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Monday, September 16, 2013

Erin lee todd's defenders, Lanark county interval house staff defending their director with personal attacks.

I don't usually respond to radical feminist comment, especially from Lanark county, because they are always personal and irrational, and their response usually border on trying to pamper their inferiority complex towards men.
But hey, since I had nothing to do today, I thought...why not. Notice they do not have the courage to put their names, nonetheless, anonymous is better than nothing, you know you're doing OK when their attacks are personal and venomous. They can't debate because they have no point of reference on reality or truth for that matter. It is always, you're an idiot, you're an abuser, or you're a bad parent, male privilege, so on. I'm surprise the word patriarchy didn't make it's way in there.

Defenders of the director of lanark county interval house (erin lee todd)....This is the best they could do...
Anonymous said;
Native Canadian - you are a fucking idiot! Obviously you are trying to get out of being labelled as the abuser that you are! Ah male privilege! I know Erin and there is nothing about her that you've said that is true. She did indeed have a friend that was murdered. Just because YOUR searches didn't find it doesn't mean jack shit beyond the fact that YOU couldn't find it. Erin is a very caring woman, and not a man hater at all. She helps so many people - especially kids. She in NO WAY puts ideas into their heads about abuse! She doesn't "target" teens - but she does speak to them in a real way and honors their words and feelings. oh, and you fucking idiot, she is not Native! Get your facts straight. You may have contacted politicians, the media and whoever else, but tell me, how did that go for you? Do you have any proof that "they know what she stands for"? Let's see it. Because every sane person who knows Erin, including politicians and the media, respect her, value her and like her...a lot! Even when they disagree with priorities around funding etc.
YOU have created your own problems with your stupidity, ignorance and sense of entitlement. Take some responsibility for your own poor parenting, your bad choices, and your abuse. Its the only way things will get better for you. Your anger towards Erin is misdirected - I'd take a look WAY closer to home - like in the bathroom mirror!
OH, and lets see how YOU like the criticism - you too may decide to review comments prior to them being posted. I'll end as I began - you are a fucking idiot!

Lol..fucking idiot? 3 times? stupidity, ignorance and sense of entitlement, abuser, male privilege, is that the best you could do?
"I'm trying tp get away from been called the abuser?" MMM! who have you been talking to, and how is that working out for you and your sense of revenge, don't make me explain that one also, helping someone who is still associating with people she claims assaulted her in order to get money designated for real victims.....
tssk tssk...

What sense of entitlement are you talking about here??? I asked this director of yours, for help and I got cops at my door, I surely did not feel entitled there…if you read my post I never used such descriptions on any of you, obviously with your comment of me been an "abuser" shows your opinions on the subjects, “all men bad, make false accusations and they will shut up? RIGHT?
“Ah! We are so Privileged???” where is my male privilege when you put my “underage” daughter on welfare, after I “begged for help” but thanks anyway, it shows who and what you are...
As for me liking or not, criticism, hey I welcome it, why the hell do you think this blog exists??? And as you see, "I do not review comments first, all are welcomed to post it".
Next...I said "I am not saying it’s not true" to describe her "story" about her friend so read carefully, before you write....
Next; “Erin is a very caring woman, and not a man hater at all”, really???
I sent her emails “begging” for her to help, explaining my daughters difficult birth and her medical condition.  My kid has a loving parent, me, and a good home with a promising future in art…in return I got the visit of multiple police, threatened and according to the report, there was a “fake” lock down saying I was coming over to this shelter to be violent or something to that matter(the person that claimed this is the same person you are using right now)…Now tell me, if I would have been a woman, would this of happened? NO!
I am a man, so what do you call that? Not a Man hater??? I'll let others decide.
And for your info I am not the only one this shelter has tried to demonize...seems to me someone likes to use the "he locked me up" a little to much.

Next: “She doesn't "target" teens?” Oh really? what do you call what this shelter did??? My daughter was a teen…or do you think she doesn't count?
"She helps so many people - especially kids." Who gave her the right to talk or help kids without parental consent??? From my point of view she did not help anyone I know, on the contrary.
As for not putting things in their heads, “there is something wrong with a father loving his daughter this much” (pervs) what do you call that..??? Now again read carefully, I never said she did it, I said staff. But she is the director and she is responsible...
And please explain to me this, welfare called me, asked me if I wanted to sign for my daughter to be on welfare, her been underage, I said no, she is having a teen moment, and this while she was at your shelter, so, how did you put her on the system and housing? The only way you could, is by coaching her to say she was abused, and this info came from...politicians….I am a “respected” parent in Lanark county with a multitude of people “women” who would come forward to say I was a good father and my kid was “never” abused. So try something else.

Also, when my daughter was at this shelter she bragged online she was drinking alcohol, been "underage" I asked "erin lee todd" if she could look into it, she sent her girlfriends from the local opp at my door, does that sound like she cares about teens to you, because from my perspective, she surely doesn't, the only thing she had to say is "I will look into it".
"Erin is a very caring woman, and not a man hater at all." Oh really, ok, but tell me, how do you explain this?
And don't try to say she has nothing to do with this page...
"Erin Lee-Todd, an Ottawa area Step it Up Campaign organizer."
Launching the step it up campaign with a message like :recognize that male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment". Not sure but doesn't that show an anti male agenda???? Please explain...

When she decided to look the other way, tried to demonize me, and believed she could do anything she well please, this blog was born. She and you are the ones responsible for it's existence...live with it.

Next, she is not native, could have fooled me but if you want to make that claim…so be it. You do have 2 other native individuals working there; don't you…my guess that would include you? Why did you all put another native girl on welfare against parental wishes, wasn't there enough meddling in our families in the past? Isn't there enough of our people dependent on the state??? Or is there a new breed of "army scouts" helping to rain in those bad savages?

Next…My discussions with politicians, it went “very” well thank you…Do I have any proof, were do you think I got the info on the funding and other? As for them liking her, keep on telling yourself that...........
hey, all the best to all those involved, I am not here to turn opinions, just to write about my experiences.

Next; “YOU have created your own problems with your stupidity, ignorance and sense of entitlement”, as your statement shows, I ran into these problems because I am the father, a man, after all I am stupid, ignorant and I have a sense of entitlement???? I have never felt “entitled”, and I do not think anyone who was demonized the way I was would feel a bit entitled. So what you're saying is; I created my own problems with all this by trying to avoid my kid been put on welfare??? Is that it??? So, I should've let you do whatever you want and look the other way? Is that it? Dream on, you took on the wrong "man".

Next’ “poor parenting?” My daughter had a job, an honor student, a scholarship for an art college in Montreal, and even an offer from a reputable modeling agency and I had put savings away, scratching and sacrificing for her future…as a matter of fact, if I was to say I made poor decision it would be, I made the mistake of getting her anything she asked for, spoiling her was a bad idea, but then you know, “daddy’s girl” thing, not that you are capable of understanding this part…Not exactly "poor parenting" is it.

Finally; I am not angry at erin lee todd, she is not that important in the grand scheme of thing, (well maybe in her own mind) but she is in charge, I am upset over what this shelter did, and her indifference to it, “because of me been a dad, a man”, I am upset because I politely and diplomatically “begged” for her help, and instead of cooperating with the parent, she sent the cops at my door, which even they had to admit my emails were…polite.
She had no right to do this, she has a responsibility as does all social programs in this province to work with parents, families, it is their primary mandate, (again this info comes from politicians I have talk too) it is not to have a policy to entice teens to be on welfare or use them as statistics. Or give them to a local woman in Smiths falls so she can grab their welfare check to pay for her mortgage...

Now, admittedly, I was still heartbroken at the time I released this specific post, what parent wouldn't be, but as you can see, unlike your name calling comments, I stayed polite, which kind of destroys your attitude towards men that we are all violent when we are upset. Everything I said has a link and a reference somewhere, unlike you. And that really pisses you off doesn't it, you "expected" me to have a violent reaction.
So, little girl, the next time you make a comment, don’t make it out of anger, but polite debate, like I did, “a man”. You didn't see me “a man” respond to you in anger.

Erin can contact me, we can talk, and resolve our differences as adults, buuuut….
Me been “a man”,she will not…hell will freeze over first...lol

As for me liking the criticism, hey I am not here for my good looks, I openly welcome criticism, even yours, and open debate on the issue, and I promise, “me been an idiotic stupid entitled man and all” that I will always stay…polite.
I promise I will not call you a “fucking idiot”.lol.
Thank you for the comment..lol

The next comment…
Anonymous said
I agree with the long comment above. Native Canadian - You are an idiot who is promoting HATE. I know Erin - well and she is noe of the things you describe her as.
I am Anishnawbe Kwe and Erin is NOT. Check you facts. My teachings do NOT promote this type of gossip, slander or hatred. I suggest you look in the mirror and look to your Elders and Creator and ask forgivness and guidance.

How am I promoting hate????? By the way "promoting hate"??? That expression is the last argument of someone who has no viable response. I put links and references to what I write, hence nothing here about gossip, slander or hatred….(who is slandering whom? I suggest you and the comment above seriously read what you wrote) you and her just do not like or accept an opposition, criticism, you are so used to having a free hand, having people fear you; exposing what the interval house (shelters) of Lanark county really stand for, offends you, but it is called...free speech.
I have looked in the mirror, strange you use that analogy, this is one thing I usually say to people, "if you look in the mirror every night before bed and see what you like then you did good, if you do not like it, then get up the next day and try to fix it and make it a better day"…since I know personally some of you over there, I am guessing we have talked before right? Lol.
I never said she was “Ojibwe or Odawa, or any part of the Algonquin people” I don’t know what nation she is, I said she was native…
The ones that should ask forgiveness and guidance are those who go out of their way to destroy our way of life, which is our families, for profits, power, false statistics and inflated salaries, as if there is not enough of our people dependent and on welfare already…have we not gone through enough in our history? I have put my life on the line for our people, defended our rights to peace for our families and the respect of sacred lands, where were you back then? Watching it on TV? Still in diapers??? I am not perfect but I do listen to the wind, the running rivers, the wisdom of the Elders, and speak to the Great Spirit, Creator of all things every day. Do you?
I burn sweet grass, sage, tobacco, and cedar, in my prayers. You can try this type of personal feminist attack, but please, do it in a well inform position. I suggest you check your facts, because your teaching are definitely not from around here...
This “idiot” thanks you for your comment.
And by the way, Criticize all you want, IF you were native (especially Mohawk) you would not say the things you said or let them do what they did.
The true nature of the women of Turtle Island is to look after the moral values of the people, to keep the land safe, to defend the words of the Elders, and most importantly, to teach the children...So please...try harder or go sit down and pet your cat, before you hurt yourself.
Here is something that might help in your path.

If I may put it in my own words;
let me see if I get this right, you claim to be native, and you let them put another young native girl on welfare and housing? You took their words against your own people? You let them use her for money? You let them take her away from an educated future, which her "traditional father" worked so hard, sacrifice so much, you let them say "there is something wrong with a father loving his daughter"(pervs)? You did nothing when I complained she was starting to drink alcohol while at your house of horrors?
Is that what your telling me, another one of our children used for statistics and funding?
And you "claim to be native"???

My personal opinion on these comments:
First, like I said they do not enjoy opposition, and when it does happen, they freak out and attack. Name calling, false accusations..Usual favorites like "promoting hate" when they are on the defensive. Typical
This shows a few things, first the comments are from the staff of this shelter and  were we “men” can be polite, and try to resolve conflict through diplomatic means, they do not, obviously, those who are in the shelter industry are radical feminists who believe all men are bad first, abusers, nasty tree dwelling trogs, to be demonized, nothing we say makes a difference to them, so do not try. The only thing we can do, is expose their dislike for men, name calling, and “false accusations”. When I realized they came after me because I was “man” this was unacceptable. They might promote the victim for life issue to those who go to them for help, but I plan to “explain” to them that when they go after some of us, we do fight back, we are not their victims and we can do it politely, well researched and diplomatically, and unlike what they preach, do it in a non-violent way, or childish name calling, which as one can see from above, really confused the crap out of them to a point where they will make all kinds of “false” accusations to try to defend their actions.
Again...I enjoy all comments....Thank you.


Atonwa said...

I would be pissed too,you expect natives to look after each other,not put our kids on welfare.I think she should look in her own mirror because she definitely failed and a native woman.She has no right to judge.

Jackson said...

lol,boy they really have nothing other than name calling when they are exposed do they.

Konwakeri said...

These things call themselves native women?
I agree with Atonwa, they have no right to judge,defending another native girl put on welfare against her fathers wishes,to use our children this way is sick and the action of an apple.

Anonymous said...


When idiot's such as this attempt an attack like this,it shows they are scared,like any animal backed into a corner,it will lash out in a last desperate attempt to save itself.

Keep up the good work Canadian Native!


Nizhoni said...

just like the comment above said,they r idiots,to go out of their way to call u names when they put ur kids on welfare and destroy her future is a sign of desperation.As for the one that called herself native,
U must know what happened and u still defend them?and u call urself native?
I call u apple.Sell out.

Allison said...

maybe this (apple) has not realize this is a native supported site. look in your own mirror.

Izabelle said...

our men are called rapist,our kids put on welfare,parents pushed out,and this "native" defends it calling someone who is against it idiot? the only thing they can say is hate speech?
Please miss apple, show me the hate speech.

Nikyon the clan mother said...

I and others "NATIVES" support this site because it defends family,mothers,fathers and children's rights. And defending the rights of the people is the NATIVE way.

Dad in almonte said...

attack attack attack.Thats all they can do.They have nothing else,not even a debate.Love your site,I too say keep it up.

Anonymous said...

not surprising,goes to show you when they claim to be feminists,its more important to defend themselves that doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

ur getting to them,keep up the good work,

Perth on. said...

a friend when through shit because of these assholes, wife wanted a divorce,went to this shelter claimed abuse,2 weeks later she was back home. a few months later he took the kids and left her.They acepted enything she said as truth even if it was lies.htey hate men and they dont hide it.Glad to see someone has backbone to point that out.

Karen said...

what a bunch of fools,what hate speech,ur a hell of a lot more polite that i would of been.

Attakullakulla said...

I dont c any native response in what was said,only apples.

Anonymous said...

"What gives her the right to talk to our kids"
agreed, what gives any of them this right.

Runingwolf said...

Can't trust anyone there days.

BlackWolf said...

Thank you all for the support, I waited to make a comment to see if my hags would dare to do it again, and if they do they will be here again and again, next time they make false statements like "Hate speech" or call me undeserved name calling, all their names will come up...and any information they put about themselves on the web...as long as they keep attacking, I will keep defending, the family is law, not them...I keep on planing to "teach" them men and women, mom and dad, are the primary care givers of our kids and do not belong to them to do with as they please...again thank you for the support.

Allison said...

The last refuge of the weak is to always resort to attacks. Especially those who go along in life blaming others for their actions.They live in fear of everything around them,so they always try to bring in those who think like them.Thats what feminism stabds for these days, fear and hate.