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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Attraction -Britain's Got Talent...Heart warming performance.

I know I have posted this before, but it is so beautiful that I had to do it again...
A mother lovingly places her baby son into a cradle. The scene blends into the boy taking his first steps, stumbling into the arms of his mother where she is there to catch him. The young man, now graduated from college, meets a woman. They dance, fall in love, and marry.

The man receives a tragic phone call. He rushes to the bedside of his sick mother where she dies in his arms. Her soul ascends above.

The man sinks into grief and sadness. In this darkest moment, his wife approaches him with outstretched arm. She draws him close to her blossoming pregnant belly. He leans close to hear the “thump-thp’…thump-thp’…thump-thp’…” of a strong and steady heartbeat. The curtains close with the man listening intently to the heartbeat.
To me and those of us who have been hurt by radical feminism and their "HATRED", this shows that their message, their attempt at changing and manipulating opinions, their constant propaganda that women are all abused and men are the ones doing it, their pro abortion stance, their dehumanization of men and stay at home moms, all in order to change the world and nature itself has failed...their world does not exist...and never will...
This pro- family and pro life message has been seen, supported and appreciated by millions and we can see that family life will and always will be the primary reason for our existence....
Let's recognize those who are the destroyer of life, family, parenthood, and throw them in the trash heap of history, point them out as "haters" and lets all live life according to natural laws....
We do not abuse each other, we love life and one another, feminism is about hate and division, low self esteem and inferiority complex, let them have their little corner of a non existent world and the rest of us can continue to build the world we want, not the one they are trying to create.

This little video perfectly shows where peoples hearts really are....and it is not with old hags who dislike even themselves.

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