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Monday, September 16, 2013

Any attacks on men is an attack on all fathers.

In my opinion if we can be realistic and expose these offensive inaccurate pictures for just one minute..
I see some women's study student holding a sign that says "No victim is to blame". Well to this little girl and those like her who don't tell the real story, where the hell did you ever hear anyone blaming a victim of a crime...OK, there might be a few "people" who blame victims, but 99.9% of "people" do not, why not express that truth???

And to the next one, please, 99.9% of men have always been men of quality, that's why we put our lives on the line against those who would take your equality, freedoms and rights away, to make such one sided statements...If it wasn't for men of quality you would not have equality...
It might be hard for feminists to accept this but here is a little secret, we men are also fathers who want our daughters, to be the best they want to be, we look after their rights to be free and also pay for their education, so how can you say this of your fathers......if it was not for men of quality you would be answering to others...and believe me, they would not be as accommodating...

Fortunately, not all women think this way, more and more are turning their back on such disgusting attitude towards their fathers. Every time someone spits out venom at a man, that man is a little girls daddy,and recognize that Daddy is not always going to be here...So never let people with an inferiority complex(feminists) dictate how you should see Daddy, because as you know, you will always be daddy's little girl.

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Anonymous said...

I am so sick of feminist's hiding behind and using the word "equality".

That's the last thing on their mind.

More privelage and unaccountabilty with the funding to go with it,is what they want.

True "equality" is a feminist's worst nightmare.