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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Disinformation is what makes feminism so distasteful to so many.

Remember, not to long ago it was 1 in 4, well now it's 1 in 2, never mind all statistics shows the numbers have decline as of late. Considering for one minute they refer that men abuse half the women in Canada, I find this to be damn insulting. And stupid.
No statistics in existence support what this commercial dishes out, yet feminist organisation has now demeaned themselves by resorting to what is basically bullshit in order to stay relevant.
Even here in lanark county, the local shelter or interval house, as I once exposed, puts out a couple of thousand women had been assaulted yet the local police puts the numbers closer to 60...
Take into account those who make false accusations for revenge, anger at the husband, custody purposes, to be put on the emergency list for housing, false claims for money and these numbers go down drastically.
Until organisations such as women's shelter, Canadian women's foundations which are responsible for the video above, start dealing in realities and truth, they will not be taken seriously by all, they can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time...
It's not hard to expose their b.s., take a look around you, ask, and you will see that 1 in 2 is nothing other than propaganda to impose their dislike of males, their self importance, inflated salaries, or as I have said before, their inferiority complex and that's all it is. Whenever they exaggerate they put in danger real victims, by pandering to false accusations as if they are real, they put hardship on them, how can we believe when there is so much falsehoods?
When they do this, they actually make it harder for real victims to come forward, now, the police must investigate not only the accusations, but also if it is a false one...they are put in this difficult situation by these organisations because been a relevant feminist organisation is more important than telling the truth, imagine if they would tell it the way it is, that statistics show that violence has gone down, then their funding would go down and their salaries would be in danger?
Whatever the reason, they cause more damages than good under these circumstances.


Anonymous said...

Well put together.

Anonymous said...

Its interesting that all the American gender-feminist "Inflama-prop" That is Empowering the gender-feminist community to further pervert the American legal system...Are not being harmed by these new perversions to the system.
If you read the "Inflama-prop" that is being distributed in American Universities gender-studies classes, you would quickly learn that the only "gender" that it is ok to attack is the hetero-male gender.
American gender-feminists are going to keep Empowering themselves and perverting the American legal system in the process...Until the point where it is a legal liability in the US for men to date women

BlackWolf said...

"Until the point where it is a legal liability in the US for men to date women"..
Isn't it a legal liability already?
I married a mistake 35 years ago, divorce this mistake 25 years ago, with the help of, the local feminists, she's still to this day in revenge mode. This is not only a liability to the individual but to the taxpayer since he's the one picking up her bill. In any other circumstances, genders reverse, this would be called perverse obsessive stalking.But where feminism is concern this is "statistics" for next years funding. A legal liability? we are already there.

saint2e said...

Let's do the math here:

There's 33.6million people in Canada, and since the genders are roughly 50/50, let's assume 16.8 million women in Canada.

Divide that by 2 and you get 8.4 million women experiencing abuse.

Let's assume the average lifespan is 70 years. So divide 8.4 million by 70 and you get 120,000.

So if this is true, 120,000 women in Canada, per year, are being sexually abused.

2010 Statscan report said that in 2010 22,000 sexual assaults were reported. Let's assume that the talking point of "2% of rape claims are false" is true, and I'm being generous here, you're left with 21,560 sexual assaults.

Assuming that all of these sexual assaults were on women, another generous assumption, the only way that this number can be accurate is if only 1 in 6 are reporting their sexual assault/abuse.

This is also assuming there's no "repeat assaults", meaning each woman is assaulted once, and only once.

So assumptions I've made to support this number:

1) Only women are sexually assaulted
2) Average lifespan of women is ~70 years
3) 5 out of 6 women don't report their sexual assaults
4) 2% of those sexual assaults reports were false
5) Women are assaulted once and only once

Anonymous said...

Tell the truth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZXHQRIuAjU&list=UUXzU-ga7_6hCMQYbnQF4jeQ