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Monday, September 2, 2013

Feminism; panic, lost of arguments, inferiority complex, causes fake rape hoax.

 HOAX: Liberal College Blogger Faked Rape Threat From Conservative Student
Liberal blogger Meg Lanker-Simons, a student at the University of Wyoming, initially gained attention after she alleged that a conservative student threatened to sexually assault her ... but now, police say she was the one who made the offensive post. 
The blogger had also claimed that she received death threats on various occasions, including after she petitioned and succeeded in getting Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground group to make an appearance on campus. Timpf says this past behavior could suggest the rape threat hoax may not be the first time she's manufactured such a threat by a conservative.
"This wasn't just some wacko," Timpf said of Lanker-Simons, whose blog was award-winning. "This just calls into question anything she ever said."
They are starting to realize they are loosing the argument; "its all men's fault", when you accuse all men of been rapists and such, you accuse a mothers son...this is also another reason their are losing women's support.
This is only the beginning, we will see more and more of such stories and an increase in false accusations, no one will be immune, this is the last resort of someone who is loosing.

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