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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Failing grade as human beings....mounting abuse of children shows the real direction of those in power.

Mean Woman Steals Foul Ball Right Out of Little Girl's Hands (VIDEO)

Parents Don't Call Police After 10-Year-Old Daughter is Shot; Their Excuse is Totally Bizarre

Restaurant Calls Cops on Toddlers for Acting Like ... Toddlers

Teenager Who Shot Baby in Front of Mom Wants Sympathy for His Own Abusive Childhood

Boy, 3, among 13 injured in Chicago park shooting

A little girl confined to a windowless, dark basement room with just a small blanket.
She was denied the use of a toilet and rarely bathed or fed.

Ontario allowed decades of child abuse

And let's not forget the copabiancos and their lawyers, their friends and backers, jessica munday, anderson cooper, dr phil, the vengeful biological mother and all those who consider money more important than a child's love for her father and her emotional stability. Not exactly the best of humanity...

As human being, we exist for one reason only, and it is not for personal benefits, we live to care for the young first, even if none exists in our homes. We are all keepers of children's health and welfare.
When we forfeit that responsibility the abusers and the fools run rampant as we can see in our society today.
If a father goes after the abusers of his family and children, whether they be "male or female", because gender does not count if one is an abuser of kids, then he risks, no, he faces criminal changes because the state tells him to stop been a man, and bow to them as the ultimate power.
(Not fu.. likely)

Well, when one has ultimate unchecked power, one also has ultimate corruption...and as for me, I strongly believe man has to wake up, (and no, not by putting women back in the kitchen, in case my lanark county hags accuse me of meaning that, you know "we all know his views on women" statement made recently), but because the fools are in change of keeping our kids safe. I could put statistics after statistics to show it is getting worse, victims afraid to come forward because of the increase of false accusations causing doubt in any real claim, rapists and abusers of kids getting a few years in jail, doing it over and over, lack of justice, so on....
Those who do these evil of all acts, preying on the weak are not animals, since animals do not do this, they are not part of the human race, therefore should not have human rights, and those defending these acts should be tagged as such.

The ultimate justice against such crimes is the family, dad, fathers, men of the affected family, the feud against the ones that cause and create these horrid crimes, including holding the perps own family responsible for not keeping control over them....
The price of looking the other way or letting "others" take care of it is to high, they failed, we must take back what belongs to us...at any cost...

Letting the fools who are causing and even responsible for child abuse is like putting a wolf in change of a sheep's safety, not a good idea, we have seen many kids abused or failed by the state and it's proxies, social programs like children's aid on many occasion, yet still these same people continue to be the primary "protectors" of our kids????
Ontario's Children's Aid Societies to launch Child Abuse Prevention Month on October 1

There is other kind of abuse lately, generational welfare, creating more and more poor to reduce wages, increase taxes on families yet less services and increase salaries for the second unelected government, (bureaucracy) and now the third, identified as large business corporations, false accusations against good men, for custody,revenge, to be put on the emergency list for housing, women's shelters creating more victims for increase funding at the cost of "real victims", greedy staff who collect inflated salaries, child protection going after mainly single teen moms to increase their work force....but the worse has to be those who claim individuals who harm children have rights.
With these type of policies, we invite predators and sub intellectuals into our mist, the result been insensitivity because it is all around us.

Well, we have noticed, we see what happens when we forfeited our responsibilities to "the betas", increase poverty, crime, disrespect for others and ones self, forgotten children and abandoned Elders....
Bitching on the Internet in not enough.....
The "alphas" must now take action, The "real victims" are been victimized by a system supposed to protect them, our Elders are pushed aside in some uncaring community for profit homes, our kids are running unguided, abused and used for financial advancement.
Some have to be recognized as unfit to be in the position they are in, putting anyone in power or giving them power has caused massive damages, some of us, men and women are better suited to run thing than others, that is the nature of things, the alphas and betas, the man and the mangina, the feminist and the woman, it is the difference between a sick society and a healthy one, the alphas must care for the betas, without giving then a position in power, we see the results in nature and we have to admit the same with human kind.
Because the price of looking the other way is giving all of us a failing grade as human beings.

This might be a radical way of looking at things to some, but those should get their heads out of the sand and look deeper, the future is looking dim...if we continue on this path.
In my opinion those who complain about this reality are the "betas", they are after all extremely insecure part of our population and insecurity breeds insecure policies.


Nikyon the clan mother said...

excelent point.keep it up.We are now faced with a choice,kids or money.

Marie said...

I agree

Anonymous said...

what a sad state of affairs, i been watching the crap they did to the little girl veronica and her dad and money was the issue and racism.Not what was good for the child.People knew what was right,but the news on tv kept on taking the side of those creeps who bought her,not mentioning she could not of remembered them since she has been with dad all these years.Letting this happen is a failing grade and all the other kids who are used by cps, schools, the state,they r to stupid to see people dont trust them anymore,but they keep it up,its going to blow someday.

Raven said...

The best way to keep kids safe is to stay away from anything the government pays for, welfare schools, anything they can be noticed.Once they know how many you have there is always a chance they will come for them,there is so many laws that they can find one to take them.

Attakullakulla said...

right on brother tell it like it is.

Carleton place father said...

saw a comercial while watching tv the other day, i think it was canadian tire,"without a strong family, cant have a strong nation".Reminded me of what you keep on saying.Maybe they are reading.lol.