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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Are recent policies forcing people to accept without the freedom to critisize or express causing hate and divisions?

 Pope Francis: A society that fails to protect young and old ‘has no future’

ROME, September 13, 2013 (LifeSiteNews.com) – “A population that does not take care of the elderly and of children and the young has no future, because it abuses both its memory and its promise,” Pope Francis said on Friday.

In an address to Italian Catholics gathered this week in Turin for the 47th annual Social Service Week, the pope said that societies survive through caring for young people and handing “faith, love, and fundamental moral values” through the generations.

The Church, the pope said, offers the world a vision of the family, founded in the Scriptures, that presents “unity in the difference between man and woman, and the fruitfulness of this complementarity, and we recognize it as an asset for all, as the first natural society.”

“The family understood in this way remains the first and principle building block of society and of an economy on a human scale,” he said. He added that the “consequences” of family policy and breakdown “touch upon the various areas of the life of a society and a country.”

The pope’s message comes as the Italian parliament prepares to reconvene and resume discussion of the proposed “anti-homophobia” law that critics have said is meant as a wedge to create “social space” for “gay marriage.”

The Italian Bishops’ Conference has repeatedly warned that the law could result in prosecutions of priests and others who denounce homosexual behavior or who might in the future refuse to support “gay marriage” proposals or participate in civil union ceremonies. 
Personally, I believe everyone has the right to be free and feel safe in life, not to be persecuted. But I do not believe that one lifestyle should be thought in schools or be openly promoted at the expense of the other points of views. I remember reading about books in schools, my two dads or my two moms... nothing about my mom and my dad, in fear it might upset minorities????
And if they have the right to teach their ways, then we have the right to teach ours, you can't have acceptance without criticism, it produces resentment and eventually hate. Legislating people beliefs is not an accepted path to take, we seen where that goes when this is done without allowing the other side a say...eventually someone is blamed for the fall of society and one person comes out and offers to fix it all...
Morality must go hand in hand with behavior, whether one is gay or heterosexual. Why is there a gay pride parade? Why is there not a hetero-pride parade? It does look like one is promoted over the other, and if one even dares to criticize, he or she is simply called names in order to shut them up...and again that causes resentment. I have never been to a pride parade, but from what I have seen online, it does seem to be a little on the immoral side....a bunch of people who enjoy exhibitionism...if they really want to be accepted why not parade family life, healthy living, and show that even gay families have morality instead of these parades been overly sexual in nature?
Many are now openly against this tyoe of sexually explicit parades which does not refect family life.
Homosexuals angered as cops crack down on lewdness and nudity at Dallas gay pride parade
Parades have featured bare-breasted women and men in tight, wet underwear with visible genitalia.
City officials, along with the event’s organizers, said they want the pride parade to be more “family friendly.”

Same thing with slut walks and femen's bare breast useless demonstrations that achieve nothing but laughter and ridicule.
Anyway, all this seems to be headed in one direction, changing society or changing the way people think, and that is extremely dangerous if we look at it from an historical standpoint.
The Pope, whether on is religion or not, has a point, how long till priest and ministers are put in jail for their beliefs and when that happens, and it looks like it will, then it's all done, we will fall into such division that I doubt our society will be able to survive it.
The simple life and respect for one another opinion seem to be taking the wrong turn, if one is a man, he has to endure hate speeches, if one is a stay at home mom, she is criticized, yet no one is allowed to criticize them, doesn't seem right.
Feminists are allowed this crap, and no one says anything against this hate speech...and it is a hate speech, change the "male" for someone else, blacks, jews, gays, women, and it becomes against the laws and your charged with a hate crime...yet...for some reason, the male group in our society is blackened by haters??? and it's allowed???
If one dares to object to the other side, he or she is homophobic and other things....I don't give one shit who you are, just don't shove it in my face, force it upon me, kids in school and say opposite opinions is wrong if hate is not promoted, free expression ensures that no one gets angry and from anger comes hate and hate breads violence.
I do not agree with the gay lifestyle, never will, but I do agree they have the right to peace and not to be put in danger because of their beliefs and choices, I expect the same respect in return. I was once told that there are women with the essence of a man and men with the essence of women, that is true, and the way of things, doesn't mean they need to be destroyed or put down, it just mean nature has a way of doing things I might not agree with but do accept.
Forcing an opinion on the population as a whole is always dangerous, it points out those who are different in the wrong way, I agree some might have the best of intentions, but it never goes the way it is expected...
Why is there more dislikes of minorities these days than before?
Because before we had live and let live, in my generation anyway, today its..."you must love them, you have no choice".
When choice is taken away, what's left...."resentment".
Open hate messages are everywhere, against men....and when one group is attacked in this way, it creates others...why is the radical feminist "allowed" to exists? How come they are not put in jail where they belong for promoting said hate, according to what we are told by these well meaning politicians, this is illegal, yet....

This way of thinking irritates the crap out of me, why am I so bad? according to cat lovers.
It's not right to demean minorities, so I am told, but to demean men is ok????
They are, for the moment, a bunch of old hags who have a dislike for the male gender, some border on the hatred, but if it is pushed to far, are they powerfull enough to prevent us from changing it? 
Not in a million years, if we get pissed, their ways are done, simple as that.
Question is, when society falls and it will fall throught the greed and overspending by corperations and governments, who else will fall with them.
I studied history and especially revolutions, in the chaos of it's aftermath, minorities are always the ones to suffer....and the radiacals considered to be to dangerous are put up against a wall and shot...
I am not saying it will happen soon, but the danger is there....
Governing is like walking a tight rope, yes minorities must be protected, but with a view on how others will react, force it down their throats is not governing but imposing.
Why not take those who promote one lifestyle vs the other and try to explain that family life and showing the respect as one nation is preferable to hate against one group(men) or sexually exposing oneself publicly as gay pride parades do?
They have their supporters but it is never the majority, and the majority are the ones who keep a nation stable or make it fall...
and this is my opinion, might not be popular, but I am pro family, and been pro family is pro children.
Promoting hate against one group (men) invite hate against others.

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Jane said...

I understand what ur trying to say, hatred against one invites hate against others,hate never stops at one,good point,not sure they will get it though.