave a legacy.
Social networking leaves us depressed and questioning our life choices, student debt makes people realize a university is just another business, ‘performances’ on the TV leave us disgusted and wanting more. We want more to hate and more to consume, but never want to give anything back.
Men are taught from birth that their nature is wrong, that they are supposed to fawn over women and sacrifice their lifeblood to please her for the hopes of a piece of pussy.
Our food is an amalgamation of everything pleasurable. Our social life is instant gratification on a computer screen. Our connectedness to our peers comes from watching ‘real’ people do ‘real’ things on TV. Our life is spent in front of screens wishing and hoping that something would give purpose to our lives. Because of this we create a hollow identity to gain the approval of others.
The West’s societal identity has been replaced by narcissism, materialism, and blind uniformity.

I left some out because it's pretty damn explicit, but the point here is made. And if I may add, as men, the security and productiveness of a nation totally depends on us. And when I say us, I don't mean the mangina or the white knight for that matter. 
The mangina is a beta male, he stays away from the alphas because he feels insecure but still wants the power, and if he is given power, he always infect his surroundings and weakens the group or the family. Nature shows this explicitly, the betas are allowed to stay in the pack, but are kept under control because their weakness jeopardizes the future of the whole.
As for white knights, their intentions are in the right place, but are incapable to differentiate between what is right or wrong, to them they have one path, put on their blinders and follow this to a tee. Their philosophy of been a man is to defend even those who cause the problem in the first place, to defend the weak at all cost, incapable of understanding that this open the road to abuse. If a bad intention is protected then it will be abused. Defending the honor of a woman is what we are here for, but that woman has to have honor and respect for herself and those around her also, if she doesn't then she knows she can continue and her have ways defended....Majority of women do not want to be men, and do not want men to behave as women, but the few in between who know they can do anything and be protected can cause the majority of problems. As we see with today's feminism.
I can't speak for all, but I do know this, I am attracted to a woman who is feminine and shows strength of character and is secure in who she is. And this goes for women also, they might talk to, associate with the mangina, but the beta male is not seen as someone who is capable to provide or defend...
As for the white knight, if you dig deeper in his thoughts you will find that to him, ironically, women have their places, by his actions we can see that he looks at her as been weaker than he is and to be protected no matter what, with those thoughts he treats those around him in that fashion...and when you see someone weaker than yourself you treat them that way.
Now man on the other hand will offer support and protection, the two offers all the choice to be who they want to be, it is men who took boys out of mines and girls out of manufacturing plants at the turn of the last century. It was the white knight and the manginas who put them, and kept them there for profits and knowing their places. 
I consider myself to be a man, my thoughts are that everyone has the right to be who they want to be, while understanding who they are, and without taking from me.
Of course there are limitations, children must not be affected or put in danger by the act of adults, family is and always will be the first and last word to raising said children, they are not a product to be used for ideology.
Minority views can be protected but must not be imposed on the majority because that produces resentment.
We all have a responsibility to ourselves but also to the future, and right now, looking at what is going on, the future is in deep shit....
Man is not the one who oppresses, he is the one that guaranties freedom, quiet and extremely intelligent, he watches and identify what the problem is, eventually decides to fix it his own way once it has gone too far. 
Just like the alpha male in a wolf pack, there comes a time where the betas have to be put in their places in order to protect the health and future of the pack.
We might not think of ourselves as animals, but if you look at the direction our society has taken, we can safely see that there are too many betas that have cause damages to the family and the health of the family is paramount to the heath of a nation.

The health of the pack is under  pressure from the betas, we have seen in countries such as sweden the destruction of the family, he and she replaced with hen, mom and dad replaced with parent one and parent two. Now this has infected other parts of europe, in Venice Italy, even here in Canada were some beta in the Niagara region of Ontario declared that schools co-parent with us.
In America this has also taken root, even teaching in schools that the government is just like a parent, forgetting that the government serves the people or parents, not the other way around.

In closing, by pandering to the betas, or letting the betas dictate, we have put our future in big trouble, to say the future looks bright is like walking down the street of life with blinders on.
Increase welfare roles becoming generational, teen pregnancies, drug and alcohol abuse, teen suicides, homelessness, lack of respect is all the work of betas, even in nature this is recognized and dealt with, because unlike us, they know were it is headed if they are allowed to flourish...

No man dictates or oppresses, he instead ensures the health of those around him, and every time man takes a back step, something always goes wrong, the betas step in to fill the void and destruction follows....
We are part of nature and just like all of mother earths children if we fail to live up to our responsibilities, Freedom is lost, replaced with chaos....

Take the time to look deeply at history and see what happens when the family is replaced with the state....
Children are not a product, they are the ultimate responsibility of mom and dad, to avoid this reality is to ask for trouble...
As for men and women, one is not above the other, both are different side of the same coin, together we achieve more than been divided, one has gifts that can enhance the others life...and that is the nature of things.

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